January 6: The Faces of Political Prisoners at America's Abu Ghraib in DC

January 6: The Faces of Political Prisoners at America’s Abu Ghraib in DC

Learn the truth about the people being held in horrific pre-trial detention conditions, being tortured and psychologically abused. Do these people look like Domestic Terrorists to you?

Many people have a false perception of the kinds of people who have been arrested stemming from January 6. The mainstream media and the government have closely controlled the narrative about what really happened that day. They talk about a “white supremacist fascist uprising” and an “insurrection” but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are Whites, Blacks, Asians, Jewish and Transgender people currently rotting in the DC Abu Ghraib or the DC Gitmo. That is about as diverse as it gets. They are veterans and business owners, they are fathers and grandfathers. They are people with no criminal history or record. They are mostly non-violent people who simply trespassed that day. What the media isn’t telling you is the bottleneck conditions of how the crowd was steered and corralled towards the Capitol. Many folks were forced inside because they were stuck in a throng of people and couldn’t get out, so they were pushed forward by a rowdy mob.

You might be thinking, why should I care? These people showed up that day and they are getting what they deserve.

That is where you would be wrong. If you care about human and civil rights and freedom then this should be the most important thing for your critical attention right now. The legal precedent to be set if this continues will have wide ranging ramifications for ALL Americans. Please remember, none of these Americans have been convicted of a crime. They should have a right to due process, a speedy trial by a jury of their peers (not DC beltway elites) and the right to examine the evidence being used against them. They should have a right to attorney-client privilege which is currently being denied. Cancer patients and transgenders requiring ongoing medical treatment are being denied access to their usual medications.

I recommend you check out a very important Telegram channel called The Prisoner’s Record1. What you will see there will shock you.

The Faces of American Political Prisoners

Ron Mele did NOT enter the Capital building on January 6, 2021. He did go to Washington, DC to peacefully support President Trump. He is 52 years old, a husband and stepfather of two teenage children. He volunteers at his Church. On February 19, 2021 at 6:00 am the FBI raided his home (pre-dawn raid). He was terminated from his job, lost medical benefits and had to sell the family cars to make ends meet. After almost four months of silence on June 10th he received a phone call from the FBI stating they had a warrant for his arrest.  Here is a link to his Give Send Go2.


Joseph Hackett, Inmate #376445

Joseph is another political prisoner. His and his wife’s lives, business and family have been turned upside down. His wife wrote on their Give Send Go page3:

On May 28th, 2021, my husband was arrested in connection with the January 6 Capital protest. My world has been turned upside down. Joe and I have a small family wellness clinic and I fear I may lose it without his support. He has been incarcerated now for almost two months. His practice is completely devastated. Between the legal fees and the house/office bills my daughter and I are living in fear of losing everything. I am reluctantly creating this campaign because I see no other way out of this travesty. We need HELP!

Joe is not a domestic terrorist and by no means a danger to our community. He is a hard-working member of society. Everyone who knows Joe is absolutely shocked that this has happened to our family.

Since that Friday in May, we have had news vans in front of our home and have received hate calls. My daughter and I are traumatized by the whole situation.

I am asking for your help to keep my family together!  If you cannot donate monetarily, please pray for us! I know in my heart that The Lord will rectify this and Joe will be exonerated.

Joe is currently being detained in DC and we have no idea when and if he will be coming home.

Thank you for your help and prayers,
Deena and Isabella.

This is heartbreaking. These are not hardened criminals or domestic terrorists who pre-planned any kind of attack. These are people who simply thought they were attending a peaceful rally. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and they are now victims of a tyrannical government.

