Friday Newsfeed: Time is Running Out for You to #WAKE-UP and #PAY-ATTENTION, America

Friday Newsfeed: Time is Running Out for You to #WAKE-UP and #PAY-ATTENTION, America

By Maggie at The Universal Spectator September 24, 2021

Hey now, before we get down to it, this is pretty damn interesting…

Twitchy: Nail, meet narrative coffin? Photog who took pics of mounted Border Patrol agents in Del Rio says he’s ‘never seen them whip anyone’

KTSM: Photographer behind controversial photos speaks exclusively to KTSM

Joe Biden’s not-so-stealth operatives in his faux administration at the Kremlin D.C. is “fundamentally transforming” our republic into a Hell hole. I have said it several times that everything that commie mob is doing is in accordance with the power-points outlined in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s horrific “Green New Deal”. It is also going along with the U.N.’s globalizing the United States and the world under one governing power plans.

So, in the last couple of days, since FOX News’s journalists/reporters on the ground and in the sky in Del Rio, Texas, the Biden administration has hindered Border Patrol attempts to halt and deal with this recent, and oncoming, tsunami of mostly Haitian illegal aliens not only crossing our border, but traveling back and forth between Texas and Mexico at-will. So, while we have seen the stark areal and ground photographs of Biden’s willful man-made criminal and humanitarian crisis, the feds (administration) have begun … dispersing … that illegal population of overpass squatters. But to where, exactly? For a socialistic-minded administration that insists it must slap us with vax-passports, the IRS invasion of our bank accounts, and any number of Constitutional and Bill of Rights violations, they sure as Hell have no qualms about human trafficking illegal aliens into states and cities across the nation without even discussing it with those states/cities governors/governments and authorities. Just bussing and flying them in and dumping them. AND without even providing federal funding for those states/cities so they can manage the financial strain on public and welfare services. Not only is this the federal government violating all laws but not giving two or three damns that they are. So, FOX’s Peter Doocy, the young White House reporter with a spine of steel and heavy brass balls clanking in the White House press room, corners WH Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, everyday with important and bold questions, pressing her for an answer to his direct question(s) and not accepting her dismissive remarks…

Note to Jen: Pres. Trump’s immigration policies were pin-point directed at illegal immigration, not legal immigration. His border policies were anything but “inhumane”. What we have seen in these last nine months (nine, because once these invaders saw Biden and his people would be occupying the federal government and began their march before Biden’s inauguration) has been willful inhumanity of historic proportions instigated, allowed, and accepted by Biden and his disgusting “Progressive” minions behind him…

Brianna Lyman: Doocy, Psaki Trade Blows Over Border Crisis, Pregnant Migrants During Heated Back-And-Forth

Chris Hindenach: Army veteran witnesses ‘horrific’ conditions for migrants in Del Rio, Texas: ‘Roughest I’ve ever seen’: John Rourke says Texas bridge area ‘disgusting’ place for migrant children

DM: White House STILL refuses to reveal how many Haitian migrants have been released into America despite Jen Psaki promising to do so yesterday… and 5,000 are missing from official tally

This administration absolutely refuses to not only give us the numbers of illegal aliens in the recent/current surge, but a breakdown of the numbers on where these people are being transported to and how many. This is information we aren’t “entitled” to know. No, this is information we have the absolute RIGHT to know.

And what the Biden regime has, and obviously has not, been doing is now becoming a major detriment to the American population through a major stress on already strained state/local/federal funds/economies and crime— and health, given these illegals are not being tested for COVID or for any other communicable diseases, let alone vaccinating them for everything from COVID to MMR/DPT/flu/etc. I even heard leprosy is in question with this influx of illegals! So, when you hear about increases in the COVID numbers, and other diseases, just safely assume those areas had a recent federal government dumping of illegal aliens into those areas. But Hell’s bells, the commies gotta replenish/load-up the voter rolls in those areas, especially pesky red/reddish/purplish southern states like Texas, Arizona, Florida…

VIDEO: Florida AG rips judge’s ‘disgusting’ ruling against state’s ban on sanctuary cities

VIDEO: Rep. Babin slams Biden, Democrats amid border crisis: ‘It’s despicable’ the ‘Constitutional crisis’ the administration has created at the southern border and his belief the president should be impeached.

