In Brief: I, Domestic Terrorist

In Brief: I, Domestic Terrorist

POLITICAL EDITORS / October 14, 2021

An open letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland about opposition to school indoctrination.

Joe Biden’s Social Justice Department recently threatened parents of school children by promising to go after “domestic terrorists” who go over the top in opposing Marxist school curriculums or mask mandates. Any crimes committed are local, not federal, but that won’t stop this crusade.

Don Feder, for one, has had enough and wrote “A Memo to Secretary of Homeland Gestapo Merrick Garland,” which is somewhat tongue in cheek but also pointed:

Your party and the teachers’ unions for which it stands have decided that those who protest too loudly at school committee meetings are domestic terrorists, should be investigated by the FBI under the Patriot Act and, perhaps, confined to Gitmo for the duration of the culture war. …

The definition of domestic terrorist is expanding. Soon, it may include anyone who’s posted mean tweets about President Geezer, owns a pickup truck with a gun rack or doesn’t run shrieking into the night at the sight of an American flag.

And while I’ve never harassed a Senator in a restroom, burned down business districts, assaulted a cop in the name of racial equality or left our borders wide open to criminals, drugs and real terrorists — crimes which members of your party and their anarchist auxiliary commit regularly with impunity — nonetheless, it seems that I am person of interest.

Feder lists a few things that might put him in the crosshairs. Here are the ones dealing with education and the pandemic:

I believe in the Constitution, including the First Amendment. Among other fundamental liberties, it guarantees the right to speak at public meetings against the government and its minions, including school committee members and teachers. Our freedom of speech trumps your paranoia. There is no First Amendment exception for something progressives call hate speech.

I believe public education is in the business of indoctrination. Turning children against their parent’s values and into compliant subjects of the state is the foundation of totalitarianism. …

I believe parents have a right to control their children’s education. Children are born into families, not into governments. Adam and Eve weren’t created by a bureaucracy. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, public schools taught individualism, personal responsibility and patriotism. Now, they teach the true believer creed of the radical left — determinism, socialism and scapegoating. …

I think face masks are a sign of servitude and a talking point for the 2022 campaign. They are a way to keep the credulous in full panic mode over a “pandemic” that’s become as dangerous as the seasonal flu. But Democrats are going to run on face masks and vaccinations (with drugs developed under Trump) next year. What else do they have — our “extraordinarily successful” withdrawal from Afghanistan, the remarkable Biden economy, border security?

Finally, he concludes with a larger picture:

I believe that America is still worth fighting for. Too many brave men and women have spilled too much blood over the centuries to just roll over for you and the ideologues who control your party.

A Violent Domestic Insurrectionist

Read the whole thing here.


~~Many thanks to PatriotPost.US for reprint permission. You can find this editorial here on their website along with many other fine news and editorial content.

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