Monday Coronavirus Update: Flatten the Curve

Monday Coronavirus Update: Flatten the Curve

Pleasanton, Calif – March 30, 2020 – Today’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing to the American people and the press was held in a windy Rose Garden on the White House Grounds. President Donald Trump began with the estimation that based on modeling developed to track the path of Coronavirus, the peak will arrive in another two weeks. It is estimated that the practices and guidelines developed can save one million American lives.

Stressing that the “future is in our own hands,” the president said that the choices and sacrifices we all make through this period of time will determine how quickly and securely we finish the job. “Everyone has a role to play,” he said. “Every citizen can make a difference in stopping the virus. The more we commit ourselves now, the sooner we will win the fight and return to our lives.”

President Trump reported that we have reached an “historical milestone,” stating that over one million Americans have now been tested, and tested accurately. The speedup of quicker tests and results was made possible by American companies stepping up and finding new ways to approach the task.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar spoke to this benchmark, citing the leadership of the president and Task Force leader Vice President Mike Pence for spearheading the effort to streamline and expedite the entire testing apparatus responsible for reaching this mark. No other country has reached the 100,000 test samples a day achieved by our medical professionals.

Secretary Azar credited the men and women of the FDA and the CDC, working with Admiral Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary for Health, coordinating with the states and the FEMA state and local partners to achieve this massive response.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn singled out the Abbott Labs five-minute, highly accurate test administered where the patient is. He said that normally a months-long approach to develop a point-to-care test would be required. Abbott will begin making bulk deliveries tomorrow. Mr. Hahn also made the point that the most innovative and safe products come from the private sector.

President Trump then updated the steps taken and benchmarks achieved to date bringing supplies and resources to New York, Ohio, Seattle, and other hot spots of the virus. Production has been ramped up to create N95 masks. Another new innovation to come of the response of our American companies to this crisis.

A phone call with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine alerted the president to a new innovation to disinfect masks, something he had been suggesting. It was quickly referred to the FDA and put into production. The new machines are capable of disinfecting 120k masks per day, 20 times each mask. The Battelle respirator mask sterilization kits have been designed, manufactured, and are being shipped to the medical practitioners on the front lines.

President Trump then thanked and praised the visiting CEOs of companies who have come up with programs to re-tool and re-purpose their facilities to produce needed materials and keep the supply chains flowing to the medical professionals who need them.

On hand were: Mike Lindell, the My Pillow owner; CEO of Honeywell, Darius Adamczyk; Debra Waller, CEO of Jockey International; David Taylor of Procter & Gamble; Gregory Hayes, United Technologies, Raytheon.

The entire press conference begins at 42:00 here.

Some clips from the briefing:

A transcript of the press conference can be seen here.

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