Brian Lonergan: National Sabotage by Immigration: If there is one truly existential issue for America in 2021 and beyond, it is immigration.

John Solomon: Biden’s first border chief accuses administration of destroying security, misleading Congress: Rodney Scott warns Biden has created a “significant vulnerability … for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers and even hostile nations.”

Rodney S. Scott, a 29-year career law enforcement officer who retired last month as the U.S. Border Patrol chief, wrote the Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate and its Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that career experts have offered numerous recommendations to slow the crisis but have been repeatedly rebuffed.

“Common sense border security recommendations from experienced career professionals are being ignored and stymied by inexperienced political appointees,” Scott wrote in the letter sent earlier this month and obtained by Just the News.

“The Biden administration’s team at DHS is laser-focused on expediting the flow of migrants into the U.S. and downplaying the significant vulnerability this creates for terrorists, narcotics smugglers, human traffickers, and even hostile nations to gain access to our homeland,” he wrote Sens. Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Gary Peters and Rob Portmann in a letter dated Sept. 11.

… “In my professional assessment, the U.S. Border Patrol is rapidly losing the situational awareness required to know who and what is entering our Homeland,” he warned.

Congress, he added, was not getting an honest picture of the vulnerabilities.

“The experienced civil service staff within CBP, ICE and DHS have provided multiple options to reduce the illegal entries and reestablish some semblance of border security through proven programs and consequences, yet every recommendation has been summarily rejected,” he wrote. “Secretary Mayorkas is choosing to ignore the sound recommendations of career government leadership despite his own admissions that he agrees with them.

“Of grave concern, is the fact that the Secretary and other political appointees within DHS have provided factually incorrect information to Congressional Representatives and to the American public. Furthermore, they have directed USBP personnel to allow otherwise ineligible aliens to remain in the U.S. inconsistent with the … established legal processes and law.”…

Read the whole thing. This indeed is intentional. You can read Rodney Scott’s full letter here.

The false narrative and fake premise spun in the last couple of days that “racist” Border Patrol agents are “whipping” these “black” illegal aliens is part of the intentional plan, I believe, to pressure Border Patrol agents, and ICE, to resign/retire, as we saw with the nation’s police ranks after the “defund the police” bullshit. Why? So then those two federal agencies can either be dissolved, or replaced and ‘re-imagined’ into Walmart-like greeters on the Biden open border…

Taylor Giles: White House Reportedly Orders Haitian Migrant Camp To Be Cleared Out Before BLM Protest Friday

Brooke Singman, Adam Shaw: AGENTS ABANDONED: Biden vows to punish Border Patrol officers and repeats false abuse claim as his policies exacerbate crisis. Biden warns mounted Border Patrol agents charging migrants in Del Rio sector: ‘Those people will pay’ – Investigation ongoing as Texas border crisis intensifies

Twitchy: Is he gonna drone strike them, too? Joe Biden vows that mounted Border Patrol agents ‘will pay’ for doing things they never actually did

And it is trickling down into DHS…

Buzzfeed: Biden’s Approach To Immigration Is Causing A Huge Internal Rift And Leading To A Lot Of Confusion: “Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can stay at DHS if this continues,” one official said.

The question remains: What exactly is the country’s direction on immigration policy under Biden? …

To some, the first seven months of Biden’s administration have yielded a disjointed approach that pushes some progressive policies while favoring others that restrict immigration, especially at the border. This approach, the officials added, reflects a lack of consensus and an apparent effort to prevent Republicans from inflicting maximum political damage while avoiding alienating some voters.

“There is a complete lack of direction,” said one administration official. “Everything is deferred to the White House National Security Council, which can’t see past low polls on immigration and are terrified their own shadow may be a pull factor. Career and political staff are equally concerned.”

Another administration official echoed those remarks. “I don’t know what our immigration strategy is at all,” the official said. “I don’t know if we are building an infrastructure for the future, or what direction we will be going in as we head into a midterm election year.”…

Yeah, you have to wade through the River Grand of BF’s progressive open borders cheerleading, but the above is pretty much the kink in the wide-open firehose the full-on radical left want immediately bursting on all systems in this nation as opposed to the establishment D.C. Biden wankers juggling the possible/probable GOP midterm/2024 campaign ads balls. No, the left want chaos, and then the inevitable Hollywood real-life “The Purge” mop-up of the irate population later. Don’t doubt me. All communist takeovers on this globe were never ‘politically’ calculated. They just happened head-on without regard for anyone or anything. All were expendable for the cause. It’s why you see the left rejoicing whenever a conservative, or anyone who is not one of their ilk, dies.

