IRS (Income Reduction Sorcerers)

IRS (Income Reduction Sorcerers)

Try to Get Even for Child Protection Services

In 1990 the IRS decided to get even for the drubbing the CPS got at the hands of the Lord and me. Though the CPS hurt me more by far than I hurt them, just the fact that I got my kids back was a black eye to them. Oh, and by the way — the lead investigator for the CPS was forced to take early retirement and the three under him got the sack.

As I said, the IRS (and we all know they all work for the same slime) decided that I owed them $32,000 for the year I was fighting the CPS the hardest and only made about $350, essentially being supported by family and friends. I talked to a couple of lawyers who wouldn’t take my case but did put me in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer who turned out to be just the right guy. I paid him $2000 to teach me what to do.

During my battle with the CPS, I went through 10 different court appointed  lawyers and learned not to trust them. I finally had learned and told the last one what writs to file and when. A bankruptcy attorney was the perfect choice because bankruptcy is the court of last recourse against the IRS, provided they choose to play by the rules.

That turned out to be a pipe dream. First I had to file a chapter 7 in order to cancel standard debts. Once that was completed I had to file a chapter 13 to remove penalties and interest.  When it came down to the last hearing a strange thing happened. The IRS didn’t show up for court. I asked the judge if that meant I won. He said no. “They do this when they think they’re going to lose. You can be sure they will come after you again.”

So I decided I’d had enough of Virginia. Even though I was making more money  than at at any other time in my life, the cost of living and the incessant taxation made it impossible to live decently. I decided to pack up and move back to Washington State where I grew up and had friends and relatives and eventually settled on Republic.

My next younger sibling lives here and told me there might be work and a lot lower cost of living. I got here in 1993 after spending a year in the Tri-Cities. It didn’t take long for the IRS to find me. They came after me in 1995. Even though they actually owed me $3,500, they were still trying to get that $32,000.

Now, I don’t know for sure what gave me the idea, could have been the Lord, but I went to the county courthouse, got into the law books to see what the responsibility of the Sheriff was toward my property. I found that he has to protect it against all comers.

Now for some reason I had learned through the school of hard knocks how to write up a writ that will stand up in court. I wrote up a writ, informing the Sheriff of his duty and my problem. I then hand delivered it to him. He took it to the county prosecutor who said I had it right. I don’t know what happened but the IRS came back with an offer. If I would give them $150, they would release my $3500. Maybe I could have refused but I figured I better take the win.

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