Demons and Witches in the City of Angels Part 1

Demons and Witches in the City of Angels Part 1

In his most recent book, Devil in the City of Angels, former LAPD officer, Champion Bantam Weight Fighter, author, speaker and Evangelist, Jesse Romero highlights many of his demonic encounters. The link to the hardcover version may be found here.

In a live interview on November 20, with Dr. Taylor Marshall , Mr. Romero is asked about some of the most harrowing demonic activity he has seen in his career. Los Angeles County, California has seen an influx of demonic oppression. The demographics have changed to reflect faiths which have been co-opted by paganism and occult practices. Mr. Romero, having served over two decades as an officer with the LAPD, found himself in the thick of some of the highest demonic activity in the state.

The Coven’s Spell

A few weeks ago, Jesse was on a mission trip to California to give a lecture about spiritual warfare. He saw a shoddily dressed woman with the look of drug abuse in her eyes. She came up to him and said she was in anguish, afflicted, had been out of the church for over ten years and wanted back in. She whispered to him that she had been a witch and her coven had cursed her repeatedly to prevent her from returning to her church. She told him about the breakdown of physical and mental health and broken relationships. The lecture and Q&A lasted 90 minutes. Afterward, they finally got to talk. She told him every word he said in his talk was about her.

Romero told her to confess every sin she committed since the age of accountability. Prayers were lifted up during which she reported pain and had convulsions. He baptized her in Holy Water and around 30-40 people who had remained from the lecture took out their rosaries and prayed loudly for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, she smiled peacefully. He gave her a book of prayers for the protection of the soul. He said she must take ownership of her own life.

At her appointment, he asked her to put her hands in Holy Water. She started having so much pain and was burning so badly she told him she couldn’t take it. He persuaded her to stay strong. Romero prayed, “Our Father … ” and made the Sign of the Cross over her. The woman’s head snapped, the skin on her face darkened, the eyes darkened. A different voice told him, “She’s mine, she’s mine, she’s mine!”

Romero has counseled her in her walk and call back to Jesus Christ. She has been reminded to be faithful in her rosary prayers and to perform Hail Mary three times in the morning and evening every day. She uses a book of deliverance prayers. A special group of older ladies from church has been pulled together to watch after her. It is an ongoing case.

A Positive Drug Test

A young baseball star whose drug test came back positive from the lab was rejected by the Scouts. His hopes were dashed. The young man developed a fearsome and violent temper, beat his parents in a rage and threw them out of the house. Some guys from the street told him about a local witch he could use, presumably to change the Scouts’ minds. He gave the witch a try. At some point he was also subjected to a dark baptismal rite and participated in black mass. He even used a Ouija board. The boy’s name is Andy.

One evening, his parents called LAPD. It took five officers to restrain him before he was committed to a psychiatric hospital. He was put in a strait jacket.  Romero went to see him. Jesse always made sure he fully confessed, said his prayers and was protected by the power and blood of Christ before every session. The doctors, nurses and Andy’s parents said that he attacks everyone – “but you. You are the only person he can’t attack.  Andy’s demon despised priests.” The power of Jesus Christ was invoked along with prayers using rosaries. These prayers and Jesus’ name caused him intense pain. So did anointing with Holy Water. He told Romero his demon was telling him to attack him and rip out his eyes.

In addition to the occult involvement he’d been told about, Jesse asked if there was anything else he needed to let him know. He revealed a tattoo of Satan on his head – a pentagram and a goat. Romero told Andy there was a war going on in his body and he would need a priest. The boy tried several times to commit suicide while hospitalized.

The priest said this was going to be a tough one, that this case was very bad, after he found out about the tattoo and occult experiences.

After being discharged from the hospital, the young man smashed his Ouija board into pieces and took it many miles from his home to dispose of it. When he got back  home, all the pieces of the Ouija board were there waiting on him,  put back together.

LAPD was called to the home again as the young man went on another destructive rampage and threw his parents outside. Romero was not reached immediately, but his godson decided to go to the scene and text Jesse. Then, everything went silent inside the house. When Jesse arrived, they searched the house. In the garage, Andy was found hanging from an electrical cord. His father lifted him up. He was frothing from his mouth. They grabbed a ladder and got him down. CPR was begun. Jesse prayed the “Prayer of Divine Mercy” for the dying.

The boy survived the suicide attempt, but was comatose and on a ventilator. Doctors encouraged everyone to continue to talk to him because he would be able to hear them. Prayers and rosaries continued. Romero told him it was his last chance to open his heart to receive Jesus Christ and the help of the Blessed Mother.

The boy’s head would never move, except during prayer time. And it would always move in the direction of, not away from, the prayers. This is very important.

Andy died of a massive heart attack and was given a very small, private funeral. The family was quite ashamed and his parents confessed they had been living together 25 years without getting married. They were soon wed.

Some time after, Andy’s father called Jesse very late at night. Andy’s father said that he had appeared to him and his mother at the foot of the bed, in the form of a ghost. He was pleading for his parents to help him because he was burning. “Daddy, help me!” The spirit told them to offer 30 Gregorian Masses and give offerings on his behalf to help deliver him.

Andy’s parents granted his spirit’s request. In the Catholic faith, souls in Purgatory may be granted relief by an ancient rite, the Gregorian Mass .


Jesse Romero, author of Devil in the City of Angels, will appear on “Freedom Rings” with Pamphlet Anon on the PatriotsSoapbox 24/7 Channel on Monday at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST. A 20-year veteran of LAPD officer (now retired), Champion Bantam Weight Fighter, author, speaker and Evangelist, he is the author of 5 books.

Here is a link to our livestream:


In the next piece, two severe Demonic attachments from Jesse Romero’s book, Devils in the City of Angels will be reviewed in graphic detail as we continue exploring Spiritual Warfare.

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