CloseGap: A Child Grooming App, Forced Into Schools & Onto Our Kids?

CloseGap: A Child Grooming App, Forced Into Schools & Onto Our Kids?

September 17, 2020 – A disturbing new “app” for children has come to my attention called “CloseGap” that purports to be an app to help educators better able to discern the mental health of their students. This is one of the most terrifing things I have seen being foisted upon our children and without our consent. The schools don’t seem to fully understand the implications regarding data privacy of children, nor do they seem to care about parental rights and consent. The app claims to be a way for kids to talk about their “feelings” and “emotional wellness.” It then allows private “donors” to develop “relationships” with “at-risk” and “vulnerable” children.

As you can see, there is a “sign in” page and the questions posed is “how are you feeling?” There is no discussion about the uses of this data regarding our children and how they feel each day. Will they use this information and sell it to third parties for money? Will it be used for targeted advertisements?

The tweets above include a video from an educator who goes through a lot of information the school was given about the CloseGap app, and it is one of the most shocking videos I have ever seen. Holly raises many important questions as she goes through how this app came about. Apparently it was initially a donation app. How does a “donation” app move into so-called child psychology and wellness? Why are they giving the app out for free? Could it be because they will monetize all the data they suck up by selling it to third parties? Why do they seek to connect “private donors” to “underprivileged kids?”

Please watch the second video by Holly and ask yourself, why are these schools pushing apps on students and faculty about which they themselves know nothing? A principal’s number one priority should be the safety of the children in your care for the purpose of education. Offering up vast amounts of data on children to a third party about which you know nothing, is irresponsible at best, suspicious at worst.

The fact that the school took it upon themselves to hand out the private information and data about students to the CloseGap app makers, BEFORE obtaining consent from the parents and lawful guardians of the children is a STUNNING breach of their duty to protect the safety of the children. It is a violation of parental rights.

This Orwellian nightmare is all being done in the name of “coronavirus” hysteria about the need for “contact-less” everything. CloseGap strips away the basic rights of the child and parents, breaching their individual sovereignty. It is part of a coordinated effort to fundamentally redirect schooling. We have previously written an expose about the “anti-racist” BLM propaganda also being programmed into little grade school children at the national level.

The school here is admitting not only to negligent infliction of duress, but also to intentional placing of the children at risk for data theft, and possibly kidnapping.

This is a description of Lightspeed’s spying on children and families by unelected bureaucrats who quite happily will inform on you for anything they deem “problematic,” and posture as self-righteous civil servants doing their jobs. This again is part of the agenda to strip parents of their rights, and allowing the state to seize children under false pretenses, a fundamental tenet of communism.

That is nothing less than a description of a home spying device run by an unaccredited AI proponent and third party companies that have no credentials for such things.

Impossibly, the school teachers and administrators seem wholly unaware of the dangers of such an app and its broader implications which give total control to the state, and remove any protections and rights of parents they never relinquished. Nor have parents ever been fully informed of the CloseGap program.

As though CloseGap is not already very disturbing, Lightspeed seems to resemble something coming out of the East German Stasi secret police.

Absolutely unacceptable.

Here is a tweet from “Lightspeed Systems” promoting themselves as a tool for parents, but who else is tracking the children online and all day?

Here we have “progressive teachers” openly discussing their hatred for the United States and the Constitution. I believe these CloseGap and Lightspeed apps and the concept of “remote learning” are actually trojan horses for removing parental rights, and laying the groundwork for our children to be taken to be raised by the state. These “educators” are openly hostile to Civil Liberties and Rights of the parents, as well as the U.S. Constitution. They are laying the groundwork to be able to claim “there is an emotional disturbance” in the home, and have “CPS and Foster Care” get involved.

Why would kids need to do “daily emotional check-ins”?

Just what exactly is “emotional regulation” and why do these people think they are qualified to impose it on our children? Why does this resemble the program Jerry Sandusky used to locate kids from broken homes that he could sexually abuse?

Everything being done in the name of so-called “science” and “experts” mirrors the language communists used to strip parents of their rights, and have the state raise children.

For more information, please see the CloseGap app website here.

If we as parents we fail to say NO to this NOW, we will lose our rights, surrender our individual sovereignty and that of our children, and the ability to say NO ever again.

Please contact your child’s school board, and make sure they know how you feel about applications like this that can be used for monitoring and grooming children. Enough is enough.

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Rachel Miller, CEO & Co-founder, and Closegap, Inc.: Although I focused my higher studies on business, I’ve worked with youth my entire life. I was an assistant teacher at a preschool, a counselor to middle school students, taught ethics to high school students and was a spiritual care advisor for kids with terminal illness at a hospital in my hometown.… Read more »