Democrats 2020: Dark Money, Voter Fraud & Industry Dominance

Democrats 2020: Dark Money, Voter Fraud & Industry Dominance

November 30, 2019 – Recent reports have surfaced that detail just how much dark money was poured into Democrat coffers in 2018. This is especially concerning given the industry dominance the Liberals already have in the academic, media, and technology sectors. For decades the left has had a leg up on Conservatives when it comes to ‘community organizing,’ having taken the writings of Saul Alinsky to heart.

Dark Money and Shady Super PAC’s

Democrats received a massive injection of dark money during the 2018 mid-term elections. Politico has exposed the scheme in a recent article entitled Documents Reveal Massive ‘Dark-Money’ Group Boosted Democrats in 2018′:

The Sixteen Thirty Fund, a little-known nonprofit headquartered in Washington, spent $141 million on more than 100 left-leaning causes during the midterm election year, according to a new tax filing from the group. The money contributed to efforts ranging from fighting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other Trump judicial nominees to boosting ballot measures raising the minimum wage and changing laws on voting and redistricting in numerous states.

The spending was fueled by massive anonymous donations, including one gift totaling $51.7 million. That single donation was more than the group had ever raised before in an entire year before President Donald Trump was elected. Most of the group’s funders are likely to remain a mystery because federal law does not require ‘social welfare’-focused nonprofits to reveal their donors.

The group’s 2018 fundraising surpassed any amount ever raised by a left-leaning political nonprofit, according to experts, who pointed to the Koch network and the Crossroads network as rare right-leaning groups that posted bigger yearly fundraising totals at the height of their powers.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund’s rise last year is a sign that Democrats and allies have embraced the methods of groups they decried as ‘dark money’ earlier this decade, when they were under attack from the money machines built by conservatives including the Kochs.

Sixteen Thirty Fund played a role in the battle for the House of Representatives in 2018, a crucial contest for Democrats trying to seize back power after Trump’s rise. The election featured dozens of Democratic candidates who decried the influence of money in politics on the campaign trail.

The nonprofit operated under four dozen different trade names in 2018, many of which have benign-sounding local titles like Arizonans United for Health Care and Floridians for a Fair Shake. POLITICO revealed in 2018 that a number of these linked groups were collectively spending millions of dollars to pressure Republican members of Congress on their stances on health care, taxes and the economy through TV ads and grass-roots organizing. – Politico

Since most of the donors are ‘anonymous,’ it is difficult to trace the actual origins of the money. George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have been known to monitor and focus on local politics. He has been quietly running prosecutors and district attorneys, interfering in local politics. The Article continues:

Demand Justice, the courts-focused group helmed by former Hillary Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon, also ran out of Sixteen Thirty Fund. Demand Justice spent millions of dollars on TV ads as Democrats tried to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court in 2018. More recently, the group projected a video of Christine Blasey Ford accusing Kavanaugh of assault on the side of a truck outside a Washington gala where Kavanaugh was speaking.

In addition to the direct spending conducted under prominent trade names, Sixteen Thirty Fund also distributed more than $91 million in grants to 95 other groups in 2018, according to the tax filing. These funds made Sixteen Thirty Fund a major source of money for political nonprofits pushing an array of changes to state and federal law.

More than $27 million of that money went to America Votes, another liberal nonprofit that describes itself as “the coordination hub of the progressive community” on its website. That grant by itself was nearly twice the amount America Votes had ever raised in a single year ($14.2 million), according to federal tax records.

Sixteen Thirty Fund also directed tens of millions of dollars directly into state-level politics, including a series of successful ballot measures. The group gave $6.25 million to a group urging passage of a Nevada ballot measure promoting automatic voter registration, as well as $6 million to a Michigan group pushing changes to the state’s redistricting process. Another $2.65 million went toward boosting a Florida constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to felons. Groups pushing minimum wage increases in Arkansas, Missouri and other states received millions more. – Politico

For all the Progressive claims of being against corporate power, for all the complaining about the Koch brothers, as if they are at all ‘Conservative,’ the Democrats are simply projecting. They don’t actually care about things like Citizens United. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets in front of the cameras of a compliant media to bloviate about Trump, corporatism, and fascism, yet she has no problem ripping off her own constituents to enrich herself and her boyfriend.

Justice Democrats

The Justice Democrats have portrayed themselves as being a grassroots leftist organization seeking to counter ‘corporate power’ and so-called dark money. They appear to engage in the same favorite leftist past time, projection. An investigation into the Justice Democrats by a Progressive activist entitled Are The Justice Democrats a Money Scam to Defraud Progressives has revealed some troubling but unsurprising information:

On January 23, 2017 Cenk Uygur, the well known owner of TYT, and Kyle Kulinksi (Secular Talk) founded the Justice Democrats, a progressive PAC.

