Kanye West Speaks Out About Kardashian Family, Day After Campaign Rally

Kanye West Speaks Out About Kardashian Family, Day After Campaign Rally

July 21, 2020 – A day after holding a South Carolina campaign rally, Kanye West went on a twitter rant late last night, calling out the Kardashian family.  At the rally, an emotional Kanye shared personal stories that effected his life tremendously. He even discussed how at one point he considered asking Kim to get an abortion, and in tears said “I almost killed by baby.” He has talked about how black culture in America is designed to encourage self-destructive and immoral behavior. He brought up Nicola Tesla and free energy, and big tech and targeted advertisements geared towards getting into your children’s heads at a very young age. He did say at one point during the rally that he and Kim were having marital problems, and even hinted at a potential divorce in the near future.

Kanye is an entertainer, and we must keep this in mind as we contemplate his intentions. He does have an album coming out entitled “DONDA” named after his late mother with whom he was extremely close. He could be making these kinds of statements and going on this rant to generate publicity and media attention before the album drops.

Most of the media jumped onto the “bash Kanye” train, and began questioning the status of his mental health, which I find not only judgmental but condescending as well.

There is a very good point to be made here, and that is when Kanye was saying crazy things before about everyone being racist, the media had no problem with it. But he started questioning the music industry, calling out Jay Z for having “killers” on his payroll and also liberal institutions like academia and Hollywood. It was then he was accused of having bi-polar disorder.

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly very upset about the Twitter comments, most of which have been deleted subsequently.

S.E. Cupp with the New York Daily News should be ashamed of herself. She used to have a more nuanced perspective, but for years has been off the rails. Everything she wrote and even the picture she decided to use from the event, was designed to belittle Kanye and make him appear crazy. From her “article” I will show you some of the more egregious things Ms. Cupp said:

Back in October of 2018, music and fashion mogul Kanye West took a trip to the Oval Office, ostensibly to discuss criminal justice reform with the president. What happened instead was a three-ring circus in front of rolling cameras and millions of television viewers at home.

West veered from one unrelated topic to the next, while a slightly-uncomfortable President Trump sat looking on, at times trying to steer him back to the preferred goal for the public event (which was ultimately to praise Trump).

Some people found the spectacle amusing, others a wild kind of performance art by a publicity-starved ‘artiste,’ not unlike the kinds of stunts Trump himself would pull before becoming president.

But I found it sad and deeply disturbing. Here was clearly an unwell man and a president who was willing to exploit his illness for the faint praise of a popular black celebrity. The whole thing made me queasy. – S.E. Cupp

The notion that Kanye was only meeting with President Trump for some kind of publicity is ludicrous. Kanye had expressed his willingness to discuss things that effect his community. As someone who grew up in Chicago, he saw first hand the gang violence and black-on-black crime. This is not something I expect academics who live in comfort, like Ms. Cupp, to understand. But her article underscores how the left eats their own. They claim to be about protecting minorities and then they abuse any minority that doesn’t believe in their flawed ideological worldview. The screed continues:

West’s been forthcoming about his mental illness and past episodes. He’s said he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has admitted to abusing painkillers, and says his wife Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris and his feud with friend and rapper Jay-Z contributed to a well-publicized 2016 nervous breakdown. To his credit, his open and frank discussions about his mental health have likely prompted many others to seek help for their own issues.

But knowing all that we do about West’s fragile mental state, his latest publicity stunt, a half-hearted run for president, feels all the more disturbing.

Initially, some speculated it was merely part of a ploy to promote a new album, given how rushed and unprepared the upstart ‘campaign’ is.

Others believe it’s actually a form of spiritual proselytizing, inspired by his proposed ‘running mate,’ a ‘Biblical Life Coach’ named Michelle Tidball, who lives near West in Wyoming.

Others still think it’s merely entertainment. One Twitter user posted of his first rally, ‘I went for a laugh and I got one,’ before leaving offended.

But it’s hard to see this as anything other than a very sad public breakdown.

At his first ‘campaign event’ in South Carolina, West appeared in a protective vest and again careened from topic to topic, his mood swinging like a manic pendulum. First laughing and joking, he was at once sobbing uncontrollably while revealing he and his wife almost aborted their first-born daughter, news I’m sure Kim would have preferred to be kept private.

