Oh-h-h Baby Baby, It’s A Wild World

Oh-h-h Baby Baby, It’s A Wild World

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Frantic deer hiding in churches.
Bear coming into the 711 to use the crapper and grab a Slurpee.
Fox on the field and in the stands.
Deer checks into a LA hospital.
“Climate change”??
Hell, no!
End times!!!
No joke, man!

“Lemme out! I spent one night with that doe and she tricks me into meeting her here to force me to marry her!”

FNC: Hunting season: Buck takes shelter inside Michigan church on opening day – A video the church posted on Facebook shows the buck wandering around the church

“Hey, I want a corn dog and a blue Slurpee … and where’s the bathroom? I gotta take a dump.”

Michael Hollan: Bear wanders into 7-Eleven in California, terrifying employee: Rachel Ducusin filmed herself yelling at the bear as it entered the Olympic Valley convenience store

Was said to be heard shouting “FJB” and “LET’S GO, BRANDON!!”

Stephen Messenger: Crowd Goes Wild After Fox Decides To Storm The Field During Football Game

“On the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Inside Edition: Injured Deer Prances Into Louisiana Hospital Seeking Medical Help


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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