MS13 Murdered A High School Student, School Kept It Quiet Nearly Two Years

MS13 Murdered A High School Student, School Kept It Quiet Nearly Two Years

CALIFORNIA – Sixteen year old Brayan Andino was murdered by gang members of the MS13 gang, after being lured to Lake Balboa in Los Angeles, California, back in October of 2017, according to Freedom Outpost:

16-year-old Panorama High School student Brayan Andino was befriended by two female peers who were MS-13 associates. Then the girls lured him to the lake. Where members of the gang were waiting. They beat Brayan to death. Afterward, they dismembered him and cut out his heart. Then His body was tossed into a canyon.” 

Gang violence in schools in America is becoming an increasing problem, according to Seattle Pi:

“Gang activity has been increasing over the past 25 years, and schools are not immune. Gangs can affect any school, regardless of size, location or ethnicity of students. Even though the problem is on the rise, according to the National Association of Social Workers, only 5 percent of school principals reported having gangs on their campuses. However, this perception of few gang activities on campus, as reported by principals, does not match what students report.”

“A study released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that 45 percent of high school students have gangs or gang members on their campuses. Students who feel isolated, unsafe or lonely may join gangs to feel involved, form friendships or feel safe and secure. Students who join gangs may change their style of dress, adopt a nickname or abuse drugs and alcohol.”

There seems to be a disconnect between what the students are reporting and what the schools are reporting as it relates to gang activity, and parents should be asking why this murder was kept quiet for almost two (2) years?

According to the Daily Wire:

“School administrators said nothing after Andino disappeared in October 2017. They said nothing when his body was found two months later. They said nothing about his funeral and didn’t even offer condolences.

The Los Angeles Times reported at the end of July that Panorama High School — where Andino was a student — declined to let parents, students, and teachers know about the dangers of the gang. The school reportedly claimed that MS-13 had little presence on the campus and had never committed violence on the campus, and therefore other students weren’t in danger.

The Times, however, reported another MS-13-related incident occurred “at the edge” of the campus just one month before Andino’s murder.

“At least two MS-13 members, including two former Panorama students, are suspected of stabbing and wounding a student as he was leaving school, officials acknowledged,” the outlet reported.

In addition to the previous incident, at least five of the 10 suspects arrested in Andino’s murder were Panorama High students, the Times reported.”

Schools should be coordinating with local law enforcement and gang task forces to find ways to address this problem. One of the main complications with students coming forward is fear of retribution by the deadly gang and its associates.

To learn more about the brutal MS13 gang, see this brief video segment on the gang by Fox News:

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