Assault on Creationism: Chapter 2

Assault on Creationism: Chapter 2

From the Archives of my grandfather in the Year 2025

As I sit here pondering how malicous and deceitful man has been towards his own kind, it is hard to comprehend how we ever managed to survive the infiltration of our hearts and minds. But somehow, we overcame such difficulties and as a result, discovered our true purpose in life here on earth. For that I am grateful to my grandfather who left me a series of CDs reflecting on the historical significance of events leading up to the way we live our lives today.

I could hardly wait to finish breakfast that morning so I could bike over to my grandfather’s place and show him my creative ideas for building the birdhouse. I could hear the chirping of hungry baby robins all the way to the edge of the driveway. My grandfather was seated on the balcony with a huge smile on his face and I remember how happy I was to share the plans that I had worked on the previous day. As part of my research, I came across an article which described variations found in bird species that we see today and how these variations demonstrated the evolutionary process Darwin sought to explain back in 1859 in his book “Origin of Species.”

You must be referring to the theory of evolution as described in Charles Darwin’s book. Charles was an interesting and intelligent fellow and had a very difficult life, healthwise. You may have read that his father was a physician and that he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Charles enjoyed the great outdoors too much and preferred to spend his time exploring nature instead. This greatly displeased his father at the time.

Charles came from a religious family which belonged to the Unitarian Church which by the way do not believe in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as our family does but in the existence of one indivisible God. His daughter was also struck with a similar disease which he had suffered most of his life and she finally died as a result. It must have been very difficult for him to accept this since he already thought that his disease was hereditary and probably blamed himself for her loss.

The publishing of his book, ‘Origin of Species’ was, shall I say explosive to say the least and some 1200 odd copies of his book sold out very quickly. Although his writings never truly connected the origins of man as an evolved species, scientists and others more interested in disproving the existence of God, quickly latched on to his theory to suit their own purpose. I believe, and this is just my opinion, that Charles had not purposely set out to disprove the existence of God as our creator but that his theory was manipulated in such a way as to dissuade the people away from their faith. Just as an aside, Darwin’s grandfather was a freemason and I believe his uncle, who supported his works more than his father ever did, was a freemason as well but I’ll leave that for a future discussion.

I know that in school now you are being taught the theory of evolution as pure scientific fact, no questions asked, case closed. Accept it and let’s move on. In reality there exists no major consensus amongst scientists even today so one has to wonder why this theory which, sorry to use their terminology, conspiracy theory was and is still being pushed so hard in our schools. I can only conclude that they do not want us to have faith in God and would rather see us praise man and the science behind them instead.

I sat silent for a moment thinking about what he had just said and for the first time realized that we were not alone and that I was not alone. My grandfather was not one to reach conclusions quickly and our time together taught me more than to question my surroundings but to form a greater understanding of the world we lived in and the role each and everyone of us had to play in creating our reality.

See this bag over here. Corn seed. Now when your dad plants this seed, wouldn’t you be surprised to see grapefruits growing in his field? Exactly. You plant corn, you get corn. You plant sunflower seeds, you get sunflowers. Now where does this seed come from then?

You know the age-old question which I believe was posed by Greek philosophers dating back to 46AD: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I know we joke about it still, but science has never been able to come up with a concrete answer to this question. The closest they have come is that possibly another bird such as a goose or a duck laid a chicken egg and voila. Well in all honesty, Genesis Chapter 1 of the bible provides a much more plausible explanation. God created all things so that they may reproduce within their unique characteristic. In Genesis, God created adult fully matured vegetation, animals, mammals, fish, and man, giving all living things the ability to reproduce themselves repeatedly. As you pointed out earlier, there are variations in all species even man such as differing skin color, physical attributes such as with eyes within the Asian population, etc. but fundamentally we are all human, we are all born with a soul and have the distinct capability of communicating with the Holy Spirit should we accept to do so in a way that is totally unachievable with other living things.

We cannot build this birdhouse without the wood required to hold its structure and the glue which holds it together and most importantly your creativity which you displayed by drawing out these wonderful plans for your vision of the birdhouse. None of this would be possible without God’s creation. We indeed have the gift of creative thinking which is what sets us apart from other living things but without God’s physical creation of materials that we need to complete this project, none of this would be possible. Man cannot create something out of nothing, but God can and did.

God too has developed a plan for us to live in for eternity and only man has the capacity for eternal life, fellowship, moral discernment, self-consciousness, speech, and worship. We just need to wake up and hear the important message He has for us. In Luke Chapter 10:23-24, Jesus tells His apostles: ‘Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see. For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.’

It’s so sad today that a lot of people are missing out on the most important message of our time because they cannot see or hear the truth of what is really happening. They blindly follow the so called science which has yet to prove where we came from, yet profess to know where we are going. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Stay six feet apart (haven’t seen a scientific study on this yet) and don’t hug each other or get close to one another. God forbid, don’t be so affectionate towards one another. But God knows that and sees what it’s doing to His people and if we can learn anything from biblical history, then you can be sure that something will be done about it either through divine intervention or people standing up for the truth.

There is no possible way that I would ever give up my faith to men who cherish hidden agendas veiled in secrecy who say they are imposing these rules and regulations for our own good and I pray you feel the same way, Nathan. I somehow get the feeling that you do. Now let’s get started on that birdhouse of yours.

I do wish that my grandfather were alive today to have witnessed how the truth eventually set humanity free from all previous deceptions, hatred, and contempt for one another and to the faith that managed to guide us through such tribulations and into a world we had but dreamed of before. Thank You, Lord, for looking out for us and allowing us to enter Your glorious kingdom.

(In Chapter 3, Good Versus Evil)

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