September 11, a Personal Story ...

September 11, a Personal Story …

By Bijourain

Near Manchester, England.

I called to see my mum at about 1 pm. We were having a catch up and coffee. The television was on in the background, showing an afternoon chat show. I can’t remember what we were talking about, nothing of importance.

The programme was interrupted by what the announcer said was live shots of New York. It was showing large amounts of billowing smoke coming from a New York sky scraper. My mum and I stopped talking and were fixed on the scene being portrayed. I think I said something like, “oh my God.”

The voice from the TV was explaining that what was thought to be an aircraft had flown into one of the World Trade Center towers. I said to my mum, “How on earth could a plane do that?!” You could see that it was a beautiful blue sky day, no visibility issues.

As we were watching a second plane smashed into the other World Trade Center tower. That’s when we agreed that what we were watching wasn’t an accident, but a terror attack.

We were both in complete shock. The chaotic scenes we were witnessing unfold horrified us. Reports were coming in that a number of aircraft were missing that had taken off from different airports throughout America and had not been located yet.

Then, the unthinkable happened, one of the towers started to collapse. We watched in disbelief as the building spewed its contents far and wide. I was thinking of the people who were still inside and within the immediate vicinity. I felt totally numb.

Not long after the first tower collapsed, the second tower came down in much the same way. First responders, office workers, all regular people covered in dust. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t be watching what I was watching, I felt like an intruder knowing that as I watched, people were dying.

It was heartbreaking. I stayed at my mum’s for much longer than I had originally planned. We were both glued to the pictures being shown.

I knew then that the world would never be the same again, that we’d both just witnessed something dark and evil and that the repercussions were going to be felt for a long time in the future.

Rest In Peace to all the souls terrified, traumatized and lost on that day. My mother is no longer with me, she died in 2009. I, and millions of others like me, will NEVER FORGET.

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