SCOTUS: Justice Alito’s Whole Lotta Common Sense and Wisdom on 6-3 Decision in New York’s Unconstitutional Gun Law…

SCOTUS: Justice Alito’s Whole Lotta Common Sense and Wisdom on 6-3 Decision in New York’s Unconstitutional Gun Law…

Basically, the SCOTUS ruling says to New York that the Second Amendment is not a “second class right” and that American citizens do not have to “prove you need this right”…

Ronn Blitzer: Supreme Court gun decision shoots down NY rule that set high bar for concealed carry licenses: The Supreme Court ruled in its first major gun case in more than a decade

Anders Hagstrom: ‘DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED’ – President Biden reacts to Supreme Court handing gun owners a major 2nd Amendment win: The Supreme Court found that New York’s gun law overly restricted access to concealed carry permits

And the whining ensues…

Tyler Olson: New York gun case: Breyer says conservative Supreme Court majority ‘severely burdens’ state firearm rules: Liberal Supreme Court justice said states must pass laws against gun violence

Better you should sit this out, DOJ…

This, the same DOJ under Obama/Biden/Clinton/Eric Holder that carried out “Fast and Furious” with straw purchases of guns in the U.S., illegally sold them to nefarious folks and drug cartels across the border in Mexico, and then they brought those guns back across the border with them and they killed some of our Border Patrol Agents and other Americans (not to mention the Mexican citizens that were also murdered with them) … and now the same DOJ working for the Biden administration sending billions in U.S. funding, weapons, ammo to Ukraine, AND left behind some $85 billion in weapons, ammo, military machinery in their FUBAR-ed Afghanistan bugout. Oh! And same DOJ that will not go after Hunter Biden for his breaking of gun laws (for starters). So, yeah, go sit your collective corrupted asses down and talk to the wall, DOJ.

The Justices Alito and Thomas tag-team concurrences to the three dissenting liberal Justices complaining:

Twitchy: ‘Straight fire’: NY Gov. Hochul will NOT like Justice Alito’s reality check in the gun law ruling

Katie Pavlich: Justice Thomas Hammers Double Standard on Second Amendment

NY’s “replacement Gov” and NYC’s bumbling Mayor…

Twitchy: Gov. Hochul plays the ‘you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater’ and ‘muskets’ cards in response to SCOTUS ruling on guns

Nolan Hicks, Sam Raskin and Gabrielle Fonrouge: Eric Adams rips Supreme Court gun ruling, says New Yorkers now ‘less safe’

Rage Cage Match: The usual suspects…

David Rutz, Brian Flood: Enraged Keith Olbermann calls for Supreme Court’s dissolution after New York concealed carry rulingOpinion

Twitchy: LOL! Not enough POPCORN –> Check out this thread of some of the WORST blue-check meltdowns on Twitter over SCOTUS gun ruling

Twitchy: Ben Shapiro educates Piers Morgan on the Supreme Court works after today’s gun ruling

People who know what they’re talking about…

Jonathan Turley: The Supreme Court Hands Down Major Gun Rights Victory

VIDEO: Supreme Court rules in favor of gun owners in NY case: Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, Fox News host Shannon Bream and former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy discuss the details and implications of the 6-3 ruling.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

SO I’VE READ/SKIMMED THE BRUEN OPINION, and it’s a big victory on the Second Amendment. It’s also the culmination of a multidecade litigation/advocacy strategy, which I’ll have more to say about later.

UPDATE: Just got interviewed by Nina Totenberg. I don’t think she liked my take much, but we’ll see how it comes out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So a few more thoughts. First, I want to shout out to the late Don Kates, whose article in the Michigan Law Review, Handgun Prohibition and the Original Meaning of the Second Amendment was the rock that started this avalanche. And it’s awfully close to Justice Thomas’s opinion today. This has been a long campaign of scholarship, litigation, and advocacy and it has made a difference. Ideas do sometimes matter.

Second, the direct impact of this decision isn’t as big as you’d think. It will make essentially no difference in the 43 states that have shall-issue carry now. Its immediate impact will be limitedto those may-issue states that make permits available at the discretion of the authorities. I found it hilarious that Eric Adams invoked the “the wild, wild West,” in response. I guess that means we’ll have gun-toting thugs shooting people on the streets of New York, and engaging in running gun battles on the subways. Oh, wait, that’s what New York has now.

The affected states will do their best to frustrate the impact of the opinion, of course — call it a campaign of “massive resistance” — which will only ensure more litigation. The lower courts have been notably unsympathetic to gun rights, most judges possessing as they do the values of the educated Gentry Class on social matters regardless of political affiliation, but this is a direct instruction from the Court to take gun rights seriously. I expect a few summary reversals of courts that try to dodge the decision’s import.

Third, the notion that “urban” areas should have different gun regimes than rural areas seems to be to be racially suspect. In the music business, “urban” is largely a synonym for “black,” and for most people “rural” is a synonym for white. The notion that black areas should have more restrictive gun regimes than white areas seems . . . problematic. And we don’t generally treat constitutional rights differently based on locality; the Court sort of did that with obscenity for a while but largely gave it up, and with good reason.

Fourth, and don’t make too much of this, there’s the timing. Now that we’ve come to think of Roberts as a politician, I can’t help but wonder if he’s released this opinion, which will play well on the right, with an eye toward the Dobbs opinion. If it’s a retreat from the draft, maybe he thinks this will help him keep some respect on the right. On the other hand, if it were me and I were being political, I’d have released both opinions on the same day, so that the left would have trouble deciding what to be outraged about. I dunno, I’m not a great Supreme Court tea-leaf reader, and I don’t think many people are, but that’s the thought that crossed my line.


Ace: In 6-3 Opinion, Supreme Court Strikes Down “Proper Cause” Requirement For Gun Licensing in New York and Five Other States

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Matt Margolis: The Second Amendment Ruling Won’t Help Dems in November Either

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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