US-Mexico-Canada Agree to New Border Guidelines to Curb VIrus

US-Mexico-Canada Agree to New Border Guidelines to Curb VIrus

Indianapolis March 20, 2020 – President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the members of the Coronavirus Task Force team have held press briefings all week in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the White House and today was no different. The president and vice president were flanked by Dr. Deborah Birx & Dr. Anthony Fauci, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, HHS Secretary Alex Azar and Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, along with Ivanka Trump attending.

President Trump touched on a wide range of topics starting with a phone call he had with different House and Senate members involved with the COVID-19 Relief Bill. President Trump also touched upon how the China virus is affecting the education system. In addition, the Treasury will be waiving all interest of student loans for 60 days, longer if necessary. President Trump also mentioned that the Department of Education will not enforce standardized testing requirements this year, in light of COVID-19. President Trump announced that Tax Day has been moved from April 15 to July 15.

President Trump addressed working with Canada and Mexico to help prevent the spread of the virus between our mutual borders, keeping all three countries healthy. President Trump gave credit to both border agents North and South for the job they are doing at the border. The president also said that the CDC has exercised its authority under Title 42 to assist the border patrol agents.

Following updates by the task force members, the president called for press questions for all of them. The full briefing follows:

(courtesy of White House YouTube)

Clips from today’s briefing:

(courtesy of White House Twitter)

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