Its goal was to run ‘a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the Democratic Party from scratch.’

Basically: to endorse and support leftist candidates to primary Democrats.

In recent months doubts have been expressed about how Justice Democrats (further: JD) selects candidates to endorse, but most of all: about how JD spends the money it collects from progressives.

JD is a PAC and its financial status can be found here:

This shows they had collected $923,803.95 (in June 2017), of which they have spent $499,634.87. That left them with $424,169.08 cash on hand.

Interesting is where their money went: they have paid a large amount of money to Brand New Congress and some money to ActBlue Technologies, Inc (run by Zack Exley, one of the founders of JD).

In March 2017 JD announced it had teamed up with Brand New Congress.

So it appears that most of the money JD collects from donors, is funneled to Brand New Congress, LLC and booked as ‘strategic consulting’. – The Investigator

Here is a screenshot that details this:

Remember the name Zack Exley; we will come back to him in a minute. The article continues:

The question is however: how much (if any) of the money is actually spend on candidates’ campaigns?

A question that becomes even more intriguing when you consider that JD doesn’t donate money to candidates but demands that candidates pay money to them.

That is one of the recent scandals surrounding Justice Democrats: apparently endorsements are bought and paid for by candidates.

All this came out when JD refused to endorse David Hildebrand, a progressive challenger of Dianne Feinstein. Instead they chose to endorse Alison Hartson, the National Director of WolfPac. Wolf Pac, a PAC that was created and run by…Cenk Uygur.

Now the interesting thing about Wolf Pac is that is has been pointed out Wolf Pac is just a money making scam, where the only money that is spend is spend on staffers’ salaries. Money that is collected from small donations by progressives.


So, basically Justice Democrats decided to endorse a candidate who was on Cenk Uygur’s pay roll for the last few years:

This of course to the utter shock of many progressives who had already decided to support David Hildebrand, another and more logical candidate running for Dianne Feinstein’s seat. – The Investigator

Apparently, their fellow Progressives didn’t like being told who they could and could not endorse and support. Many of them have become disillusioned with the Justice Democrats, and see them as a scam to run candidates favored by the billionaire class.

We return to one of the founders of the ‘Justice Democrats,’ one Zack Exley. He allegedly is behind the takeover and co-opting of many evangelical organizations. A detailed report from The Pulpit & Pen entitled ‘Bombshell: ‘Justice Democrats’ Founder is THE Organizer of Evangelical Social Justice Movement explains some of the controversy surrounding Exley:

In this bombshell report by Pulpit & Pen, we will demonstrate how Democratic financier and organizer Zack Exley is behind the successful attempt to change the political ideology of America’s major evangelical institutions, ministries, and seminaries through propagation of what is known as ‘Social Justice.’

We will explain—with a compilation of original sources, some of which have been recovered after they were deleted from the Internet—the driving political force behind the takeover of America’s Reformed evangelical community and demonstrate the money ties between a powerful Democratic financier and evangelical leaders who are steering churches into progressive ideology for political purposes.

Far from being an organic, Bible-driven movement, the ideas presented at institutions like Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 9 Marks, Together for the Gospel, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and The Gospel Coalition are driven by a game-plan orchestrated by Exley, and the purpose is to keep evangelicals from voting Republican in the upcoming 2020 election cycle. – The Pulpit & Pen 

This move towards progressive dogma in the church has been a topic of contention among many Christians who see it as a left-wing takeover of the church. Zack attempts to co-opt the real Great Awakening among Christians and Conservatives, which has been within the Q movement. He writes:

This should be cause for concern among the Evangelical community. If these Progressives really cared about human rights, why is it that they promote policies like open borders that allow the cartel and human traffickers free reign?

Here is a promotional video Zack did for George Soros’ Open Society Foundation which advocates for the complete dismantling of the Nation-State:

The article continues:

There is no doubt that Reformed evangelicalism—historically a bastion of conservative Christianity—has been overtaken by ‘woke’ Social Justice ideology over the course of the last several years. Many people have wondered why so many formerly conservative leaders and entities— especially those related to the Southern Baptist Convention and the parachurch ministry, The Gospel Coalition—have converted almost entirely to an ideology that seems sympatico with the talking points of the Democratic Party. Research conducted by Pulpit & Pen now has the answer as to how this coordinated effort to turn Reformed evangelicalism to the political left has been accomplished.

The Gospel Coalition, founded by Tim Keller, has been the single greatest driving force for pulling evangelicals to the left. The aforementioned First International Conference on World Evangelicalism, which sent the ideology of Social Justice out into the world, held its Third Congress in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Keller was its keynote speaker. Since that time, Tim Keller, who by all practical definitions is a Marxist in every possible way, has been using The Gospel Coalition to push for these various Marxist subsets—Social Justice, Liberation Theology, and Critical Race Theory in particular—to be adopted by Reformed evangelicals reading TGC publication. – The Pulpit & Pen 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also a member of the Open Society Foundation, along with Zack Exley.