This is SGT. Kenneth Harrelson, Inmate #377692

Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson is a political prisoner. He is the husband of Angel Harrelson and a father of two teenage children. He is a veteran. His wife Angel wrote on their Give Send Go page4 the following:

I am Angel(his wife), we have 2 teenage children, daughter 15 and son 17. PLEASE READ UPDATES TO KEEP UP WITH WHAT’S HAPPENING! We need help because well I am sure you’ve seen the news on him. I am trying to raise the funds to pay for his legal fees, bills and groceries. I have found an attorney in Washington but it will cost me $100,000 just to retain a lawyer and $500 per hour after that plus other fees, which could cost up to $500,000 the lawyers told me. I am struggling with this as I am typing this. A little about him. He was medically retired out of the of the army and not long after that he had 2 back surgeries and a shoulder surgery. He is the kind man that will give you the shirt off his back no matter who or what color you are. He has helped many and refuse to charge or take money from them because helping others was his reward. He is the kind of person that when I had my surgery he waited on me hand and foot, even cleaned me up. I have lost my job because of this and his account has been frozen and that is where his VA benefits go. Since that has happened I can’t pay our house note or vehicle note and insurance. I am also dealing with emotional teenage Daughter and son. Everyone we know can tell you he is not a monster and NOT a TERRORIST. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! He didn’t’ do any of those things they say. He is a protector and saves lives not give harm to others. I am asking for the extra $25,000 for bills, groceries, and for myself to go support him when they extradite him to D.C.. I appreciate any help donations or prayers for our family.

These Americans are not being afforded proper due process, something the government will begin to do to all of us, regardless of which side of your political beliefs. Make no mistake, any time a government gets away with doing something this outrageous, taking upon itself more power, they never give that up. They will not stop after they arrest everyone who showed up that day. When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

This is Scott Fairlamb, Inmate #376877

Scott traveled to DC on January 6 to join other patriots in support of President Trump. He has been illegally imprisoned since January 22, 2021 and has not seen his family since. Scott has lost his family business, Fairlamb Fit, which was the main source of income for his family. He has been in solitary confinement since March 16, 2021, locked in his cell for 26 hours every other day. He has suffered a heart attack and is under chemo treatment for Leukemia. Scott’s wife Andrea made a Give Send Go page5 for them. This is because none of the GoFundMe or other payment processers will allow these people to use their services. To be clear: GoFundMe and other payment movers permit rioters and killers be funded through their services, but not these American Patriots.

This was written by my husband who is in Prison in DC.

My name is Scott Fairlamb and on January 6th I traveled to Washington DC to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally. What I witnessed at the rally was a sea of America loving, American Flag waving Patriots who came together from all over our great nation in support of our 45th President Donald Trump. All races, sexes, old and young cheering in what was the greatest gathering of solidarity I have experienced in my life thus far. The events that transpired after the rally I am not at liberty to discuss as the investigation is still on going. What I can tell you is that I have been detained since January 22nd and since then:-I haven’t seen my family
-We have lost our business, which is our family’s main source of income.
-I suffered a heart attack
-I continue to fight Leukemia with daily chemo pill treatment.
-I am locked in my cell for 26 hours straight every other day.
-I have lived in solitary confinement conditions since 3-16
Fairlamb Fit, a 24 hour training facility that I poured my blood, sweat and tears into has unfortunately had to close its doors and hand over the keys.  This closure is a devastating blow to what was our family’s main source of income. As if that wasn’t heart breaking enough, our house that my newly married wife and myself just purchased in 2020 could be next. Mortgage payments, medical insurance, lawyer fees, and monthly bills have now come to a boiling point.
We swallow our pride as we graciously ask for your support to help us save what we have worked for our entire lives, our home. Any donation is appreciated and will certainly be paid forward once we get back on our feet.

This is so terrifying. As an American regardless of your politics, aren’t you terrified the government could do this to you if they decided they wanted to?

This is Couy Griffin. Couy is charged for peacefully praying on the Capitol steps on January 6, 2021. He never entered the U.S. Capitol building. He was thrown in solitary confinement for 12 days and was released on bail. He awaits trial, and if convicted, will carry a maximum sentence of one year.

Couy has done a recent interview which can be viewed on Rumble here6. He is the founder of Cowboys for Trump. Here is a link to his Give Send Go page7.

