Finding Peace in The Eye Of The Storm

Finding Peace in The Eye Of The Storm

Patriots’ Soapbox is pleased to announce and welcome a new monthly column by the Rev. Dalton Lilly of Narrow Road Ministries in our home state of Virginia. Bringing new readers to Jesus Christ and sharing the hope, inspiration and peace of the good news of the Gospel is the ministry of Rev. Dalton. Be sure to leave your comments and let us and the Daltons know your thoughts! ~~Ed.


By: Rev. Dalton Lilly, Narrow Road Ministries, Fredericksburg VA

Have you ever experienced a large and dangerous storm?  I have. Many years ago, my wife and I experienced a frightening hurricane while living on the Island of Taiwan. Storms like hurricanes can be terrifying and they can bring with them massive destruction. They are formed over the oceans when certain atmospheric conditions exist. In a matter of hours or days they can develop extremely high winds and their paths can stretch for hundreds of miles. But in the middle of every destructive hurricane there is an eye which forms the center of the storm where it is quiet without winds and the sky is clear. The eye of the hurricane is always peaceful while surrounded by massive high winds, chaos, and destruction.

We all know that life can be like that. Storms can develop that seem to come from nowhere. Storms of life, like hurricanes inevitably can leave paths of destruction and chaos. Many times, we think we are the only ones who experience the difficulties we face in life. If the truth is known, we all go through storms that frighten us at one time or another, dreading the wake of circumstances and aftermath.

Our country too, will face major storms and events that are hard for us to understand and to cope with. When these times arise and we are facing them, we must remember that God operates perfectly in the midst of storms and chaos. God shines brightly in every storm with his hand upon all circumstances, He is always in complete control. Though we may think differently as we experience difficult times, He is always there willing to hold us in His quiet place, the eye of the storm.

As their boat began to rock violently the disciples thought the boat would surely capsize and sink. In the front of the boat, Jesus leaned against the forward hull asleep. The frightened disciples shook Jesus awake declaring that the boat was about to sink. As Jesus saw their desperation, He stood up in the boat and simply commanded the wind and the sea to be still. In doing so, the wind completely stopped, the waves disappeared into glass like water and the storm was overtaken at the words of the Lord.

We simply do not know the truth about our circumstances in this world until we hear a word of truth from Jesus. When we are frightened and convinced that everything around us is lost, our perception cannot be trusted. When we keep our eyes on Jesus and stay close to His Word, we remain in the placid eye of the storm. He alone can change our circumstances. He can calm the storms of life and He can change the country in which we live. He is the master of overcoming chaos and He is not surprised or afraid of the storms of this world.

Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus today and repent of your sin. Invite Him to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. He alone can save you from sin and give you the hope of eternal life and a future home in heaven. He is coming back soon. I pray you will know Him and be ready to meet Him. He stands waiting for you in the eye of the storm.

May God bless you amazingly and often,

Rev. Dalton Lilly, Narrow Road Ministries, Fredericksburg VA

~~Photo Credit = ISTOCK –  Bonetta

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Walt Hageman
1 month ago

Thanks for the great article. What made it even better for me was that just before your article showed up in Element I posted partial lyrics the the song by the Oak Ridge Boys, “Peace in the midst of the storm”. If you would like to correspond, my email is

Molly Costa
Molly Costa
1 month ago

I am so pleased to see the writings of my dear friend Rev. Dalton Lilly added to the PSB family. A perfect fit. I have known Dalton and his lovely wife Deb for over 35 years. They are an amazing team and love God. What a wonderful and timely article. I look forward to reading more. Welcome!

Molly Costa
Molly Costa
1 month ago

Great and timely article. I look forward to reading the new monthly column. Welcome PSB.

Susan Hope
17 days ago

Thank you, that was a perfect reminder. Short and sweet to remember in the days to come. Some of us need to be reminded to LIVE! So much beauty in our world God has given us.