Can You Pass a COVID-19 Quiz?

Can You Pass a COVID-19 Quiz?

Few can. After six months wrestling with this virus under withering strictures, the American public continues to be woefully ignorant of some important facts and the obvious conclusions from them.

The Daily Signal has published a very informative article delineating several aspects of statistical analysis which can put a lot of people at rest. And truth be told, this quiz and its answers may serve to settle many of the random arguments among our friends and acquaintances. Conscientious voters seeking solid information will find this a good source

Here are the first few salient points, the quick-notes version:

True or False: COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the U.S.  FALSE

True or False: The U.S. has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world. FALSE

True or False: The U.S. has more confirmed cases than any other country because it has tested much more extensively than any other country. FALSE

According to the CDC, how many children under 15 had died with COVID-19, as of July 25? a) 42; b) 420; c) 4,200; d) 42,000  ANSWER: a) 42

There are 10 questions in all. Read the whole article along with the commentary explaining the known data in detail and test your knowledge. Some of these data are very muddled in the great pool of printed articles and the blathering of talking heads, not to mention the dueling so-called medical authorities.

A look at the rating system will give you an idea of how misunderstood the public has become and many wonder to what extent that is deliberately on purpose. You can decide for yourselves.

Rate Yourself:

0-4 correct: Poor. Don’t blame yourself. You’ve probably relied on CNN, The New York Times, or similar sources for your COVID-19 information.

5-7 correct: Not bad. You understand the pandemic better than most.

8-9 correct: Very good. Getting just one or two questions wrong probably ranks you among the most knowledgeable Americans.

10 correct: Excellent. If you’re not too attached to your day job, you might want to apply to run the White House coronavirus task force.

As always, we here at PSB recommend doing your own research among many sources. Make up your own mind. And above all, protect you and yours with your best judgment.

~~A hat tip to Patriots’ Soapbox colleague Rick Bulow, who publishes a very useful Morning News Briefing and he featured this among his briefs.

~~Image by FrankundFrei from Pixabay

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James Hawthorne
James Hawthorne
2 years ago

I lost my mom to Covid-19 this summer. It’s serious business. Be safe folks.

Dennis O'Neil aka 2020Liberty
Dennis O'Neil aka 2020Liberty
2 years ago

The duped do not understand why available vaccines are not being injected into wanting arms. How could it be that after falsifying scarcity to create the illusion of intensely high demand, that vaccine vials await fearful panicked arms in their freezers and no lines to be seen? It is as if the propagandized vaccine rollout’s popular demand is on par… Read more »

Chaplain Bob Walker
2 years ago

I have the Vaccine package inserts from Moderna and Pfizer courtesy from the VA health (death) care system and it lists the pertinent information. It lists M RNA in the ingredients and the most likely source would be aborted fetal tissue. Do you want aborted babies injected into you? RNA is ribonucleic acid, it is a nucleic acid that is… Read more »