This is Derek Kinnison. On February 19, 2021 at 6:02am Derek’s home was raided by the FBI. He was a peaceful protestor at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Flash Grenades were thrown into his house. A gun was pointed at the head of his young daughter. He is currently out on bond, but like the others, his family needs help with the legal expenses. Here is a link to his Give Send Go page8, and what he wrote on it:

Hello my name is Derek Kinnison and I am starting a fundraiser for legal defense fees in my federal grand jury indictment regarding January 6th.
I am a 39 year old husband and father of a teenage daughter, I own a small pressure washing company and work volunteer security for my church and am training to become a deacon.
Some Brothers in Christ and I traveled to DC to answer the Presidential call of support and to keep a watchful eye on families, women, and elderly attendees for fears of them being targeted by groups wishing to do them harm. These groups wanted to infiltrate the crowd dressed in patriotic clothing.
I did not enter the capital building!
February 19th at 6:02 am my house was raided by fbi and swat team, they broke fences, ripped off doors, used flash bang grenades, robots, and pointed guns at my young daughter and I.
The fbi tore my house apart, injured one of my dogs, confiscated thousands of dollars of my possessions and left.
After almost four months of silence, on June 10th I received a phone call from the fbi stating I had an arrest warrant and I needed to cancel my work schedule and turn myself into the fbi in riverside within two hours or else they would have to come and get me and that would look bad.
I am currently out on bond, I lost my second amendment protections and my ccw permit, meanwhile I have been hounded by reporters, doxed online with my address, phone numbers, and family members names.
I have retained a great Christian Constitutional lawyer and am preparing for this fight of my lifetime.
God has provided and given me some peace during this process but I am asking for any and all prayers for my family and I as well as my Christian brothers and this country.

The first one to plead his cause seems right,
Until his neighbor comes and examines him.
Proverbs 18:17

These are not the faces and stories of domestic terrorists or even extremists. These are political prisoners in the American Abu Ghraib.

This is Erik Warner. Erik was at the Capitol protest. He was peaceful, nonetheless the FBI raided his home on February 19, 2021. Erik lost his job and has picked up contract work to make ends meet. He is not presently incarcerated. The family needs help with legal fees. This injustice has loomed like a black cloud over the family. His 14-year-old son constantly worries about whether his dad will go to prison. It is not just the individuals the FBI has harmed with their disgusting criminal conduct but the families as well. Here is a link to his Give Send Go page9:

Erik is a brother in Christ who traveled to DC on January 6th with three other brothers in Christ, to answer the Presidential call of support. The goal of these men was to provide a watchful eye on families, woman and elderly attendees for fears of them being targeted by groups wishing to do them harm. Now Erik is being targeted by the Federal Government, which has brought charges against him, and have put him in the position to defend himself in Federal Court. The left-wing media has smeared his name and the effects of this have reached into every aspect of his life, including his profession. Erik Warner is a loving husband of 23 years and a devoted father to his 14 year old son. He attends and is an active member of his local church. Erik is a nurse ,who in the past year has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of his patients, often sacrificing his own needs. All of the money that is raised will be utilized to help Erik with his legal defense. We thank you for your willingness to help, God Bless the gift and the giver. 

There are so many pages like this, as over 500 people have been arrested. You can see a database of every single person who has been arrested to date here10.

This is Felipe Antonio “Tony” Martinez. He is another peaceful patriot that has been devastated by the FBI’s targeting of those at the January 6 protest. Like many others, on February 19, 2021 at 6:00 am Tony was awakened by a flash grenade. His door was kicked in. Tony, his wife of 21 years, and oldest daughter were handcuffed at gun point. His home was torn apart and thrown into disarray. As a result of the FBI’s actions, his family has been wrongfully evicted from their home. Tony has had to find work out of state as a pipefitter. His family is in desperate need of help. Here is a link to his Give Send Go page11:

I haven’t gotten past this page because my heart is broken. I love my country, my United States of America. I love our history, our Founding Fathers and their intent for government. I love our Constitution that followed our Declaration of Independence, because I am a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ, because it is He that has given us unalienable rights, i.e., human rights. In other words I love my country, because I love my God and His Word.