Organizing & Technology

Another area the left has been dominating for decades is local community organizing and technology. They often use shady and underhanded tactics to go after their perceived enemies and competition. A perfect example of this is how the group ‘Sleeping Giants’ targets smaller conservative outlets for de-platforming, from their ‘Adstrike‘ campaign:

Consumer backlash, in reality, is a few extremely vocal gatekeepers in key areas of industry with nothing better to do than organize activists to harass and bully businesses.

Who knows if billionaires are paying ‘activists’ to monitor these sites and submit screenshots and false complaints.

Leftists’ political ideology dominates the big tech companies, with some members of these monopolistic companies even going to work for Democrat campaigns, like Eric Schmidt and the ‘Groundworks’ did for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Then there is the way they are able to organize locally. This capability should not be underestimated. Look at what Flippable claims they were able to do to the State of Virginia:

That is a huge amount of money raised for local political campaigns. Not the mention the ability to leverage technology to reach out to and track potential voters.

As you can see from the screenshot above, they are connected to the ‘Swing Left’ umbrella organization that helps coordinate these local initiatives nationwide.

They are already preparing and gearing up to target other swing states and local areas. Here is a list of the states that they are targeting for 2020:

This isn’t even scratching the surface of all the different organizations and groups they have involved in community organizing. When you have millions of dollars to spend that has been funneled to you from dark money groups, there is no telling the influence that can have. This also does not take into account the edge they have with big tech and social media platforms.

For more information about how they flipped Virginia, see here.

Voter Fraud & Suppression

This is a topic that has been referred to as a conspiracy theory by the mainstream corporate media hit-men. The Heritage Foundation has been tracking cases of voter fraud/suppression and came up with a convenient database.

This is a great way to be able to see state by state what cases of voter fraud and suppression are showing us.

There have also been a number of recent high profile examples of this on-going issue of fraud and abuse. According to an article by Kerry Lear entitled Voter Fraud: More Evidence That Democrats are Manipulating Ballots, there is ample proof of this:

It appears as though more cases of voter fraud from the recent midterm elections have been discovered in Florida.

Democrats, in particular, are being accused of committing voter fraud in an effort to get more votes in the race for governor, senator and agriculture commissioner, which has control over the Division of Licensing of weapons.

But according to Politico, the federal government is now investigating these cases.

‘The Florida Department of State last week asked federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed on official state election documents, the first voting ‘irregularities’ it has flagged in the wake of the 2018 elections,’ writes Politico. ‘The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party (FDP,) center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information.’

Apparently, after missing the deadline for some mail-in ballots, the FDP tried to solve the problem by illegally altering the documents used to fix screwed up ballots.

‘Without telling anyone publicly, last Friday Florida election officials sent examples of election documents with altered dates on them to federal prosecutors. They are asking them to investigate,’ tweeted Politico’s Matt Dixon.

But there is another claim of voter fraud too.

Protesters in Broward believe that 15 red and orange tags were cut off of ballot boxes before arriving at the election office.

‘This election is a fraud,’ said Chris Cox, leader of Bikers for Trump said at the protest. ‘It’s pretty disgusting here. I’m glad that you’re not here because this isn’t anything you want to see.’ – Kerry Lear

Broward County may be a more well-known case of voter fraud, but it’s just one of many. According to Jason Snead of the Daily Signal:

Despite the lack of media coverage, evidence of election fraud continues to mount.

This week, The Heritage Foundation added 26 new entries to its election fraud database, bringing the searchable ledger to a total of 1,132 proven instances of election fraud. That includes 983 cases that ended in a criminal conviction, 48 that led to civil penalties, 79 where defendants were enrolled in a diversion program, and 22 cases of official or judicial findings of fraud.

Americans should be alarmed. These entries represent irrefutable evidence that fraud has impacted elections in 47 states, and across all levels of government.

Worse still, they are probably just the tip of America’s election fraud iceberg. The Heritage database is not comprehensive, so the actual volume of vote fraud is likely far higher. Exactly how much higher is anybody’s guess.

Many states lack the robust procedures needed to detect and prevent fraud, and many prosecutors opt not to pursue election fraud cases in favor of other priorities once an election is over.

