Blessed Are Those Who Wield Truth in Lieu of a Sword

Blessed Are Those Who Wield Truth in Lieu of a Sword

February 18, 2021 – One of my favorite poems by the great Sofia Grace is about the nature of time and space, quantum reality, of humanity and truth. I have decided to share that poem here:

Time is cyclical
Time loops in a circle

ring around the posy time is full of hole-zies
If time is cyclical then would not creation be?
Creation must have it’s own circle

before we go any further you should know

Whatever happens just remember I was here
to whoever encounters our the future
Please tell them – we did exist.

No atom is every destroyed, the energy is only transformed

We may be incarnate to witness the zero point of time and space
Zero point is the past and future blinking at once –

Multitudes meet much like an unseen blink
Whatever happens remember I was here –

That I lived.
To this we are all witness

I intended to leave it in stone like a time traveler tagging time lines
And I could be a time traveler
yet I am no mason; instead I give you the mythical mystical ancient weaving of words

You left me standing in the doorway of there is Nothing-left-to-loose
and you left me crying
thus I render the emanations of my heart – and

by holding yourself just right
peering not into the future nor behind
One can see this emanating flow

follow this quantum thought trail – conscious bread crumbling trail
Of minds who are lost to amnesia
Yet still staggering into the unknown and brilliant future

To deviate more than an eyelash is to lose the original trajectory entirely
Instantly opening octaves of free will deviations

Yet doesn’t it feel strange to live every day with no concrete concept of a future?

Waiting – if only subconsciously – for the other shoe to drop
to be waiting inside the droplet as it fills
in the knowing that all drops eventually fall.

What does it do to humanity to collectively feel like the future may not exist?

How some will die never knowing everything is vibration
How all is alive
How the trees and stones are ancient recording devices

They see all
They record all
They recount these journeys as the wind blows the thoughts that enter your mind

Fewer words leads to more understanding
Demythologize the heart
Demythologize the devolution of the self

Beyond time and space go deeply into the source
examine the One
Principals of universal truth are held there.

What ever happens remember
there is no great deluge
that can erase me from you.

and if you chance upon our future

if they ever ask you there –
Why did anyone ever come to this forsaken world of sorrow
this celestial aeon of forgetting?

Tell them because we had to –
We had to!
We came just in time – we came in spite of time

As who can ignore a piece of the self –  alone crying in the dark
from within an unconscious sleep?
Who can ignore such a calling?

Blessed are they who stand shining light as the world rages and froths in bewildered madness.
Blessed is the one whose beam cuts the confounded and confused darkness.
Blessed are those who wield truth in lieu of a sword.

This poem is from Musings from the Realm of the Unreal and you can find more of Sofia Grace’s work here. I think that sometimes poetry can say far more than research and technical writing can. I hope that you check out the rest of her work and enjoy her poems as much as I do.

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