The truth is, the democommie ‘plantation’ of people of color in this country is shrinking. POC voters are not so easily buying and swallowing the “racist” bullshit of the dem party, especially at election time, especially when they see how much better it was for POC in all demographics under Pres. Trump’s policies, and how horrifically backwards that historic Trump progress has gone after Biden’s bunch went in and threw it all out…

HotAir: Yikes: Biden’s net job approval drops 12 points among black voters since he announced federal vaccine mandate

John Carney: The black-white unemployment rate jumped higher in August, highlighting how the Biden administration’s policies have failed to arrest the unequal burden of inflation and the coronavirus resurgence.

Western Journal: With Black Unemployment on the Rise, Experts Believe the Biden-Led Dems Will Further Impede Black Success

This is why they have to not only replenish the dwindling POC voting block, but race-bait back those they have already lost.


Meanwhile, Cackling Kammy has a date with the clucking hens on ABC today…

Hannah Grossman: Tomi Lahren lambasts ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris for prioritizing daytime television over crises: Lahren said that calling Harris’ upcoming appearance on ‘The View’ a ‘softball interview’ would be an ‘insult’ to softball


I’m not taking this at face-value. Timing is everything, and the left knows it. They are either staging this on the heels of old Joe’s booster statements of today, or really are ‘positive’ and are inadvertently proving the vaccines don’t work…

AP: Harris ‘View’ interview delayed, hosts positive for COVID

Even the leftist allies are squirming over the Biden Border #FAIL…

Howard Kurtz: Biden allies hurl party’s worst insult in border crisis: Acting like Trump

Even professional race-baiting interloper is being dissed…

Jon Brown: Al Sharpton speech at border drowned out by protesters: ‘We don’t want his trouble’: The wife of a Border Patrol agent accused Sharpton of inciting ‘violence and riots’

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham: The BLM-ification of the border: Democrats finally get the open borders they always wanted. The political fallout of Biden’s ‘weak’ presidency.

Onto other news…

The IRS gestapo for thee but not for me, eh, Joey?

Michael Lee: Biden may owe up to $500K in back taxes: Biden may have improperly used ‘S corporations’ to avoid taxes on speaking fees and book sales

VIDEO: Report: Hunter Biden sought $2M in Libya deal in 2015: Hunter Biden was seeking $2M in a foreign deal, email shows that business partners were concerned over personal problems

VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald: There’s a huge number of journalists who believe they have a right to lie: Greenwald rips the mainstream media for lying about credibility of Hunter Biden’s emails on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ … Remember how long the MSM ran wall-to-wall with the underage college coed Bush twins drinking at campus parties? Or how about the MSM spinning the legit businesses of the Trump kids? How about their speculating on Baron Trump being “autistic”? But, hey-Hell, don’t dare cover Biden’s filthy drug/alcohol/hooker addled son who flew around the globe making corrupt millions of dollars in financial deals with questionable government entities and companies in his father’s name.

Megan Henney: Biden’s IRS bank account snooping plan faces mounting opposition: Biden’s plan would give IRS enormous amount of new information to manage

FBN: IRS push for more taxpayer info will ‘kill’ community banks, CEO says: IRS looking to crack down on tax dodgers … If this crap is passed into law, I am serious, the American people need to carry-out a run on the banks, big and small. These damn big banks, along with Wall Street, have overtly kissed democrat party ass for decades. Time to kick their collective asses.

The Founding Fathers never-ever intended for the U.S. Congress and federal government … and the unelected in the swamp … to work this much— and against “We the People” whom they work for and ‘govern with the consent of the governed’…

NYTimes: C.D.C. Chief Overrules Agency Panel and Recommends Pfizer-BioNTech Boosters for Workers at Risk: In a highly unusual decision, the C.D.C. director, Rochelle Walensky, reversed a move by agency advisers and endorsed additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for health care workers, teachers and other workers at risk.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday overruled a recommendation by an agency advisory panel that had refused to endorse booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine for frontline workers. It was a highly unusual move for the director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, but aligned C.D.C. policy with the Food and Drug Administration’s endorsements over her own agency’s advisers.