He railed against abortion and the morning-after contraceptive pill Plan B, slammed Harriet Tubman, warned that ‘you don’t know who’s putting the internet in your school just to track you,’ and suggested that everyone who had a baby should get ‘a million dollars, or something.’

The event was met with equal parts concern, scorn and ridicule. He was accused of misogynoir by black women and of undermining black issues. – S.E. Cupp

What you may not know, is that S.E. Cupp is a white liberal woman. Her “article” displays all the foul character flaws she accuses of others, most notably bigotry and racism.

Ms. Cupp is a commentator used by the Left as a fake “moderate” and “conservative.” This is someone who is reality is a leftist, but is trotted out to “represent” the “conservative voice” in liberal publications and shows. I find very disturbing her assumption that anyone who thinks outside the box or is eccentric must be “mentally ill.”

Here are some more of Kanye’s Tweets. He called out Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian West as a “madame” which she most certainly could be. She does seem to pimp her children out, and to monetize family drama that she instigates.

Even the Burger King corporation found the need to bash Kanye on social media. Interestingly, they don’t use the analogy of his campaign lasting as long as one of their “french fries” which never seem to decompose.

Zuby makes a fantastic point here, most of these “commentators” talking trash about Kanye most likely didn’t take the time to listen to everything he said. If you listened to the whole rally in context, you may come away with a very different picture.

This is a really good point. As we witnessed with RooshV, he was allowed to sell “fornication” and “how to get laid” books and videos on YouTube for 13 years. Then after the death of his sister, when he had an Christian conversion and went back to the Orthodox life, and removed his books on sin, he lasted only one year on YouTube and got banned.

This is also a good point. Kanye may or may not have a legitimate mental illness, but one thing we can say for sure is that the ruling class promotes sickness, sin and degeneracy in the culture.

Rambler published a blog post, predicting Kanye will be “cancelled.”

Of course RT referred to his emotion at the campaign rally as a “chaotic breakdown.”

The topic of abortion and fatherless homes in the black community is an important one. Kanye sharing his personal story about how he almost let that programming get to him, and how he could have missed out on his precious daughter is so touching. The media wants you to think this is just a mental breakdown.

People have wondered for a long time about Kris Jenner, and the role she has played in sexualizing and monetizing her children. Kanye appears to have confirmed that it was Kris who “leaked” Kim’s “sex tape” which Kanye referred to as “sex rape.” He said my daughters will NEVER do PLAYBOY, hinting again that it was Kris who was behind getting Kim to do Playboy among other things. Kanye said Kris isn’t allowed around his children.

Kyle Eustice with GHQ claims that Kanye “went too far” calling out his in-laws.

I thought these kinds of comments were particularly disgusting and unhelpful.

This is a video that captured all the tweets before they were deleted.

Kanye said he was risking everything to get this message out there.

Whatever is going on with Kanye seems to be serious enough that he does not want to be around the Kardashian family. There are reports he is hiding out from them, after his claims last night that they were the ones who had him “locked up” in the past when he “stepped out of line.”

While so much of this is simply speculation, one thing that I think it does underscore for everyone is the toll that sin takes on us. Pornography and sexualizing children is a sin. This is something Kanye seems to understand and doesn’t want anywhere near his children. It sounds like he is concerned about his in-laws and what he sees as sinful and predatory behavior. All of us can sympathize with that.

The modern world focuses on consumerism and materialistic things, while often neglecting the spiritual aspects of life. The Christian faith has been persecuted because they attempt to explain these fundamental truths and God’s Word. The church tries to draw us closer to God, and to understand the eternal ramifications of our actions in the here and now. Perhaps that is why Kanye struck such a chord last night. I will continue to pray for him and his family.

Here is a link to the full video of his South Carolina campaign event:

And here is a link to a video by Steve Franssen who I think does a very good job of describing exactly what it going on with Kanye:

A better look at the tweets:

This story is still developing, let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

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4 months ago

Radix I believe your article is spot on. You make excellent points and point out what is wrong and what is right. Thank you. God heals and God loves us despite what we do.

3 months ago

Excellent article, Radix. Thank you for writing it. You covered everything very well.