Durham Probe Expands, Mueller Under New Scrutiny & Stephen Miller Issues Warning

Durham Probe Expands, Mueller Under New Scrutiny & Stephen Miller Issues Warning

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 9, 2019 – It was reported yesterday that U.S. Attorney John Durham is expanding his probe by broadening the scope of his investigation into the origins of the Russia inquiry. According to Fox News, “Mr. Durham has expanded his investigation and is adding agents and resources, according to multiple senior administration officials.” – Brett Baier, Fox News.

Fox News is reporting Robert Mueller committed perjury when he testified under oath that he was not interviewing for the FBI Director position at the same time he was being considered by Rod Rosenstein for Special Counsel.

Judicial Watch has recently uncovered emails from a FOIA request they filed against the Department of Justice (DOJ) that show Rod Rosenstein colluding with Robert Mueller before he was assigned as Special Counsel.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner:

After months of investigating, U.S. Attorney John Durham has broadened his team to include additional agents and resources as the timeline they are examining has extended, according to Fox News.

The investigation of the investigators, led by Attorney General William Barr and Durham as his right-hand man, had targeted the beginning of the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation to the 2016 election. It has been elongated to include at least the spring of 2017, when former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel after former FBI Director James Comey was fired by Trump and leaked the contents of some of his memos to the media.

Durham’s team has been focusing so far on the FBI’s reliance on informants, some of whom, such as Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, made contact with members of the Trump campaign. Durham may also be looking into alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses. – Washington Examiner

The investigation has been ongoing since at least September of 2018. It’s been almost a year now, and Durham just now appears to be getting to the bottom of what really occurred and who was involved with pushing for the investigation. The report continues:

Barr also discussed the investigation with the United Kingdom and Barr traveled with Durham to Rome to meet with Italian intelligence officials as part of the effort. The duo are likely seeking information related to key Trump-Russia figures, including: Steele, whose dossier was used to obtain secret surveillance warrants against Trump campaign associate Carter Page; Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, whose tip about former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos telling him the Russians had damaging information on Hillary Clinton led the FBI to officially open the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation; and mysterious Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud, who allegedly told Papadopoulos that Russia had dirt on Clinton.

Reaching out to foreign governments for help in DOJ-run investigations is not uncommon. As part of his probe, Mueller made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence. – Washington Examiner

Indeed, it is perfectly normal for investigators to seek assistance in ongoing investigations from their foreign counterparts. The Mueller investigation was allowed to do so, completely unobstructed. Now we are starting to learn the entire investigation conducted by Mueller may have been unlawful and that they may have known well prior that the predicate information was false. They may have had access to information that exonerated the Trump campaign that they did not produce.

Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to the president gave an interview recently on October 6, 2019 where he discussed many of the issues our president is facing, but also issued a dire warning to Americans about what the Democrats and their allies are doing behind the scenes:

Some key quotes from the interview:

“Yes, the attempts at impeachment is best understood as a legislative coup, against the democratically elected president.” 

“Rest assured they will fail.”

“The deep state is a collection of permanent bureaucrats, enmeshed inside the federal government, who can’t be fired or removed,  at least historically have not been able to be, because of this kind of civil service laws, but believe they know better than you, the listeners and the voters, how the country ought to be run.” 

“At this moment in time, the deep state has a knife aimed at the heart of American democracy.” 

“These so-called whistleblowers, who are in fact, angry, hate-filled, rage-driven, bureaucrats determined to take down the president of the United States. Illicitly and improperly using the whistleblower protection act, in order to effectuate their designs.” 

Listen to the full interview below:

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Patty deBingo
2 years ago

Stephen Miller interview is awesome. Going to post it on FB for what that’s worth. Betrayal… lie, … Can this president in any way do anything to stop automatically having to have the previous president’s civil service? Any way to get out of that?

Carrie Bella
2 years ago

Unfortunately, the last video is unavailable. Great article though. WWG1WGA!