Midnight Madness: It’s Official- Welcome to the Third World Police State

Midnight Madness: It’s Official- Welcome to the Third World Police State

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I received a news alert on my phone this evening saying the FBI had “raided” Pres. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida… while he was in New York at Trump Tower. Pres. Trump was given no warning, but received a phone call that the FBI was already raiding his property. The FBI banned Trump lawyers from being present while agents rifled and tore through Trump’s offices and property and broke into a safe (that was reportedly empty). The STASI left the estate with several boxes of papers and whatever else.

This search and destroy mission was unprecedented on a former American President and reeks of a dictatorial state. Our DOJ/FBI is rogue. There is undeniably a two tier system of justice in this once great republic. The total hands-off of Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing from the “missing” FBI files during her husband’s administration to her wheeling and dealing with foreign countries while at the State Department and destroying Congressional subpoenaed evidence of emails and devices (which Clinton had ‘scrubbed’ and devices physically destroyed) to her manipulating of a paid for via foreign entities fake dossier to get the FISA court to approve spying on then candidate Trump and his circle of campaign managers and into his presidency. Oh, let’s not forget Clinton operative Sandy Berger stealing and stuffing documents from the federal archives regarding the 9/11 attack, and destroying them.

And then there’s Hunter Biden’s wheeling and dealing for millions of lucrative positions in Ukraine, Russia and China and God knows with whom else, all with his VP father’s influence and “10% for the big guy” as the FBI had Hunter’s laptop from Hell.

You’re hearing the MSM breathlessly saying “classified documents!” except that as President he himself had the Constitutional authority to classify or declassify whatever documents he saw fit to.

This is total bullshit. This is all desperately orchestrated three months out from the midterms that has the democrats losing the House, and God willing, the Senate. These people are pure evil. When you hear them say ‘democracy’ spit … spit hard. This is anything but democracy.

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~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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