Propaganda vs. Reality

Propaganda vs. Reality

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One man’s reality is another’s propaganda and vice versa.

Many decades ago, there was a marvelous series on TV where Benjamin Dunlap, a movie lover and intellect, wanted to pass on his own experience. He had watched certain films over and over, and saw details that would escape those who only watched those films once. The series was called The Cinematic Eye. He wanted to give viewers”a Cinematic Eye” when they saw those movies.

One of the episodes was about the 1925 movie, The Battleship Potemkin, directed by Sergei Eisenstein, a Soviet director. [Editor’s note: One of the all-time great directors in cinema history.]

The movie showed crew members of a battleship rising up and how the officers join them because the Czarist government is so oppressive the whole crew has more in common with each other than with the government. This was a film of great propaganda and influence.

In the movie there is a famous scene on the Odessa Steps where a woman is wheeling her baby and Czarist troops fire on the citizens as they flee. The image of the carriage going down the steps without the mother is terrifying and moves the audience to be against the horrific Czarists. At the end the crowds in the movie shout “Down with the tyrants.”

There may have been Czarist massacres, but there never was a massacre on the Odessa Steps, but it made for such good cinema that later those images were remembered as if it had really happened.

Dunlap showed that by taking a few shots of the movie and moving them around, he could create the exact opposite impression that the movie intended. And by doing that, in a change of cause and effect, he showed how the movie now made it seem that the oppressors were the Communists.

Today we have the spectacle that is the January 6th Committee hearings. Even many leftists and progressives can see that these sessions are made up of selective indignation and are not allowing any evidence that would contradict what the Committee is choosing to emphasize.

Here is my very long but partial analysis of these hearings.

Well, Now there is a movie called The Real Story of January 6th. It is put out by Epoch Times, a newspaper and website begun by people who got out of Communist China.

Here is the link:

The Real Story of January 6 | The Real Story of January 6, a documentary by The Epoch Times, is narrated by Joshua Philipp.

~~Many thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission. PSB highly recommends viewing this documentary linked above.~Ed.

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