PSB uses GlobalLeaks to handle tips and information submissions.

In order to connect to our platform and submit your information, please first download the Tor Browser bundle.  It is required to help protect and anonymize your identity when submitting to us.

Once you have the Tor Browser installed and open, copy and paste the following address into the address bar and press enter.

What loads should look this:

As expected, fill out the Title giving us an idea of what your submission entails, then using the description box, please provide as much information as you can.  Please also attach any supporting documents or files to corroborate your submission.

Once submitted, you will be provided with a reference number, or a case number.  Please write that down.  At the top of the screen, you are able to enter that to allow you to comment, provide additional information and communicate with your contact at PSB.  Keep it safe.

Last and most importantly, keep yourself safe.

Before you submit information, learn how to browse and use the internet anonymously.  Using an Operating System like Tails loaded on a USB drive, you can load a “live” (or in-memory) environment with the Tor Browser already installed and ready to use.  Using this workflow, you can minimize your footsteps left behind.