Thursday Newsfeed: Hostile Takeovers – UPDATE

Thursday Newsfeed: Hostile Takeovers – UPDATE

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Damn straight, Legolas!


Why does every dem administration weaponize the federal government against political foes?

Twitchy: ‘Amazing coincidence’! SEC & DOJ reportedly launch ‘joint investigation’ into Elon Musk’s company

BREAKING/DEVELOPING: Let’s Make a ‘Hostile’ Deal:

(FNC photo)

Rocket Man starts the countdown to launch his $43 billion hostile takeover of the hostile social media company and make is a private company.

Stephen Sorace: Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, take it private: Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for $54.20 per share

Lucas Manfredi: Elon Musk is gold for Twitter investors, stock soars since 9.2% stake: Thursday Musk will participate in a TED Talk with head Chris Anderson

Liz Peek: Elon Musk scares liberals, Twitter as he pursues free speech: Establishment liberals are not happy, as a recent Washington Post column demonstrates

Twitchy: Jeff Jarvis plays the Nazi card, Pam Keith says she’s leaving, and other BANANAS lib blue-check reactions to Elon Musk maybe buying Twitter

Twitchy: ‘Don’t like it? Build your own PLATFORM, bro’: Max Boot admitting he’s ‘frightened’ of Elon Musk allowing free speech on Twitter goes SO wrong

We’re Just Not Into You, Brandon:

What is one thing Joe Biden’s done to make your American life better? Because for 15 months he’s punished everyone and everything American while making every accommodation for illegal aliens and hostile foreign countries…

DC: Quinnipiac Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks To 33%

Twitchy: ‘Ouch and double ouch!’ Here are Biden & Harris’ approval numbers… in California

HotAir: Dempocalypse: Quinnipiac poll shows Biden approval at -37 among young adults … And old Joe was “Bernie lite”.

Well… maybe. Perhaps some have gotten a reality kick in the neo-socialist utopia thick head after 15 months of COVID mandates and paying 40% more for gas and everything, that’s if you can find anything.

But old Brandon just continues to dig the hole deeper…

Joe’s Proxy War with Russia grows as he continues to throw bank-fulls of money at Ukraine without verifying if it’s going where it’s supposed to. Recall just months ago he failingly bugged out of Afghanistan, leaving $84 billion in military equipment behind for the Taliban. Allegedly it was ‘disabled’ but sure that some of the Taliban devils will be able to piece and parts some back into working order…

Christian Datoc: Biden sending helicopters to Ukraine in $800M military aid package

Shelby Talcott: Biden Authorizes $800 Million More In Military Assistance For Ukraine: The latest military assistance brings the total aid money given to Ukraine since the invasion began to over $2.4 billion

No, seriously, that really is not out of the realm of possibility here…

Scott A. Davis @ Law Enforcement Today (9/10/21): Report: Feds suddenly trying to purge records of billions’ worth of equipment left for Taliban

Meanwhile, “CLEAN-UP ON AISLE FBJ” again…

Justin Sink: Biden Gets Ahead of U.S. Policy Again With ‘Genocide’ Remark

Kyle Morris: State Department suggests Biden ‘genocide’ comment is his opinion and not a ‘legal’ determination: A team of international lawyers will determine whether Russia has committed genocide against Ukrainians

Biden’s open border…

Again, while there seemed to be a few more females in the mix this morning it was still a majority young adult males. And look at the faces. These are definitely OTMs, and not necessarily from Hispanic countries.

Tyler O’Neil , Lucas Y. Tomlinson , Ronn Blitzer: Second Texas bus drops off migrants near US Capitol in Washington, DC: The migrants are from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Colombia, one man said

VIDEO: Second bus of migrants from southern border arrives in DC

Kelly Laco: DeSantis warns migrants bused from Texas to DC: ‘Do not come to Florida. Life will not be easy for you’: Florida is warning migrants who crossed Texas-Mexico border: ‘Do not come to Florida. Life will not be easy for you.’ … Some of those interviewed from the first bus yesterday into DC said they intended to head to Miami, Fla.

