A poignant plea from our friend Honey who posts at The Universal Spectator occasionally. ~~ Editor

Solipsism, my favorite William Buckley word. Everything that happens only matters in the way that it affects me. I am the only one in the universe that matters.

If I write a letter, it is always about me. People complain that my writing style is terrible because I use the word “I” all the time. too much. I must learn to vary my sentences, they instruct me, so that there is more of interest in my writing style. Sorry. Such advice to me is in vain. I am the only one that matters.

So when I see congressmen (I am using the generic he, as we used to when language use was more normal) talking energetically in each other’s faces unmasked and then quickly putting the masks on when they are going on camera, I notice that. And when I see the Mayor of Chicago, full of herself and her love of restrictions over others, not following her own admonitions as she goes maskless in a huge crowd, and when I see leftist Senators and governors who are the most severe in their oppression going to restaurants and parties unmasked, it pisses me off.

Why am I taking orders from these hypocrites?

I am sick of this. I go to supermarkets unmasked. I am usually one of only a few doing this. So far no one has accosted me. Perhaps others too are getting sick of taking orders from those not living by those orders.

Many people hate Trump. They probably haven’t guessed yet that they do this because they have been brainwashed to. Many in politics hated him because he showed them up by being more effective than they had been. Others hate him because they want to make us a communist nation and he interrupted their success so far in accomplishing that. Many hated his boorishness or his tweets. I guess I should be annoyed with Trump because at least 50 times a day I get texts and emails asking for donations to Trump. “This is your final chance to get that matching offer of 8 times your donation.” Yeah, the final chance until the next fifteen chances. I hear from his children, from Kimberly Guilfoyle. This gets old very quickly.

It would be so easy for me to get annoyed with Trump because of all of these endless uncreative solicitations.

But I have more brains than that. I refuse to hate him for such a small thing. I would rather remember all of the great good things he did for our country when he was president. I do not choose to forget those so readily. I hope the endlessly repetitious requests for money bring him lots of it because I believe the country needs him still. And whether the money is to be used for local races or congressional races or for his own chance to run again, I don’t care. Let him pull the money in and continue to do good for us. Trump keeps asking do I miss him and do I still support him. I don’t answer because it leads to asking for money. But yes I still support him and all conservatives who are leading in the fight against the would be tyranny of the left. Let him never question my support.

Everyone these days loves to complain about the great divide we have and the fact that we are all only listening to extremes.

There was once a huge ad in the newspapers. In tiny print taking up a full page when newspapers used to be larger size pages, Ayn Rand managed to get many many paragraphs out to say that if something is right, there is no need to compromise so you can achieve a conclusion that is less right. The message could have been more succinct and thus more effective if it were edited down. But the message stayed with me. All of this talk about the need for compromise. Today more than ever I say NO! Compromise is the last thing we need.

I don’t see how Israel can compromise with terrorists whose goal is the annihilation of Israel. There is no basis of compromise in that argument. In the same way, the Democrat party as it is currently constructed has one goal – to make this country a Communist one. What is there to compromise on in that case? Should we have less Communism? Should we be satisfied with a temporary watered down Communism, until the next time when they will push us further to the left? NO! There is NOTHING to compromise about. The more the Democrats spend big time to help make us dependent on Washington cradle to grave, the more we must not help them out. Period. Got that McConnell and the other usual suspects in the Republican party?

I refuse to like the horrible things Biden and his puppeteers are giving us. I refuse to give in to get along. Many Americans keep listening to the inconsistent ravings of those in charge, as the government orders us around about Covid and tries to scare us all even as it allows tens of thousands of illegals with all kinds of disease to go all over the country, and doesn’t force them to follow orders – because after all they are not citizens and we can’t order them around. Why don’t people see this and why are they willing to give up their joy and why do they sit in judgment of me because I refuse to buy the lies?

My life has been stolen from me because I can’t dance in the usual social settings for almost two years now, and if I am lucky enough to get one dance, I must wear a mask. Ugh.

I am so over this Covid crap. Enough! I want everybody to start getting on my bandwagon. Enough.

Okay, so that’s just me. But there are lots of others out there like me. Other solipsists. Surely.

I am old and can’t get around as easily as I like. So I am asking that others do so for me. I write the letters and make the phone calls. I need others to show up.

Those who are upset like me and for the same reasons – from government made energy problems, to government made shortages to inefficiencies to inflation to Afghanistan’s debacles to all of the deliberate destructive policies of Biden and his puppeteers – come on.

Conservative solipsists of the world unite! Let’s show these creeps what we are made of and what we are angry about. Make noise. We have to stop them.


~~ Many thanks to Honey and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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