BIGLY Friday Newsfeed:

BIGLY Friday Newsfeed:

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♬ Seems to Me You Don’t Wanna Talk About It. Seems to Me You Just Turn Your Puddin’-Head and Walk Away ♬ *

*1000 apologies to my beloved Uncle’s old Kent State University pal Joe Walsh.

Twitchy: Fox News caps off Joe Biden’s recession denialism with the perfect chyron [pic]

Denial is a fetid polluted river that flows inside the Biden administration:

Thomas Barrabi: Janet Yellen denies US recession as GDP drops for 2nd straight quarter

Twitchy: Janet Yellen happy to pass along the news that ‘we’ve entered a new phase of our recovery’

Twitchy: Janet Yellen happy to pass along the news that ‘we’ve entered a new phase of our recovery’

This one?

The administration wankers and those in their MSM propaganda peanut gallery are really just overdoing that whole Goebbels thing…

Ed Morrissey: Incredible! KJP insists that GDP report shows “we’re in a transition”

CNBC: PERSONAL FINANCE – Nearly half of all Americans are falling deeper in debt as inflation continues to boost costs

Tim Meads and Nathan Gay: Wikipedia’s ‘Recession’ Page Shows 41 Edits In One Week, Attempts At Changing Definition

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham Angle: Redefining Failure: Biden admin trying to spin gold out of goose poop. Laura Ingraham reacts to the Biden administration’s spin on the recession and Biden’s relationship with China

And how about those alleged “historic” ‘low-unemployment numbers’ disproving “recession” the administration and MSM wave around…

Oh, what would the Biden administration do without the enthusiastically compliant insipid MSM…


Just what this designed and planned destructive recession needs:

Well, we knew Manchin was too good to be true and had a button somewhere for Schumer to push. Manchin believes he needs to do this in order to save his party’s self-immolation in the November midterm elections…

Mary Chastain: Manchin, Schumer Agree on Bloated Economic and Climate Bill: The “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” will definitely NOT reduce inflation. Raising taxes on job creators and spending a ton more money is not the way to do it.

Jason Donner: What’s in the Manchin-Schumer tax hike and climate change bill?Manchin and Schumer announced a reconciliation deal Wednesday, after more than a year of talks

Ledyard King: Advocates praise Schumer-Manchin climate deal, despite a possible short-term bump in oil, gas leases

LOLs from the Biden Open Border:

White House Press Sec. KJP at the daily presser…

Nichole Silverio: Karine Jean-Pierre Calls Bussing Of Migrants To Liberal Cities ‘Shameful’ As Border Crisis Continues

From the same DC mayor that knew a huge protest was planned for January 6 but refused to take Pres. Trump’s authorization of National Guard troops to keep the peace…

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: ‘CRISIS’ AT THE CAPITAL – DC Mayor Bowser asks for National Guard help with migrant buses from southern border: ‘Humanitarian crisis’: Border state governors like Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey continue to bus migrants to DC

Charles Creitz: Texas’s Chip Roy slams pro-sanctuary DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s migrant complaints: ‘Cry me a frickin’ river’: The District of Columbia is considered a sanctuary city – and apparently is now being overrun by migrants … VIDEO here

Meanwhile, Arizona says #FJB…

Lawrence Richard: BIDEN’S BORDER WALL – DHS set to finish construction on Trump’s border wall in Arizona, despite Biden promising ‘not another foot’: Biden admin quietly approves construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall near Yuma, Arizona. Joe Biden previously admonished Donald Trump over the wall and his immigration policies


Andrew Mark Miller: Mexico City residents angered by influx of Americans speaking English, gentrifying area: Mexico is home to 1.6 million Americans, according to the State Department

Sometimes our cousins across the big pond need reminding…

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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