Into The Storm: Fair & Balanced 'Q' Documentary?

Into The Storm: Fair & Balanced ‘Q’ Documentary?

March 11, 2021 – There comes a time, after a multitude of mainstream media hit-pieces about you riddled with lies, defamation, libel and slander – that you want a chance to get your side of the story out there. This is almost impossible, due to the fact that the mainstream media will never give you a fair shake. They will always lie to you, pretend to be on your side to gain your trust, only to portray you in the worst possible light. This is why for years Patriots’ Soapbox, Pamphlet and I have NEVER spoken to the mainstream media. We have never participated in their propaganda, nor given them the time of day. Each time they approached us to try to get us to talk, we always responded with “we do not speak to fake news” as that is exactly what they are.

This all changed when Jim and Ron Watkins contacted us and told us there was a documentary filmmaker, Cullen Hoback, who was interested in doing a piece about Q and anons. They told us this was the one person they trusted to present it in a fair way and they showed us a prior documentary that Cullen made called Terms and Conditions May Apply. This documentary from 2013 is fantastic, and it delves into issues of informed consent, privacy and the way governments use social media to spy on citizens. The documentary is presented in a fair way, and is extremely well done. In a sense, it is way ahead of its time.

You can watch the above trailer for the film to see the type of work that Cullen has done, and to get sense of his approach to the subject. I encourage you to watch the entire documentary as it is very much spot on and I feel it honestly deserves a sequel. Cullen seemed to have an understanding of the important issues behind free speech, the ability to control your own data, the exploitation of users by social media companies and governments, and importantly, that the media doesn’t always tell you the truth. There is a scene at the end of the film in which Cullen attempts to confront Mark Zuckerberg about this. Being the coward that he is, Zuckerberg just runs off. It is a fitting end to a film that explored who Zuckerberg really is, versus the way he presents himself and his company.

My view of Hoback’s earlier work encouraged my thinking that of all the people who are attempting to cover the Q phenomena, Cullen Hoback was one who seemed to understand the importance of the internet and of free speech, who was the most talented, and who appeared to have the personal integrity to tell this story in a fair way. After thinking about it deeply and considering that it could end up being some sort of setup, we decided to participate in it, given our trust that Cullen could give it the most justice. He came out to film over a year ago, and spent the night at our home filming only for about a day or so. We have no idea if our small part will even make it into the documentary, or how we will be presented. It is our hope that Mr. Hoback will have put together something more fair than others have done.

CodeMonkeyZ, aka Ron Watkins, recently addressed the release with the following messages on Telegram:

Over the past few years, I was followed around by Cullen Hoback as he filmed a documentary about online free speech. We discussed lots of topics and it seems the documentary is going to be released in a week or two. 

I’ve turned down hundreds of interview requests from the world’s top publications over the past few years knowing that one day this documentary would be released. – Ron Watkins

Ron then goes on to post the following link to the trailer for the six part series that will premiere on March 21, 2021:

This documentary spans about three years as Cullen attempted to get to the truth of who or what is behind the Q phenomena. I have yet to see any of it, except for the trailer, but I believe that Cullen sought to present all sides of this from a balanced perspective.

Ron Watkins then followed with another message providing a little more background information.

Some more background info about the documentary: We filmed it over the course of about three years and it was a personal passion project of Cullen. Cullen had previously done some fine documentaries on subjects that I felt were great and he did a good job at staying unbiased while telling stories as they are without putting a spin or judgment on the content. I haven’t yet seen this documentary that will be released in a few weeks, but I know that Cullen is probably one of the only filmmakers in the world who can tell the real story in a fair way and make it work. Just for disclosure, I was not paid to be interviewed or give my likeness to the documentary. I participated because I felt Cullen to be the most capable person to tell this story.

Also, the fact that HBO is publishing this documentary is news to me. While filming I just knew it as Cullen’s personal project. If I had to guess, I would say that he likely got sponsored by HBO at a late stage when everything was almost finished. – Ron Watkins

The same goes for and Pamphlet and me. Obviously we were not paid to participate nor did we know that HBO would be involved. I still trust that Cullen will do a better job than anyone else could do, given the circumstances.

I look forward to seeing how this all turned out. We did keep our participation in this secret, as we had no idea when this was going to be released and we sort of wanted it to be a surprise. I hope that the anons are finally given the respect and fair treatment they deserve. I hope that this helps tell the real story and show that we are not all “crazy, dangerous conspiracy theorists.” But even if it does, well … it’s people who brave uncharted territory that end up changing the world.

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