Perils Among False Brethren

Perils Among False Brethren

After I came to know the Lord I moved to Tucson and there attended a large Pentecostal Church. While there I met and married a girl I first saw in a dream when I asked Him to show me who I would marry. After four years and three children, I moved the family back to my home town in Washington State.

The little church there was affiliated with the Tucson church. The pastor had just resigned and they had voted in a new one. He got them started building a new church on donated land in a nearby community. We were several months into the project and I was putting most of my spare time into it.

One night I was praying and fell into a dream. In my dream, I found myself attending a service in the new church. It was a special service. A group of young people from Tucson had come up on a singing tour. When they were finished, they came down the aisle to their seats. I was surprised to see my wife in the group. I looked beside me and there she was there also.

I woke up yelling “I’m not married twice!” And then I said, “God, this is just too strange, tell me what it means.” A voice came out of the air and said, “Return to your first love.” Well I was pretty happy God had spoken to me even though I still didn’t understand.

The next day was mid-week service and a chance to testify. I told about the dream and voice. You could have heard a pin drop. The deacons were all looking daggers at me. The next day they all showed up at my house and told me I needed to repent for what I said.

Well, I tried to tell them I was only saying what happened but they were sure I had an ulterior motive.  I finally kicked them out since they had my wife and kids crying. They told me not to come back to that church and I told them not to worry about that.

That was 1979. I didn’t learn the truth about it until 1995. It turned out that the new pastor had a wife in Arkansas and one in Tucson and a concubine there in Washington. The deacons were all aware of it and thought I was blowing the whistle. Turns out, the dream wasn’t for me.

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