My family and I have been caught up in the January 6th “insurrection”.  The United States of America wants to punish us for being a witness and for helping those in need because of the violence that occurred.

Before the throne of my God I state that I did not enter the Capital building, I did not cause any damage or vandalize any or part in or outside and around the Capital. Nor was it part of any plans, nor did I hear of any plans or conspiracy to take over the Capital. I did not cause any harm or did violence to any policing authority. I’m absolutely innocent of all charges that are held against me, so help me God.

But I have to prove my innocence in Federal court in DC.

I’ve never been a criminal. I’ve been a disciple of Christ since 2005. Clean and sober since 2010. A husband to my wife of 21 years with three children, two girls and a boy of ages 13, 7, and 4 respectively. We’ve been able to keep a roof over our heads while I work construction and my wife homeschools.

On February 19th, 2021 our doors were kicked in by the FBI in our rental at 0600. I was awakened by a flash grenade outside my bedroom window. My wife, eldest daughter, and I were all handcuffed. Tactically geared, they went through our organized home and unorganized everything we worked hard to put in its proper place. They showed up with tank-like vehicles in my front yard and the street filled with almost 100 agents placing fear in all who witnessed, and pointing rifles at my neighbors. In the end after 3 hours of interrogation they took only my phone and some clothing items from a picture that was taken at the Capital. I was never arrested or charged at that point.

A month later our landlord demanded we leave his rental because we broke our lease by, “committing crimes on the property including being arrested for hate crimes and use of illegal weaponry”, even though all my pistols and rifles are registered. We did our best and went through the process of answering through a lawyer in the time allotted to us. We had printouts from the Sheriff and the Federal court house that I have never been arrested nor was there any charges held against me at that specific point in time. Nevertheless we received from the  Sheriff a 10 day notice to move out.

I’ve had to traveled to another state to work 7 days a week, 12 hour shifts, 1500 miles from my family to try to survive this.

We need help!

I received a call from one of the FBI agents working my case on June 10th in the morning informing me that there was a warrant for my arrest and that I needed to report to the local Marshal. I dutifully reported to the Marshal and was processed. In chains like an animal, I stood before the Magistrate Judge and he read me the charges that are held against me and he explained them to me. I was released in time to report to work.

The FBI has been doing this horrendous pre-dawn raids at the homes of peaceful Americans. They are terrorizing children.

This is Paul Johnson. Paul was a peaceful protestor on January 6, 2021. The Johnson family was raided by the FBI in a pre-dawn raid on April 13, 2021. Dozens of armed agents in full tactical gear pointed guns at their 7, 8, and 14 year old children. The children were forced outside half-dressed in 42-degree weather. The FBI raided their home for over four hours. The FBI refused the Johnson family a lawyer until they agreed to provide an interview first. The FBI would only show the Johnsons their warrant AFTER they conducted their raid. These actions are a blatant violation of their rights and the Constitution. Here is a link to the Fundly page12 the family has set up:

Paul is a loving father, stepfather, a business owner, and a staple in his community. Paul’s home was raided April 13th before dawn for attending the protest on Jan 6. Paul is innocent of the things he is accused of, and God willing, will be given the chance to clear his name. 

We need help to keep this Patriotic American Father free! 

He is the sole provider for his family and without him home with them they will lose everything. 

Paul is as Patriotic as it gets! He loves God, his family, and his Country. Paul lives, breathes, and stands for freedom. Paul was present that day to stand for all of our freedom. 

If this doesn’t scare and upset you, I don’t know what will.

