Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn Breaks with Mattis, McChrystal & Kelly

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn Breaks with Mattis, McChrystal & Kelly “We Must Defeat Socialism”

June 5, 2020 – Arguably one of the most important and consequential Information Officers of the 21st century – Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) – has delivered an important message to the American people in the form of a letter.

Posted by Scott Kesterson of the Bards of War podcast:

Here is the full size letter:

Gen. Flynn Letter to Scott Kesterson, Bards of War

This is a very important letter, especially the timing of this letter. We recently saw several former military generals openly break with President Trump over what may be a socialist coup given cover by the media.

We are seeing “protests” in certain pockets of the country, with rioting and looting causing over 17 deaths, and untold numbers of injuries and destruction. We have seen the media encourage mutiny and attempt to sow discord and division within the ranks of our own U.S. Military. This has the appearance of a George Soros color revolution, CIA-backed regime change coup. This could very well morph into a full blown insurrection, leaving us vulnerable to foreign attack at a time China is preparing for war.

Freedom is not something that is guaranteed. It must be fought for and maintained. It must be protected against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Genera Flynn tweeted the inspiring words of wisdom “be not afraid” back on May 20, 2020.

The General wanted to remind us that not everyone in the military, or even former military are siding with the socialists. This means that the fight to maintain this Republic is not yet over.

These generals may have their own reasons and personal agendas for coming out against President Trump. There are financial motivations certainly and for some, a pattern of attacking their last Commander-in-Chief.

Stanley McChrystal and General Flynn in Afghanistan, 2010

Dubbed the “Runaway General” by investigative journalist Michael Hastings back in 2012, General Stanley McChrystal clearly had a pattern of insubordination.

We don’t know if James Mattis was involved in fraudulent activities during his tenure at Theranos, but it certainly is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Even Mark Levin, the “Great One,” has noticed these former generals are out of line.

This interview today with John Kelly was very disturbing. He appears to be trying to set President Trump up for a potential 25th Amendment “removal” from office, aka a coup.

General Flynn in Afghanistan

Members of the U.S. Military may be under extreme peer pressure right now to support the ongoing “protests” but that goes against their duty to the Commander-in-Chief.

Is Stanley McChrystal behind these seemingly “organic” riots, working together with people like George Soros?

Did they take the credit for the hard work of General Flynn?

General Flynn was trying to get the Intelligence Community to be transparent.

This is definitely an interesting possibility. It seems like they are trying to weaken White House physical defenses, with the DC mayor trying to remove all Federal officers.

Are the Democrats using psychological operations and special operations warfare methods against a sitting U.S. president, employing groups like ANTIFA who coordinate with our enemies like ISIS?

These techniques also would include targeting innocent American citizens, going after prominent “pro Trump” accounts and individuals. Essentially that would be declaring war on the American people, and hiring former military brass to conduct the operations.

I believe the Democrats have declared war on Law Enforcement, and anyone else who will not bow down and kiss the Socialist ring. I believe they are attempting a coup against a duly elected President, and I believe they are intent on imposing their ideology upon us. We see the global coordination of their riots and looting, and the attacks on U.S. Embassies by ANTIFA in Greece. They appear to be attempting to foment a civil war, or race war, which would make America vulnerable to attacks from our enemies.

General Flynn at Stratcom

It takes tremendous courage to take a strong stand as General Flynn has for our Nation, and our way of life. It was precisely for this moral stance of honor, integrity and decency that he earned the ire of the Obama regime. His stand has cost him everything. He has stood up not just against the Intelligence Community aparatus, the Washington Establishment and Military Industrial Complex. He has stood against colleagues, close personal friends, powerful people. This cost him many work opportunities and unrecoverable time, in addition to everything else. The sham legal case against him, has cost him dearly and it continues.

America’s General, the People’s General seems to be signaling to us that he is still in the game. He has not given up — not on We The People, not on this Nation. And perhaps he will be back sooner than you think. Until that day comes, continue to keep the General in your prayers.

General Flynn at DIA, 2014

This story is still developing, please check back for updates. 

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Deb Parks
Deb Parks
11 months ago

so, this is a very long Story, it’s like a book. How do you create a book? There is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Even if you don’t have the end you have to introduce or allude to the ending in the beginning. What is the point of this story? What are you trying to accomplish. I have… Read more »