Sparks of Hope ...

Sparks of Hope …

Editor’s note: Regular readers will recognize the touch of our friend Maggie, from The Universal Spectator. Many thanks to all the Patriots’ Soapbox Prayer Warriors who kept Maggie in their prayers as she underwent major surgery and is now in recovery/rehab mode. I think you will all appreciate her new perspective on Family, Faith, Perseverance and the important aspects of a full life. It’s great to hear her voice again. Get well, Maggie! ~~ BK

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Good morning, fellow Spectators!

Yeppers, I’m still kicking.

After a couple of unwanted setbacks last week, I had a pretty decent day yesterday. I hear heart surgery is a ‘one day at a time’ recovery process. Definitely finding that out. As of last week I am only depending on Tylenol to manage the remaining pain, which most times is my back directly behind the surgical area, and that usually is remedied with topical Voltaren cream 1-2 times a day. I am sleeping in an electric recliner that my husband insisted on investing in (he himself has wanted one for a couple years and will be taking it over once I’m done with it, heh!). My goal this week is to be able to successfully take a full head to toe shower only slightly assisted and without incident. As it is, it’s been bench sitting with the handheld shower, and carefully hanging over the kitchen sink with my wonderful husband washing my hair with a hose he’s rigged to the faucet. As if God really needed to show me how blessed I’ve been with this amazing man for over 45 years. The bestest ever friend, husband, dad, and papa. And a damned good mechanic and handyman! Also, upon retirement he can get a gig at a fresh fruit and juice smoothie shop! My gawd, he makes a damn awesome smoothie!!

I’ve had these last few weeks to reflect on and contemplate our future. My husband insists he will be retiring from his main job in a year. While I’ve been nearly obsessed with resisting, if you will, “old age.” Seriously, admit it, nobody really wants to ‘age.’ Anyway, my focus has become centered far less on my mirror reflection and more clearly on a life immersed in my beloved family’s lives. And one immediate goal is getting our third daughter, our 21-year-old Down Syndrome daughter Lizzie Rose, finally home after all these weeks. She has been staying at our middle daughter Kate’s home these long weeks, with a long Memorial Day weekend at our older daughter Sara’s home and family (and a brief visit to me here at home on that Saturday with my son-in-law cooking dinner), then back to Kate’s where her husband, my #2 son-in-law, has been so wonderful with Lizzie all these weeks. Liz is pretty self-sufficient, but does need adult connection. He dissuaded a planned visit with them coming here with Lizzie this past weekend because he noted she was a little upset she’d not stayed home here the Memorial Saturday. I know it’s confusing for her, but I try to explain the situation relating it to her back surgery and recovery she had a few years back, and showed her my surgical area for context. Modern technology has been quite a treasure for us during this time of pandemic and now this. We FaceTime multiple times a day with Lizzie (and with Kate and her near toddler Elijah who has fallen head over heals for his Auntie “Iz”) … and my older grandkids who text just to chat or include me in their random casual time-wasting … and darling Lizzie texts her Dad and me “Good morning” and “Good night” everyday. And then there are the hilarious videos she discovers online she insists on sharing that my husband watches but I don’t dare because I’m just not ready for that laughter stress on my tender sternum. I broke down crying to Kate last night how Lizzie has been my companion for 21 years, and how much I am feeling her absence. Kate remarked how that’s a good sign that I’m recovering.


On May 18, 7:00am I had my heart surgery. At 7:30pm my Dad was in emergency surgery on both kidneys at another hospital. Both kidneys were entering failure as stones had clogged the emptying ducts and the kidneys had abscessed. He could’ve died. The old fool just refuses to follow the troubling signs to the doctor or even the ER. He was in the hospital for the same week I was post-op. Anyway, thankfully he’s on the mend and miraculously avoided kidney dialysis. Yesterday morning he had a follow-up out patient surgical procedure to clear out the remaining stones in his kidneys and an insertion of new stents in his ducts and UT to assist the debris in evacuation.

My dear 83 year old Dad has early dementia and has been so worried and depressed over my health. As I recover and return to normal it will take some of that stress off of him.

So, life indeed does go on for me, my friends.

PS, I miss you too!

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