Human Experimentation by Church & State: Chapter 5

Human Experimentation by Church & State: Chapter 5

From the Archives of my grandfather in the Year 2025

The spiritual war had been fought and fought hard. And like many wars throughout the history of mankind, it had not been immune to physical destruction and extensive human casualties. The cost for truth came at a price, and if not for the heroes who stood up against what seemed to be an impossible task, I cringe at the thought of what could have been. The courage and persistence of a few scientists, clergymen, healthcare professionals and political leaders strengthened our resolve and faith to continue the fight.

Alternative media kept the masses informed with many of the truths being uncovered and people all around the world were encouraged to research for themselves. For those of us who were awake enough to know what the elitist plan of world domination was, the battle had only begun. The storm was upon us, and we knew that the ruling class would not go down so easily. The summer of 2021 would be the major turning point in our history. I remember sitting there speechless as my grandfather continued this incredible story.

Canada had its share of heroes back then. Take Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce a Canadian Physician noted for his leadership role in the field of Public Health at the turn of the 20th century. Dr Bryce is most recognized for his persistence in advocating better health conditions for the aboriginal children living in Residential Schools. In 1904, he was hired as Chief Medical officer for the Canadian government after many years of Public Health experience. He documented and released evidence showing the unusually high rate of Aboriginal children who were dying in Residential Schools. In particular he targeted the Canadian government for they had been quite aware of those deaths and were in a position to take immediate appropriate actions to save those precious lives.

After visiting 35 Residential Schools in 1907, he completed and presented a comprehensive report to the Canadian government (known as the ‘Bryce Report’) outlining all his findings and stating that these schools were far too overcrowded and lacked the proper necessary ventilation, therefore exposing students to the potential spread of tuberculosis and other diseases amongst the students. In his report he wrote:

‘I believe the conditions are deliberately created in our Residential Schools to spread infectious diseases…The mortality rate in the schools often exceeds fifty percent. This is a national crime.’

Recent survivor testimony further validated Dr. Bryce’s claims that Tuberculosis was being used as a bioweapon against indigenous people. Healthy children were forced to play and sleep with sick ones against their will at which point they would be denied aid and treatment.

We could even go as far back as 1740 where General Amherst openly admitted to using germ warfare against the Micmac Indians. In his journal, he gloats about providing and distributing smallpox infected blankets to local Indian settlements. The Huron nation was mostly exterminated this way, through British soldiers and missionaries using germ warfare.

But instead of acting on his recommendations, the government chose to stop funding his research, chastised, and ridiculed him to finally find a way to eliminate his position within the government. Does this sound familiar to what you see happening to whistleblowers courageous enough to stand up against the ruling class today?

I could tell the clear determination my grandfather showed in his eyes as he directed me to watch the Residential School video.

I was speechless. Not only had the Canadian government tried to cover up and silence those trying to come forward, but they also protected those individuals responsible for running the Residential Schools on their behalf.

My grandfather continued.

It’s obvious that the state simply did not care what was happening to these children in the schools. Here, let me read to you a few of the testimonials from survivors who saw and witnessed systematic assaults against their humanity:

‘In 1966 we saw a 5-year-old girl kicked in the side of the neck and we all heard a loud “Snap” as she fell to the floor. She wasn’t moving and died right in front of us. We were told to step over her body and get to class.’

‘The priests dug up the secret gravesite in a real hurry around 1972 when the school closed. No one was allowed to watch them dig up those remains. I think it’s because that was a specially secret graveyard where the bodies of the pregnant girls were buried. Some of the girls who got pregnant from the priests were actually killed because they threatened to talk. They were sometimes shipped out and sometimes just disappeared. We weren’t allowed to talk about this.’

Irene Starr of the Hesquait Nation, who attended the Alberni school between 1952 and 1961, confirms this.

‘Many girls got pregnant at the Alberni school. The fathers were the staff, teachers, the ones who raped them. We never knew what happened to the babies, but they were always disappearing. The pregnant girls were taken to the Alberni hospital and then came back without their babies. Always. The staff killed those babies to cover their tracks. They were paid by the church and government to be rapists and murderers.’

To quote Alberni survivor Harriett Nahanee:

‘They were always pitting us against each other, getting us to fight and molest one another. It was all designed to split us up and brainwash us so that we would forget that we were Keepers of the Land. The Creator gave our people the job of protecting the land, the fish, the forests. That was our purpose for being alive. But the whites wanted it all, and the residential schools were the way they got it. And it worked. We’ve forgotten our sacred task, and now the whites have most of the land and have taken all the fish and the trees. Most of us are in poverty, addictions, family violence. And it all started in the schools, where we were brainwashed to hate our own culture and to hate ourselves so that we would lose everything. That’s why I say that the genocide is still going on.’

Such experiments and the sheer brutality of the harm regularly inflicted on children in the schools attest to the institutional view of aboriginals as ‘expendable’ and ‘diseased’ beings. Scores of survivors of 10 different residential schools in BC and Ontario have described under oath the following tortures inflicted on them and other children as young as five years old between the years 1922 and 1984:

‘I was just eight, and they’d shipped us down from the Anglican residential school in Alert Bay to the Nanaimo Indian Hospital, the one run by the United Church. They kept me isolated in a tiny room there for more than three years, like I was a lab rat, feeding me these pills, giving me shots that made me sick. Two of my cousins made a big fuss, screaming and fighting back all the time, so the nurses gave them shots, and they both died right away. It was done to silence them.’

According to a former Indian Affairs official:

‘A sort of gentlemen’s agreement was in place for many years: the churches provided the kids from their residential schools to us, and we got the Mounties to deliver them to whoever needed a fresh batch of test subjects: usually doctors, sometimes Department of Defense people. The Catholics did it big time in Quebec when they transferred kids wholesale from orphanages into mental asylums. It was for the same purpose: experimentation. There was lots of grant money in those days to be had from the military and intelligence sectors: all you had to do was provide the bodies. The church officials were more than happy to comply. It wasn’t just the residential school principals who were getting kickbacks from this: everyone was profiting. That’s why it’s gone on for so long. It implicates a hell of a lot of top people’

So, you can see that both the church and state were complicit in not only trying to exterminate indigenous peoples but using them for experimental purposes testing out and perfecting their biowarfare techniques for the day they would roll out a major pandemic upon all of humanity. Do you remember this? The cure should not be worse than the disease. Take a close look at where we are today and tell me that this was not planned from the very beginning.

This kind of sums up what Indian leaders concluded from all of this:

‘The church people were worshipping the devil, not us. The government wanted the gold, the coal, the land we occupied. So they terrorised us into giving it to them. How does a man who was raped every day when he was seven make anything out of his life? The residential schools were set up to destroy our lives, and they succeeded.’

(See Chapter 6: Canadian PM blames church and takes no responsibility for crimes against humanity)

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