Are You Growing Up In Your Spirit?

Are You Growing Up In Your Spirit?

By Rev. Dalton Lilly

I love September. It reminds me of my days as a child going back to school. It was the end of summer; mornings were cool, and the smell of fall was in the air. I remember the colors of autumn leaves that hovered the country roads on our way to school. I even remember the sound of the big yellow school bus coming down the road and stopping at our driveway. I still see the tall steps I climbed to find a seat with friends I hadn’t seen since the previous spring. Yes, there are great memories of September but there were also uncomfortable memories as well.

My mother always made sure we had new clothes to start the new school year. The boxes from Sears and Roebuck were always on time. I was glad to get the new clothes but the trouble for me was that they never really fit well. My mother always bought our clothes a bit too large. Our complaints were dismissed without mercy. She simply reminded us that we were growing children and soon our clothes would not only fit but then soon be too small. Her logic was never much comfort to me. I still wore shirts with rolled-up sleeves, pants with cuffs, and shoes that were roomier in the toes than I desired. Looking back, I suppose she was right. Kids grow up and then one day, I guess we reach our set point. Our shirts become a certain size, pants fit, and feet stop growing. We become adults and a lot of things in life reach a point where new growth stops.

As I think about the miracle of growing up and becoming an adult I marvel at the complexity of God’s design in us as humans. Our bodies are created to reach a set point in physical growth, but our spirit is much different. The spirit that God has placed within us at conception is eternal and designed to never stop growing. His spirit is a fire within us, a flame that should never be reduced to embers and surely never go out.

Our spirit is alive and well and we are on our way to heaven! God has always intended for us to be in constant spiritual growth. Even though our bodies in the flesh are growing old and wearing out, our spirit is meant to thrive with the Holy Spirit. The problem is that many times Christians forget this wonderful reality and become stagnant in their relationship with God. Many have become satisfied with their spiritual stature and are not moving to the levels of joy and fellowship that God has planned for them. When we do this we smother the activity of the Holy Spirit in our life. We hinder the spiritual growth that God has planned for us.

As Christians, we should always remember God has given us a spirit to grow into. Spiritual sleeves that are too long, spiritual pants that have cuffs, and our feet are walking in shoes with room to grow. God calls us to draw closer to Him and grow! “Call to me and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things you never knew.” (Jeremiah 33.3)

Our relationship with God is meant to be a growing living experience. Jesus said, “I am the vine, and you are the branch, you can do nothing without me.” (John15:5)

We grow spiritually when we desire more of Him. When we read and study God’s Word, talk to Him daily, and keep company with other Christians who are walking in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I hope this September will be your month to begin seeking spiritual growth! Seek the Lord with all your heart. Jesus is coming soon. Give Him your best service today!

Rev. Dalton Lilly

Narrow Road Ministries

Fredericksburg, Va.


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