DM: Republicans slam Biden for ‘deeply troubling’ possibility VA doctors will be sent to border for expected migrant surge when White House ends Title 42

Paul Steinhauser: High profile Democrats on this year’s ballot break with Biden on lifting immigration restrictions: Some Dems facing difficult elections push back against Biden’s move to drop Trump-era restrictions

VIDEO: Some Democratic lawmakers showing support for extension of Title 42

VIDEO: Texas rancher: ‘Washington and common sense do not play well together’. Kinney County prosecutor and rancher Brent Smith on the need for the federal government to do something about the crisis at the southern border as the second bus of migrants arrives in D.C.

Then There’s Hunter … There Will ALWAYS Be Hunter:

Cameron Cawthorne , Peter Hasson , Brooke Singman: Whitey Bulger’s nephew played key role in Hunter Biden’s Chinese business ventures: Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation for his ‘tax affairs’ since 2018

Mike Moore: Republican House members want DOJ briefing on Hunter Biden probe: report

VIDEO: GOP pushing for answers into Hunter Biden investigation

The Ongoing Bio-Weapon Experiment:

Lauran Neergaard: Pfizer to Seek FDA Approval for COVID Booster in Kids Ages 5 to 11. Pfizer says new data shows healthy 5- to 11-year-olds could benefit from another kid-sized shot. … “Pfizer says…” huh? In recent weeks or more the big pharma company has seen its COVID era profits drop as people have been “fully vaxxed” (according to the current ‘fluid’ CDC recommendations) and/or refuse anymore jabs. They are also facing parental refusal to exposed their children, and babies, to this experimental drug when children are shown to be on the lowest scale of danger with this China virus. And the more vaccine the company produces the more they push for it to be used, or take the loss.

Tracey McCain: Yes, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as six months is delayed: Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children 6 months to 4-years-old is delayed. We verify the new timeline.


Democrats during Trumps presidency: The world is laughing at us.

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

THE SEC NEEDS A SPECIAL COUNSEL INVESTIGATION: SEC Enforcement Staff Accessed Adjudicatory Documents in Midst of Administrative Proceedings.


Agencies that combine enforcement and adjudication — as many do — are unconstitutional. But convenient for the government.

I posted this last week, but this story has gotten surprisingly little coverage so I’m posting it again. Understand: The “prosecutors” at the SEC illegally accesssed files belonging to the “judges.”

This raises serious questions about the trustworthiness of the SEC, and demands an outside investigation with subpoena power.

I’ll say!

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Hey FBI, We’re Running Low on Those White Domestic Terrorists You Keep Warning Us About

Victoria Taft: Feds Apologize to Violent BLM and Antifa Rioters for Not Being Nicer to Them as They Set Fires in Front of White House

Brie Stimson: Russia makes nuclear threat to Sweden, Finland over NATO consideration: Medvedev’s warning came as Sweden and Finland seem closer than ever before to joining the Western alliance

Joe Schoffstall: Ilhan Omar’s husband’s firm quietly raking in payments again from committee linked to ‘Squad’ member: The Minnesota Democratic-Labor-Party’s committee, which has done work on Omar’s behalf, passed the cash to the E Street Group

Rick Moran: 17 Gangs Pull Off More Than 200 ‘Follow-Home’ Robberies of L.A.’s Wealthy

Steve Nelson: ‘Now I’m pissed’: Secret Service agents outraged by White House spin over ‘first dog’ bites: Secret Service agents were outraged last year by the White House’s attempt to downplay bite injuries caused by then-first dog Major — even trying to get President Biden to personally pay for a damaged coat, newly released documents show.

cnet: Amazon to Start Charging Sellers 5% ‘Fuel and Inflation’ Fee, Reports Say: The e-commerce giant is facing increased logistics costs, and said the surcharge is in lieu of a “permanent fee change.”

Twitchy: 2A expert Stephen Gutowski fact checks comically wrong Joy Behar on SCOTUS and gun laws

Robert Spencer: Okay, I’m Sorry to Say It, but Kamala Harris Really Isn’t Very Bright

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: Dianne Feinstein’s memory fading and she may no longer be fit to serve, senators say: Lawmakers reportedly question mental capacity of Sen. Feinstein, 88, but refuse to identify themselves … Worse than Pelosi? Worse than Biden? Worse than many of the elitist career DC swamp dinosaurs (both sides of the aisle and both houses) in the US Congress?


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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