This is Kyle Young. Kyle protested at the Capital on January 6, 2021. Kyle’s home was raided by the FBI on April 14, 2021. He was taken by the FBI in front of his wife and four children. He has been denied release and now is unable to support his family. Kyle lost 17 pounds in the first month and a half of his incarceration. His wife Andrea now works alone to support their four children. Armed agents in tactical gear pointed guns at their kids, wrecked their home in the dark and destroyed their lives. Here is a link to his Give Send Go page13:

My husband Kyle Young was arrested on April 14, 2021 in connection to the January 6 protest. The FBI came to our home and took Kyle in front of our children. Kyle is loving father and a wonderful husband. He is an innocent man. He is facing 12 charges. We have four children that really need their father back. They are ages 17, 13, 8, and 1. He was immediately denied release. My husband no longer has his job to support us. My job isn’t enough to pay all our bills and I am afraid we could lose our home. Any help we get will make sure my children and I can stay in our family home, pay for Kyles defense, help us keep in touch with Kyle and make sure he can get food while he is jailed. Kyle lost 17 pounds in the first month and a half of being incarcerated. Please pray for us.

Andrea his wife set the page up.

This is Chris Worrell. Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF, Inmate# 377183, 1901 D St. SE, Washington DC 20003.

Chris Worrell is another political prisoner. Held in the DC Abu Ghraib jail and denied bail since March 12th for participating in the January 6th rally in support of President Trump.

He was accused by the FBI of unlawful entry and using verbal and physical violence on restricted grounds. In reality, he was defending himself and others using non-lethal means (pepper spray) to repel violent anti-protesters around him.

He has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but is denied all treatment and compassionate release. In addition to contracting Covid-19 in prison, cancer is now spreading throughout his body. His Wife Trish set up a Give Send Go page14 for him:

After participating in the January 6th protests in Washington DC, Christopher Worrell has been imprisoned and denied bail, after using non-lethal means to defend himself and others from violent anti-protesters. He has been subject to horrific conditions, including the denial of basic human rights.

He has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is a form of cancer.  His cancer has now spread since being incarcerated. The United States Government and DC Jail systems have denied access to his life-saving cancer treatment, or any medications since his detention on March 12.

Since his arrest and internment, Chris has contracted Covid-19 putting his life in further danger. He has been denied access to any treatment or compassionate release.

The denial of medication to someone who is dying of cancer is a total violation not just of civil rights but of human rights. Where is Amnesty International? The ACLU?

This is Jack “Wade” Whitton.

Jack (Wade) Whitton, Inmate #37645509, Robert A Dayton Detention Center, 11866 Hastings Bridge Rd., Lovejoy, GA 30250.

Jack protested the election January 6th at the Capitol.

Jack’s home was raided April 1st at 6:45 am. Jack and his wife were awoken to lights flashing around their house. A dozen law enforcement vehicles, including a giant military grade vehicle was present. Red beams pierced through their homes, affixed to the weapons pointed at them. Jack was taken.

Despite no criminal history, cooperating with authorities, and presenting almost 40 letters of character to the judge, he was denied release. Whitton was the owner of a fence company before this happened. His company is no longer functioning due to him being detained, eliminating more than half of his family’s income. Legal defense fees are adding up. His wife Haley set up a Give Send Go page15 for him:

Jack (Wade)  is facing 8 serious federal charges for events related to January 6, 2021. On February 5, Wade received a call from the FBI to ask him about his trip to DC. He did not speak with them, and instead had his lawyer call them to speak on his behalf. At the time, they did not have charges against him and advised his lawyer that they would let him know if they did, so Wade could turn himself in. We never heard back from them until the morning of April 1 around 6:45am when the FBI surrounded our home. We were both asleep, and woke up to lights flashing into the windows of our home. The presence of law enforcement was overwhelming to say the least. There had to have been over a dozen vehicles, including what seemed to be similar to a tank. The agents ordered Wade to come outside with his hands up over loud speakers as he was scrambling to get dressed and I was still just trying to find some shoes. Beams of red laser lights penetrated our home through several windows in various directions. I quickly abandoned my search for shoes so I could get outside fast hoping to de-escalate the situation as Wade was still getting dressed. When I stepped outside, the illuminating red dots from the laser lights became fixed upon my body as the agents drew their weapons, shouting for me to put my hands up. Once Wade stepped outside, the agents’ tone escalated and became more aggressive. The laser beams shifted to his direction, covering his face and torso. Wade was quickly taken into custody, and that was the last time I saw him.