The C.D.C.’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Thursday recommended the boosters for a wide range of Americans, including tens of millions of older adults and younger people at high risk for the disease. But they excluded health care workers, teachers and others whose jobs put them at risk. That put their recommendations at odds with the F.D.A.’s authorization of booster shots for all adults with a high occupational risk.

Dr. Walensky’s decision was a boost for President Biden’s campaign to give a broad segment of Americans access to boosters. The White House had come under criticism for getting ahead of the regulatory process.

The White House could begin promoting and rolling out a plan for booster shots as soon as Friday. That would be in keeping with the administration’s previously announced plan to offer the additional doses this week.

The C.D.C.’s statement arrived well past midnight, a sign of the complicated and confusing decision-making surrounding the boosters. The C.D.C. advisers similarly spent two days debating who should get boosters and when, and could not agree on whether occupational risk should qualify as a criterion…

Dr. Walensky’s decision to go against her own agency’s advisers came as a surprise to at least some of her staff members…

Some global health experts have criticized the Biden administration for pushing booster shots when much of the world has yet to receive a first dose. But analysts noted that even if the United States distributes booster shots, there should still be considerable excess vaccine supply this year, and they urged the government to begin sending the extra doses abroad…

Brooke Singman: Biden urges unvaccinated to ‘do the right thing,’ after CDC boss defies panel over booster recommendations. Biden: Some Americans’ refusal to get coronavirus shots ‘has cost all of us’

Kristina Wong: Biden Administration Opposes Honorable Discharges for Troops Refusing to Take Coronavirus Vaccine: The Biden White House issued a statement this week opposing a provision in a bipartisan defense bill that would prohibit dishonorable discharges for members of the military refusing to get a mandatory coronavirus vaccine

Ian Hanchett: During an interview with CBS’ “The Takeout” podcast recorded on Wednesday and released on Thursday, White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci defended the NIH funding research at the Wuhan Institute Virology and said that “the only regret is that what it has caused right now is such a degree of distraction” from combating the pandemic. … Hell of a “distraction”, on MANY levels but not the least of which the suffering and/or deaths, you unmitigated assclown! Just a reminder that this bastard is the highest paid federal worker.

Human Events: Governors, Lawmakers Accuse Biden Administration of Rationing COVID-19 Treatments

Amanda Prestigiacomo: DeSantis Secures Antibody Doses On His Own, Skirting Biden’s Reduction Of Lifesaving Treatment

Charles C. Cooke: Why Aren’t Americans Protesting in the Streets? No one seems to care that Democrats are walking us into a fiscal catastrophe.

Philip Crossing: The Killing Fields of Utopia: Are We Socialists Yet? It is long overdue for us to put our minds at rest on a fundamental question — namely, what socialism is, and how it has infected and is rapidly sickening the United States.

Brie Stimson: Nancy Pelosi defends Democrats’ abortion bill after San Francisco archbishop calls it ‘child sacrifice’: Both Pelosi and President Biden are Roman Catholics who support a woman’s right to an abortion

DEROY MURDOCK: Bernie’s budget is $3.5T blueprint for instant socialism in America

Twitchy: Tucker Carlson has questions the Dems’ 1/6 committee might not care to find answers for (based on newly released video)

Cry me a river, beeach…

Yael Halon: AOC roasted for shedding ‘crocodile tears’ after crying over Israel Iron Dome House vote: The New York lawmaker became emotional after the vote passed 420-9 to approve Iron Dome funding … This was after she changed her “NO” vote to a “PRESENT” vote. Why did she do that? Well, speculation is that her congressional district is about to go through redistricting and that new area to become under her constituency are majority of pro-Israel Jews.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn , Brian Flood: NY Times stealth-edits report saying AOC faced ‘powerful’ pro-Israel ‘lobbyists and rabbis’ on Iron Dome vote: Gray Lady initially framed story as far-left members ‘caught between their principles’ and ‘powerful’ Jews

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: The Crying Shame

This saves lives on both side of the Gaza coin…


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission

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