Consumer Alert! Probiotics Supplement Sold on Amazon May Contain Heavy Metals!

Consumer Alert! Probiotics Supplement Sold on Amazon May Contain Heavy Metals!

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Please speak to a doctor or physician before implementing any suggestions or ideas from this website or any other. 

There are growing concerns about a probiotic dietary supplement being sold on  Let’s take a closer look at who’s selling the product and what’s happening to bring it to the public’s attention.

“Prescript-Assist,” is manufactured by Safer Medical of Montana, a supplement manufacturer that has been accused of false and misleading advertising by its own former distributor.   A lawsuit (Case 1:17-cv-00649-SS Document 57) has been filed against Safer Medical of Montana, the original source of Prescript-Assist on August 2, 2018.

Mike Adams (Owner) of Natural News, has spoken out (Natural News – 08/18/19) against Prescript-Assist Probiotic Supplement, since lab results showed alarming levels of a heavy metal. The ingredient, “oxidized lignite coal” was found to contain 10 ppm of Lead and thousands of ppm of Aluminum.   These lab findings exceed the California Prop. 65 heavy metals limits by 600%.

See Chart below to compare Prescript-Assist Probiotics Supplement with other similar products.

The presence of lead in the human body has been shown to affect all organs and functions to various degrees.  The frequency and severity of symptoms depends upon exposure to certain lead amounts.  Some health effects of overexposure to lead may cause neurological problems, gastrointestinal, reproductive, heme synthesis, renal effects and other issues.  More HERE. still lists Prescript-Assist’s Products for sale online.  Check it here!

*Latest Update: “Safer Medical of Montana” tries to silence Natural News with lawsuit to hide the truth.  Two products, Prescript-Assist and Pet Flora, sold on Amazon, list “leonardite” as their number one ingredient. More Here!

Natural News – Mike Adams 

. . . The product is also sold by, which apparently fails to test the heavy metals of the products it sells.  As a result, Amazon ends up selling many dietary supplements which are heavily contaminated with heavy metals and thereby violate state (CA) regulations for supplement safety.  Our laboratory testing has repeatedly found to be a retailer of food, spices and supplements which are heavily contaminated with lead and other toxic elements.The California Prop 65 limit for lead in supplements is 0.5 micrograms per day.  California lists lead as causing cancer, developmental toxicity, female reproductive toxicity and male reproductive toxicity.

Prescript-Assist,” manufactured by Safer Medical of Montana is slightly over 5,000 ppb in lead concentration, according to the ICP-MS tests conducted by our ISO-accredited laboratory.  The recommended dosage of Prescript-Assist, according to the bottle label, is 620 mg. This delivers 3.1 micrograms of lead in a single dose.  This is over 600% higher than the California Prop 65 lead limit, which is 0.5 micrograms per day for any given supplement.

Safer Medical of Montana does not dispute our lead findings.  In fact, their law firm’s legal letter told us that lead levels are nearly 400% higher in their product than what we found, saying, “The FDA has established the current IRL at 12.5 micrograms per day for adults, the amount in Prescript-Assist.”  Read More!

Below: Mike Adam’s Video Report – Laboratory Testing Results

*(Fair Use) ~ Video Duration: 11:37 Minutes

Prescript Assist Announcement – Chris Kresser

The CEO of Enviromedica, which has long distributed Prescript-Assist, informed me that the company has discontinued distribution of this product. He was distraught, as he knows that I’ve been a huge advocate of Prescript-Assist and that many of you have come to rely on it. . .

Enviromedica made this decision because the manufacturer of Prescript-Assist made a substantial change in ingredients.  The result is that the product is now vastly different from the original formula, which had been tested and clinically verified. The product no longer meets Enviromedica’s quality standards.

Current Safety Concerns Regarding Prescript-Assist

I have learned of serious safety concerns regarding the Prescript-Assist product, which continues to be sold on the market.

In connection with a lawsuit (Case 1:17-cv-00649-SS Document 57 Filed 08/02/18) against Safer Medical of Montana, the original source of Prescript-Assist, it is now known that the active microbial ingredients found in Prescript-Assist were produced by Tainio Biologicals Inc, a biologicals producer for agricultural use only.

Tainio Biologicals is not regulated by the FDA, does not follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), utilizes multiple undeclared ingredients, and none of the Tainio products used in Prescript-Assist have been tested for use in humans.

We/I support Enviromedica’s responsible decision to remove the product from the market, and we/I ask that people who continue to purchase Prescript Assist based on our prior recommendation not do so.

Chris Kewaaer –  View Lawsuit Here!

Samantha from Los Angeles – 7/18/2019 – How is this even on the market?  Very surprising to see this product still being sold by retailers given the lawsuit against Safer Medical of Montana.  This product was recalled by the original distributor for undeclared allergens, and is now 100% verified that the manufacturer has been repackaging fertilizer from a company named Tainio Biologicals who only produces for agricultural use.  Where is the FDA on this? [Case 1:17-cv-00649-SS Document 57] “Defendants (Safer Medical of Montana Inc.) do not dispute that they had an arms-length business relationship with Tainio [Biologicals] as their ingredient supplier.”  View Lawsuit!  –  View Consumer Feedback

“Before purchasing a dietary supplement online or in store, you might want to ask a few questions.  What ingredient are listed on the label?  Has product been tested to be safe for human consumption?  Remember buyer beware!” ~ Suzie Q.

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