Chris Smalls: Amazon, Unionizing, Workers Rights & Corporate Racism

Chris Smalls: Amazon, Unionizing, Workers Rights & Corporate Racism

April 6, 2021 – We are pleased to introduce Chris Smalls to Patriots’ Soapbox supporters today. Chris is a former Amazon warehouse employee who was fired (wrongful termination in my humble opinion) for attempting to unionize the Staten Island warehouse during the chaos of the pandemic.

People have died due to the working conditions at Amazon warehouses during the pandemic. Yet the company has not provided any masks or PPE, and nothing has been done to try to prevent the spread of Covid, even when employees had tested positive for the virus.

You can find Chris Smalls on Twitter here.

Here is my interview with Chris:

Be sure to watch the whole interview and thank Chris in Comments for his time relating his experiences and alerting the public of these serious issues. Please let us know your thoughts about Jeff Bezos and Amazon regarding their abusive workplace policies.

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