Footage Obtained From Jeffrey Epstein's NM Zorro Ranch Property

Footage Obtained From Jeffrey Epstein’s NM Zorro Ranch Property

TruNews has obtained exclusive footage from Jeffrey Epstein’s famed New Mexico property the Zorro Ranch. Coreys Digs has done an amazing deep dive on the Zorro Ranch:

“There is a side to Zorro Ranch that is not being told. The fox is surrounded by the well-connected King family on all sides, a solar station to the west, and Hollywood to the north. Child sex trafficking is at the center of the Epstein investigation, but there may be much more going on than meets the eye, and Zorro ranch appears to be insulated.

Jeffrey Epstein purchased the New Mexico ranch from Gov. Bruce King in 1993 – the year Bill Clinton became President – Jim Baca was brought on by Clinton and Bill Richardson worked with Clinton on the NAFTA passage – both of which received thousands in campaign contributions from Epstein.

Over 20,000 acres of Hollywood landscape sits just north of Epstein’s land, purchased by fashion designer Tom Ford in 2001 – another name in Epstein’s black book.

In addition to Epstein giving over $50,000 in campaign funds to former AG Gary King, the King family’s land surrounds Zorro Ranch on all sides, and their political and defense connections go all the way up to ballistic missiles.”

On August 12, 2019 TruNews released the following exclusively obtained footage of the ranch, the drone footage begins around the 15:45 minute mark:

From Twitter:

Here is what appears to be a photograph of a Coat of Arms on the property:

This image shows what appears to be statues of perhaps children that are behind bars:

From Twitter:

From the New York Post, a source in the Gotti crime family claims AG Bill Barr made a secret visit to the prison around the time of the first suicide attempt:

“The former Gambino bean counter noted that Gotti, who did time both in the jail’s 9 South and 10 South units, its most secure wings, still managed to get his favorite steak dinner sneaked in: “He had Peter Luger’s whenever he wanted.”

Kasman said he heard US Attorney General William Barr personally made a hush-hush trip to the MCC two weeks ago, about the time Epstein was found in his cell with bruises around his neck.”

This latest footage of the Zorro Ranch shows a massive sprawling compound, complete with an occult labyrinth that is clearly being well maintained. There were vehicles spotted on the property as well as what appears to be an RV. There was no law enforcement spotted and it does not appear the potential crime scene is being preserved.

This story is still developing…

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Gentlemen, GOD ALWAYS WINS! This is not about child sex trafficking – this is about the control the Luciferian empire originating with the Khazar’s . I am one of the millions investigating and researching Epstein and his op that far worse than what you could imagine. What Epstein was in control off is the satanic rituals and blood sacrifice of… Read more »