The next day, April 2, Wade had his first bond hearing with a local judge in GA . She denied the government’s motion to keep him detained following pretrial service recommendation for his release as he does not have a criminal history and was cooperative from the very start. The government appealed and the DC judge denied his release stating that he is a continued threat due to former President Trump’s continued statements regarding the election. There were somewhere between 30-40 letters and affidavits from our community submitted for Wade’s defense on behalf of his character. The judge completely disregarded this and basically determined that Wade is a danger to the community because of the offense charged and because of Donald Trump’s continued comments. Wade, like the other Jan6 defendants, is being denied due process and equal treatment. Wade was the owner of a fence company before this happened. His company is no longer functioning due to him being detained, which has eliminated more than half of our income, and the expenses to keep him detained are adding up on top of legal defense fees. We appreciate any level of support. Even just a message of encouragement goes SO far. He needs to know that he is still human and worthy of receiving love and grace. This is something he has really been struggling with since this all happened. He feels shamed and ultimately condemned, but he needs to know that we are here for him and for the other January 6 defendants currently experiencing these things. Thank you.

This is the overwhelming experience of these cases. Aggressive FBI agents violating their rights and seemingly enjoying doing so.

This is Michael Foy.

Michael Foy is a marine veteran. He protested what he saw as the theft of the election January 6th at the Capitol.

On January 20th, Michael’s door was kicked in, and he was arrested at gunpoint. Michael spent close to 6 months in the Washington DC Gulag. As a result, he lost his job. Through a major prayer effort, he was released a couple weeks ago, but is under 24-hour home confinement with a GPS monitor. He is not allowed to work.

His family has stepped up in whatever way they can to help him with legal fees and bills. They know Michael is innocent. They want to fight back at trial. But they need help. His mother Laura set up a Give Send Go page16 for him:

I am raising money for my son, Michael Foy a Marine Veteran. He was locked up in the Washington DC deplorable jail without bond as a Political Prisoner for almost 6 months.  On July 3rd he was finaly released after much help and is now on GPS monitoring at home and unable to work, pay bills and make an honest living.  His life has been destroyed along with his reputation.

Michael went to see the president speak in Washington DC  on January 6th like so many others.  Many lies have been broadcast by the dishonest media and dirty politicians of what really happened that day.  Five people that day died and many people were trying to protect them and save them. Do not believe what you hear in the news.  Stories are twisted and false. The truth is finaly starting to come out thanks to people like Julie Kelly, Pete Santilli, Justice for J6, Attorney John Pierce and more.

Since Michael has been incarcerated, he lost his job and home while bills still continued to pour in and have had to be paid.  His bank account has since been emptied and I have had to step up and try to continue to pay all bills so as he might have a life after January 6. Me and my family can only do and give so much.  This has been a huge strain on everyone.  This is way beyond our family means and has been a disheartening event in all our lives.

We also know that his trial is gonna be very long and costly as he will need many expert witnesses, investigators, evidence review and extra attorneys.  We have been quoted over $150,000 just to retain an attorney for trial as a start. He deserves fair representation.  Everyone deserves there day in court.  MICHAEL IS A GOOD PERSON AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HELP SOMEONE IN NEED OR TO SAVE A LIFE. The truth will come out in trial as to what really happened that day.  Please consider helping.

It seems the American government is literally at war with its own people.

This is Robert Bashlor (Gieswein), Inmate #376980.

Robert Bashlor (Gieswein) went to DC on January 6 to protest what he perceived as the theft of an election and to support his President. He was also there to keep the peace, in case there is any flareups between Patriots and Antifa. Robert has no criminal record and was never suspended from school. When Robert’s stepfather, Patrick Bashlor, passed away three years ago, he stepped in to help take care of his mother and younger sister. With Robert in solitary January 18, Sherry, his mother, has drained their savings and now unable to make last month’s mortgage. They need financial help to make ends meet and to pay for legal fees. Robert has been denied due process and justice. Even if the trumped up charges were true, and they are not, he does not deserve solitary without bail and for six months. His mother Sherry has set up a Give Send Go page17 for him.

