AP Runs 1619 Propaganda

AP Runs 1619 Propaganda

By ROBIN SMITH December 20, 2021 in Education

Nikole Hannah-Jones is hijacking American history, and the Associated Press is helping her do it.

I think that we are in a very frightening time.” We can all agree with this statement made to the Associated Press by Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the 1619 Project, a series of essays ostensibly about American history.

Hannah-Jones is devoted to blaming individuals alive today for the shame and sin of slavery, even though it was made illegal over 150 years ago. As a history revisionist, she claims that those who protest the 1619 Project are racist, refusing to admit their own privilege and responsibility, and that they are seeking to “cancel” her.

On the contrary, those who protest are merely upholding historical fact. Blaming slavery on individuals alive today is nothing but social engineering and a farcical construct. The 1619 Project, in the words of The New York Times (which won a Pulitzer for Hannah-Jones’s fraud), “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States’ national narrative.”

The 1619 Project, now being treated as researched and published history, frames America’s Revolutionary War as one fought to protect and defend slavery, instead of to protect and defend the God-given rights of men and women seeking to live free of government oppression.

The AP has long been pushing its own agenda of blaming, agitating, and dividing America by creating news rather than reporting it, and its puff piece about Hannah-Jones’s essays is no different. The headline blares, “Hannah-Jones’ warning on democracy,” yet the true threat to America’s constitutional republic comes from the organized and well-funded effort to cancel America’s history for the purpose of expanding the political power of the Left. The AP asked “about where we are in our country currently, when it comes to racial justice and our reckoning with history.” The Iowa-born daughter of an African American father and a white mother responded: “Steps forward, steps towards racial progress, are always met with an intensive backlash. That we are a society that willfully does not want to deal with the anti-Blackness that is at the core of so many of our institutions and really our society itself.” She continues, “The backlash to her work is evidence that the U.S. is approaching a make-or-break crossroads on its global standing as a democracy.”

Hannah-Jones and the entire political Left would love to grow systemic racism in America, to assign blame, inflict punishment, and demand restitution in the form of financial subsidies and government largesse, dividing population entirely by race. Essentially, light-skinned individuals are “guilty by association” and automatically privileged. This project would have us believe that slavery is uniquely American and our founding was by white patriarchs who were oppressors succeeding solely based on the sin of slavery. The 1619 Project and all the other divisive race agitators tie slavery to capitalism and the economic freedom of the United States, while, in truth, the essence of a free people is the ability to earn, accumulate, own, and save wealth, as well as to engage in commerce freely. This project would have us move to a classless society where “everyone is the same,” eliminating the oppression of slavery-founded capitalism.

The actual history of slavery directly contradicts the wishful thinking and wokeness of this ideology. The first records of slavery date back to Mesopotamia, the land that includes Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and Syria, in around 3,500 BC, and the famous account of Jewish slaves exiting Egypt is estimated to have occurred in 1,300-1,000 BC. Widespread indigenous and export slavery for African profit occurred well before the imperial battle for Africa in the 1880s. Unfortunately, the sickening slave trade existed prior to America’s 13 Colonies and was not the result of big, greedy, white-run governments.

In the final remarks of the AP interview, Nikole Hannah-Jones asks if “all Americans [are] worthy of having those same rights.” It’s fascinating that the political Left focuses on rights, yet the holder and grantor of all rights in their eyes and practice is always the government. The political Right operates around beliefs of the Judeo-Christian faith rehearsed in the Founding Documents: certain inalienable rights are granted by God, possessed by individuals, and can neither be granted or removed because they are endowed by our Creator. Rather than judging the past through current day perspectives, as proponents of cancel culture in their self-gratification and hubris tend to do, the political Right condemns slavery and racism, wanting to learn from our past rather than rewrite or repeat it.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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