On the Importance of Water

On the Importance of Water

With illness seemingly on the rise all around us, potential chemtrails overhead daily, people working long hours (sometimes without breaks) and a multitude of societal pressures and problems, self-care is of the utmost importance for long-term health. ‘Self-care’ has been a catch-all phrase for many years and can typically include a long list of ‘should’s’ which bring stress and complicate life more than necessary. There is one element, however, that ought not be overlooked and cannot be overlooked without great detriment to the human system. That element is water.

Without water, there is no life,” said Jackie Headapohl, borrowing from a Hebrew proverb.  Most living in the West are rather accustomed to having an endless supply of water available for use and for drinking. However, in 2019 not all water is created equal. Some water has fluoride; some water, parasites. Some water is alkaline and some acidic. One can find water with high total dissolved solids (TDS) or order water from a glacier, if that floats your boat. With so many options and not enough education, how does one know what water to choose and how much to consume?

Water is all around us yet ‘excellent for the body’ water is strangely costly and in short supply, unless you have your own fresh water springing forth from your backyard. Much water sold in stores is nothing more than bottled tap water, high in fluoride and possibly acidic. Why pay more for what you already have running through your tap? Better yet, why drink tap at all, unless you absolutely must? Yes, it really is that bad in some areas. Researching water quality in your area is a life-saving effort which requires little time.

Through research, if or when you find your water supply to be less than body-benefiting, it is imperative to find either a water purification system or pure/alkaline water store near you which is within your budget. A good estimate for planning your monthly budget is one gallon of fresh spring water or alkaline water every day for each adult. With wise shopping, caring for the majority element of your body can cost as little as $60 a month. A small price to pay for good health which can, with a small amount of discipline, be much more satisfying and beneficial than a daily cup of coffee. (If you don’t drink it all, consider serving your guests excellence as a practice of hospitality as well.)

While it is always easy to overlook common sense articles advising common sense action, the tendency of human nature to downplay that which is necessary for survival is a bit of a quandary that ought give the reader pause. Here’s to your health!

*Disclaimer: This article contains general information about public health concerns.  The information is not professional advice, and should not be treated as such.

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BK Masterson
11 months ago

Very informative. Thanks for this story. My town provides absolutely foul water. Cleaning solution of choice here is CLR. So I use Distilled Water as recommended by Dr. Misak of Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. After 70 years of living where good clean and tasteless water was provided by the cities where I lived, this is an unwelcome nuisance and expense.… Read more »