This is James McGrew, Inmate #377892.

James McGrew is a 3rd generation Marine who volunteered to fight for his country after 9/11. He was hit by an IED and was medivac from the front lines. He downplayed his injuries to return to his foxhole buddies. Finishing his tour, he received an  Honorable Discharge. James went to DC on January 6th to protest against a corrupt government and what he saw as a stolen election. He is now sitting in DC in solitary. His family needs him home. His mother needs her son. James’ son needs his dad. His mother Leslie set up a Give Send Go page18 for him.

This is Guy Reffitt, Inmate #376782.

Guy Reffitt went to DC to support President Trump and protest against what he saw as a stolen election. He never entered the Capitol nor broke any law other than “trespassing.” Yet he now has been in solitary in DCDC for 6 months without bail and without due process. Guy’s teen son could not understand the political views of his dad and has turned away from the family.

Guy’s daughters love him and are torn apart when the press misquoted and maligned their father using snippets of their words. Guy’s wife, Nicole stood by him and struggles to hold the family together. Pray that the son may see his father as a hero fighting for our freedom and not an insurrectionist. His wife created a Give Send Go page19 for him.

This is Joseph Lino Padilla, Inmate #376981, 1901 D St. E, Washington DC 20003.

Marine Sergeant Joseph Lino Padilla was arrested on February 23, 2021 for his role in the “failed insurrection” of January 6. He made it to DC to demand that Congress act in light of what he saw as a stolen 2020 election. He carried no weapons and did not use any when he was first beaten unconscious by Law Enforcement. The government deemed this honorably discharged marine such a dangerous “insurrectionist” and a flight risk that he was held without bond in solitary. Rebekah is working three jobs and taking care of three children. She is asking for our help. His wife set up a Give Send Go page20 for him:

February 23, 2021 started  out in a nightmare, my husband Joseph was arrested by the FBI for going to January 6th and I was terrified. Our nightmare had just begun though. Not only was my husband arrested and taken away but three day later our landlord evicted us with three days to get out. We had no where to go, and my three boys and I were for the first time hopeless. With trembling hands and tears, I called my brother and asked him if he could help… I didn’t know he was going to add to my already growing nightmare. He offered my family a small room but what I didn’t know was it would come at a price. He wanted $600 for just the bedroom my boys were sleeping in, another $200 for the room I shared with my niece, plus half and what ever we added to the expensive electric bill, and a few other bills. My head was spinning here I had lost my husband because of FBI arrested him, now I am trying to support our 3 boys. I am now working 3 jobs while dealing with all these emotions of what is happening with my husband plus our living arrangements. My mom finally came to my rescue and asked me to come live with her two weeks into living with my brother after he demanded I buy him a new rug! 

The FBI and Biden DOJ are hurting innocent children and destroying families.

This is Douglas Jensen.

Doug was arrested for his presence at the January 6th protest at the Capitol. Douglas was imprisoned from January 8th until July 14th. Doug is a husband of 25 years with three children. Doug was fired from the job he held for 13 years. His wife and children were forced to leave their family home. Doug’s prison conditions were horrible. His basic human needs were denied and he was in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. Praise be to God, Doug was released on July 14th to house arrest. He is forbidden to work and provide for his family. His wife works around the clock to make up the difference. Birthdays were missed. All of his stocks and his truck were sold to survive the last 6 months. His wife April set up a Give Send Go page21 for him.

This is Peter Stager, Inmate #376784.

Peter attended the January 6th rally in support of President Trump. Peter is a truckdriver, a husband, and father of two.

