Weekend Reads: You Bet Your A**, I’ll Believe My Lyin’ Eyes Over the Leftist ’Lyin’ Eyes…

Weekend Reads: You Bet Your A**, I’ll Believe My Lyin’ Eyes Over the Leftist ’Lyin’ Eyes…

By Maggie

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you’d realize
There ain’t no way to hide your lying eyes

Pres. Trump’s lawsuit against big tech is more important now than it was just a couple of weeks ago, as the truth is becoming more and more evident…

“Private Company” Says What:

Twitchy: ‘This doesn’t make it better’: Jen Psaki’s justifications for telling social media companies who to censor are beyond disturbing

VIDEOS: Glenn Greenwald: Big government and Big Tech team up to censor Americans and Glenn Greenwald on economic fascism arising out of Big Tech Big government connection

Harmeet Dhillon: Biden White House ‘flags’ Big Tech – here’s why digital policing is so dangerous: How is our government ‘boosting trusted content’ on supposedly private social media networks?

The Blaze TV Staff: Biden admin reportedly plans to monitor your TEXTS for COVID-19 vaccine ‘misinformation’: THE RUBIN REPORT‘What is going on here, and who is going to decide what misinformation is?’

Phil Shiver: White House is ‘flagging problematic posts’ for social media platforms containing vaccine ‘disinformation’

Twitchy: Worst since the Civil War? Biden says Facebook & other platforms are ‘killing people’ with misinformation

USA Today: Fact check: Biden doesn’t want to monitor private texts for vaccine misinformation … Riiiiiight!

Mary Margaret Olohan: White House Is Working With Facebook To Flag ‘Disinformation,’ Psaki Says

Jordan Davidson: Surgeon General Urges Tech Giants To Censor COVID-19 Dissidents

Twitchy: ACTUAL govt. censorship: Jen Psaki admits WH in touch with Big Tech, has been ‘flagging’ problematic COVID posts on Facebook

Twitchy: Member of Facebook’s Oversight Board assures us that ‘free speech is not an absolute human right’ (w/VIDEO)

Joe Hoft: Vivek Ramaswamy: More Ammo for Trump after Jen Psaki Admits Biden Admin Is Colluding with Tech Giants to Silence Opposing Voices Online

Harmeet Dhillon: Biden White House ‘flags’ Big Tech – here’s why digital policing is so dangerous: How is our government ‘boosting trusted content’ on supposedly private social media networks?

The Blaze: ‘We are lambs to the slaughter’: Lara Logan EXPOSES how digital ‘human terrain maps’ are used to MANIPULATE YOU: ‘They’re not just looking at what you have to hide. They’re looking to manipulate you into doing what they want’

VIDEO: Meet President Bernie Biden: The ‘Biden as moderate’ brand was a total charade

Cortney O’Brien: New Gallup poll shows consistent distrust in media, but bump in confidence for police: Only 16 percent of respondents said they had a lot of confidence in television news

Michael Walsh: To Stage the Counter-Counter-Revolution, GOP Must Learn From Lenin

Stella Morabito: Why Communism Should Be Tried For Its Crimes Against Humanity: It’s tragic that the free world has never held the lethal ideology of communism accountable for its crimes against humanity. Worse, the ideology is making a comeback.

Demo-commies and the Tropical Communists They Love and Adore:

Cristina Laila: Democrat Internal Polling Must Be Bad: Joe Biden Says Communism is a Failed System (w/VIDEO)

Alex Nitzberg: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for US to ditch ‘absurdly cruel’ embargo on Cuba: “The embargo is absurdly cruel and, like too many other U.S. policies targeting Latin Americans, the cruelty is the point.”

Twitchy: ‘Can’t BELIEVE this tweet hasn’t been deleted!’ Nearly 5-year-old #BLM tweet spits in the face of their Cuban supporters and HOOBOY

Twitchy: Twitter explains the real reason Black Lives Matter is trending after releasing statement supporting Cuban dictatorship

Celine Ryan-Ciccio: To Tell the Truth: Mainstream Media Confuses Coronavirus with Virus of Totalitarianism: Coverage Blames Covid Instead of Communism

Roger L. Simon: Cuba, Iran, and the Shame of the United States: If I hadn’t left the Democratic Party years ago, I would leave it now.

Rick Moran: The Democrats’ Schizophrenia on Cuba

Tyler O’Neil: Marco Rubio Has the Perfect Response to BLM’s Horrific Statement on Cuba

Protecting Joe-Blow Jr. to Save “The Big Guy”:

Twitchy: Attn. media! @redsteeze reminds us where the censorship push began (Spoiler: NOTHING to do with Covid misinformation)

Twitchy: Byron York shares story about how officials kept Hunter Biden investigation quiet because of the presidential race

Ace: US Attorney Rejected Seeking Subpeonas and Any Other Actions That Would Have Informed the Public of the Hunter Biden Criminal Probe


Let ^^^ that ^^^ be their flee-dom flag.

Edmund DeMarche: Texas Democrat’s photo of drying clothes leads to new accusations of phony ‘sacrifice’: Texas House Democrats left the state on Monday in an attempt to break quorum

VIDEO: Mark Brnovich: The left is creating a false choice between voter participation and election integrity

Bryan Preston: Here We Go: Major Texas Democrat Stripped of Leadership Post for Fleeing the State

Carlos Garcia: WHO director admits to prematurely dismissing lab leak theory, says China needs to be more transparent

Cristina Laila: Here We Go: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Warns of “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” (VIDEO)

AG: Obama HHS Sec.: Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able to Work, Access Children, Roam Freely

Stephen Kruiser: Masks Are Back in L.A. County Because Libs Are Really Anti-Vaxxers, Too

Joe Hoft: Questions Arise: Are Joe Biden’s Vaccine Teams Going Door-to-Door in Swing States Doing more than Promoting Vaccines? Americans Need to Know

Joseph Simonson: Biden Admin to Border Agents: Prepare for the Flood: Docs say 1,200 migrant families expected to be processed each day

Paul Sacca: ‘Let them die!’: PTA, NAACP official demonizes parents against critical race theory … These people have a plan to ‘genocide you’, should you not go quietly into their bad darkness … Don’t doubt it.

Joe Schoffstall: ‘Squad’ member Cori Bush, a ‘defund the police’ advocate, recently spent $70,000 on private security: Bush recently praised a vote to defund the St. Louis police

VIDEO: Kamala Harris staffers allegedly ‘terrified’ she will become president

Julie Kelly: The Capitol Cover Up: Release the tapes. Release the name of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter. And release Joe Biden’s political prisoners.

Kevin Downey Jr: Woke 2.0: NFL to Sing Black National Anthem During 2021 Season

~~Many thanks to Maggie at The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions. 

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