So long as these circumstances remain unchanged, American elections will be vulnerable to those willing to put their own personal interests or political preferences ahead of the will of the voters. – The Daily Signal

Academia & Non-Profits

It is understood that most academic institutions lean left. But when talking about power and how is it used and applied, it’s important to keep in mind that most Americans don’t understand the political power the Left wields because they are so good at obfuscating it. A recent Wall Street Journal article by Kimberly Strassel explains:

These aren’t only big political players; they’re the biggest political players. In 2018 the nonprofit watchdog Capital Research Center analyzed grants handed out in the 2014 election year by six big foundations on the right (including the Bradley and Charles Koch foundations) versus six on the left (including the Open Society and Tides foundations). Liberal public-policy charities, organized under chapter 501(c)(3) of the tax code, bagged $7.4 billion of this foundation money in 2014. For conservative charities, the figure was a mere $2.2 billion. That $7.4 billion also dwarfed total 2013-14 campaign receipts to federal, state and local campaigns ($4.1 billion) and spending that cycle by independent groups ($830 million). – The Wall Street Journal

There are numerous examples of this to be found at Influence Watch, a website that tracks influence in politics. Here are just a few examples:

Then we have professorships. According to the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, Democrats dominate professorships:

These figures are shocking. And this is across the board in academia, which has a profound influence on society in general. Thomas Connor reports:

The dominance of registered Democrats to Republicans in academia is becoming more and more apparent. In the sample provided by Mitchell Langbert of the National Association of Scholars, 39 percent of academic departments have no Republican faculty member. He also found that the mean ratio of Democrats to Republicans is 10.4 to 1 after examining the political affiliation of professors from the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the country.

The problem with political homogeneity is that it can bias research and reduce academic credibility. In The Politics of Social Psychology, edited by Jarret Crawford and Lee Jussim, the writers argue that many researchers and scientists’ implicit biases affect them. Political homogeneity can limit the questions and topics professors focus on. When departments such as gender studies or Africana studies have zero Republican professors, for instance, it raises the question of whether the research they publish is reputable.

In aggregate, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields have the closest ratio, 5.5 Democrats to every Republican. The interdisciplinary subjects, such as gender studies or Africana studies, had no Republicans at all. Of the 108 professors surveyed in this field by Langbert, none were Republicans. Comparing those numbers to the national ratio of 1.6 Democrats to Republicans with graduate school experience, this gap is a significant difference.

Some of that difference, though, can be explained by Republicans being more attracted to business rather than academia. Republicans comprise roughly 50 percent of corporate board members compared to Democrats’ 26 percent. However, the political imbalance of academia can hurt research because the lack of viewpoint diversity means professors’ thinking may go unchallenged. – Thomas Connor

This creates an environment of an echo chamber and groupthink. I have previously reported on how this bias has seeped into criminal justice and has created many problems. Laura Hollis of Townhall reports in an article entitled ‘The Left Has Dominated Academia for Too Long.’

The same human failings that create oppressive government can corrode other institutions. Higher education has become a painful example, dominated for decades by the political left. We are seeing the same kind of blinkered egotism, divorcement from reality and corruption of principles that one sees in one-party governments or outright dictatorships.

Consider just a few of the legitimate complaints that have been piling up in the past 20 or 30 years. Many of these have their source in well-intentioned left-ish ideas that went seriously awry: the proliferation of majors that hold little to no possibility of meaningful employment; the erosion of academic standards; the encouragement of sexual license and devastating “hookup culture” and “rape culture” issues; the elimination of in loco parentis and creation of a warped quasi-legal state in its place; the de facto criminalization of studentand faculty disciplinary matters and denials of due process; the creation of inflammatory and absurdly expansive concepts like “trigger warnings, “safe spaces,” “privilege” and “cultural appropriation.” And then there is exploding tuition that has outpaced inflation and even the costs of medical care. – Townhall 

The failures of postmodernism, critical theory, and the hollowness of identity politics notwithstanding. Our institutions of higher learning have become nothing more than indoctrination centers for leftist special interest and identity groups. Billionaires throw money at these schools to create good little Social Justice activists while robbing them of their capacity for critical thinking and deductive reasoning.


Conservatives, Moderates, and Independents have an uphill battle ahead of them come 2020. We have yet to see the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) do anything about all the reports and cases of voter fraud and suppression. Currently, the Left wants to create a state of political and cultural chaos in the U.S. for a specific reason. They need chaos to provide a smokescreen for their own criminal actions and those of their leaders. They believe that from this chaos they can overturn capitalism and impose a socialist feudalistic society on us, where we all can be equal slaves under their malevolent oligarchy. Get active in your local community. Teach your children the importance of truth and speaking it to power. Join local committees and consider running for office yourself. We will need all the help we can get come 2020 to shake off this global death cult, for we face the destruction of America as we know it.

See a spelling or grammar error? Let us know! Highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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BL Remshardt
2 years ago

Yes, you call us the modern day minutemen Radix, and its true! Every little bit helps, from working at the polls to sharing this article on facebook, twitter or instagram, wherever….Hang your flag proudly and don’t be afraid to question those in authority, even the president!