Hidden Dangers in Our Food - Part 2

Hidden Dangers in Our Food – Part 2

It is more than gluten in wheat, oats, and barley that’s hurting people and making them sick. Doesn’t it seem like just about everyone you talk to has some kind of digestive problem or they know someone who does? It’s so important to connect the dots on how glyphosate (chemical toxin) gets into our food chain and what it is doing to our bodies.

The toxic produce coming from farm fields ends up on kitchen tables, in restaurants, at farmers’ markets, in packaged foods on the supermarket shelves, and in vegetable and fruit bins for consumers to buy and eat.

It’s hard to see and smell glyphosate toxins within our food. Even our food labels are not listing these toxins.  So what are people to do?  Remember that knowledge is power!  It’s time to become more educated on the subject in order to do something about it.  Being aware and making better choices is a positive thing.

What is glyphosate?  How did it get into the food chain?  What are its effects on the human body?

Let’s look to one expert, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, to see what research she has focused on and findings on glyphosate exposure.

*The Dangers of Glyphosate: An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

. . . Dr. Stephanie Seneff, one of the globe’s foremost experts in researching how glyphosate affects the human body. Dr. Seneff is a PHD senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She holds a BS degree in Biophysics, MS and EE degrees in Electrical Engineering and a PHD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. In recent years, her research has focused mainly on the relationship between nutrition, health, and glyphosate exposure.

Many of us have read about the dangers of GMO (genetically modified organisms) core crops that include soy, corn, sugar beets, canola oil, cotton, tobacco, and alfalfa. In past years, we learned that GMO foods are causing widespread health problems. When nature’s balance is rearranged, it can cause very serious consequences. It has been established that GMO foods have been linked to premature death, gastric lesions, liver and kidney damage, organ failure, allergic reactions, and much more.

What happens when GMO crops are sprayed with glyphosate? The damage escalates to an unprecedented level. Once sprayed, glyphosate can’t be washed off and ends up being absorbed into every cell of the GMO plants. Dr. Seneff points out that because GMO plants have a bacterial gene inserted in their genome, they become resistant to glyphosate. As a result, GMO crops are able to survive extremely high levels of Roundup without dying.

But the use of glyphosate is not just restricted to GMO crops. It is now being sprayed on most every conventional crop, including wheat, grains, peanuts and legumes, right before harvest. This process is called desiccation and causes crops to shrivel, increasing yields. Eating grains or legumes that are not certified organic puts your health at risk, so please beware. . .

. . . Glyphosate is what Dr. Seneff calls a “monster molecule,” and affects human biology is many ways. It was first patented as a chelating agent for heavy metals to clear pipes. The second patent was for use as an anti-microbial agent. Lastly it was patented as an herbicide.

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Link to Dr. Stephanie Seneff article and interview.

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