Trump: US Has Built the World's Leading Coronavirus Testing System

Trump: US Has Built the World’s Leading Coronavirus Testing System

Indianapolis – May 11, 2020 -Today from the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump gave his first update on the Wuhan virus since April 27, today focusing on Coronavirus Testing.

We built the most advanced and robust testing anywhere in the world, and we’ve done more testing than any country anywhere in the world. – President Donald J. Trump

Joining President Trump in the Rose Garden were Rear Admiral Brett Giror, Assistant Secretary for Health, Brad Smith, Deputy Administrator and Director of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Alex Azar, Secretary of the United States Department of Health & Humane Services.

President Trump spoke of our unparalleled testing capability, saying that “The United States will pass 10 million tests this week alone.” Not only is the U.S. ahead of the rest of the world in testing, but he announced today that funding is on its way to each state to continue their Wuhan virus testing capabilities. “The money is going out,” he stated.

Along with testing, POTUS briefed on the ventilator supply, saying the nation’s supply is “virtually unlimited.”  The United States has been sending ventilators to other countries, both saving many lives and building good will. The president also mentioned that Germany and the United States are leading the world in lives saved per 100,000 population.

Trump announced that FEMA and Health and Human Services during the month of May will be delivering 12.9 million swabs to states nationwide.

We will transition into greatness, that’s a phrase you’re going to hear a lot.The greatness is going to be in the fourth quarter, but it’s really going to be next year.

Rear Admiral Giror stated that “Today we will top over 9 million tests and that’s twice the per capita testing of South Korea. Last week we did over 1.9 million tests. Our percent positives are trending in the right direction.”

Complete Transcript of today press conference here.

Subsequent to the Q/A period, the White House released the a press release relative to the U.S. Coronavirus Response. (Read here)

Full video of today’s briefing:

(courtesy of White House YouTube)

Clips of today’s briefing:

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