Friends notified Peter that he was “all over Twitter.” Peter talked with a local sheriff, who reported nothing was in their database. Concerned, Peter visited an attorney’s office for advice. Unknown to Peter, the FBI descended upon his home while his wife was there. His children were in terror. The road was blocked. A large FBI tactical force, with guns drawn, surrounded his home. Peter’s attorney notified FBI agents at the scene that Peter was with him, and would turn himself in. Peter cooperated, yet his house was raided. Peter has been placed in solitary confinement and denied bail. His wife Samantha created a Give Send Go page22 for him.

This is Julian Khater, Inmate #377187.

Julian went to DC to support President Trump in peaceful rally and protest.

He was arrested on March 14th and have been in solitary since. Julian’s family believed in Julian’s innocence and offered $15 million bond for his release but the judge denied bail. The FBI exploited small fragments of videos captured that day and posted on the FBI site. Taken out of context to fit the FBI narrative, fully exploited by the mainstream media. Julian’s family has depleted their finances and asks for your help. They are gathering any video footage of the event that shows the real unedited scene. They ask for prayers and financial support for a difficult legal case. And they commit to forward any remaining funds to other to aid other J6 Patriot Prisoners. Please stand with Julian! His family created a Give Send Go page23 to assist with his legal defense:

Julian Khater is a beloved son, brother, uncle, Godfather, and patriotic American who is facing an unjust legal battle due to attending the rally in Washington, DC, on January 6th, 2021.

Julian was arrested and detained by the FBI on Sunday, March 14th in connection with the January 6th incidents at The Capitol.

Julian was intercepted by FBI agents at Newark Airport after a “tipster” identified him from videos and photos posted on the Bureau’s website.

The FBI and media are exploiting small fragments of videos of Julian and his co-defendant, George Tanios, without offering the full context. This is being done intentionally to provide a “convenient” storyline that matches their interpretations (or misinterpretations). Julian is a hard-working, family-oriented man, a man from a family of faith, and he strongly supports what he believes in. While his support of President Trump and his right to peacefully demonstrate resulted in Julian attending the rally in DC on January 6th, the tragic events that transpired were NOT what Julian would have imagined or intended.

Julian is now facing serious criminal charges due to the role that the FBI is interpreting him to have. HIS BOND WAS DENIED. HE HAS ZERO CRIMINAL HISTORY OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE. Despite this, he has been held in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for 123 DAYS (as of July 13th, 2021). How can one still be innocent until proven guilty in a case like this?

The government’s case appears to be worrying and disturbing. They are wrongfully convicting him of these charges, plain and simple. Julian is not the man he is being portrayed to be. It feels as if this case, and his detainment, are targeted and very politically motivated.

These are the people who are being portrayed as white supremacist violent domestic terrorists and its simply not true.

This is Ryan Nichols, Inmate #376795.

Ryan drove four hours to turn himself in to the FBI after he learned that his house was raided by the FBI on January 18. He was grateful that his wife and children were not there at the time.

He was denied bail and have been moved to DC only to sit in solitary for 23-30 hour stretches of solitary with 5.5 hours breaks in between. Poor treatment and abuse in DC is not his main concern. His youngest, a 5-year-old and the welfare of his family are the main concerns.

This honorably discharged Marine, a loving father and husband, and civic-minded patriot is asking for our help for his family and his legal defense. He desperately wants to be there for his wife and children. Please pray, give, and work for his release. His wife set up a Give Send Go page24 for him.


There are so many other defendants that it is impossible for me to get them all in an article in this format. I wanted to show you the faces and stories of who these people are because they represent the majority of the individuals that have been hunted down and thrown into the DC Gitmo/Abu Ghraib. They are being treated like prisoners of war. If you are at all honest, even if you disagree with their politics, you have to agree these people are not dangers to society, nor are they flight risks. These are parents and veterans mostly, just good Americans.

Not one of these individuals are “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists” at all. If this is allowed to stand and continue this will be the new normal of a new American police state. This will be only the beginning shots of the new “domestic war on terror” that will be waged against any and all Americans who dissent. Please share this article and these stories. If you feel moved to help, consider donating only what you can afford to the legal defense funds that you feel most called to support.

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