Stories That Need Telling... Part II

Stories That Need Telling… Part II

By Walt Hageman

Dream About Remote Sensing

Okay, fasten your seat belts, this gets into the area of strange. I mentioned before that I have spiritual dreams. Two incidents over a number of years melded together in a common theme. The first was around 2002, I think. In that dream, I found myself in Alaska. (A lot of things in dreams are just understood. Even though I’ve never been to Alaska). I was on the Tundra approaching from behind, what I knew to be a Native American shaman. I moved to where I could see over his shoulder. He had on a thong around his neck, a white cube about the size of one of those fuzzy dice we used to hang from the rearview mirror back in the fifties and sixties, except it was glossy. He placed all his fingers on it, and writing in an unknown script began scrolling on all sides. When he did that, he realized I was there, and I got the back story on the cube. It seems the CIA had given a bunch of them to shamans in Alaska and to witch doctors in South Africa to help them contact the spirit world and do remote sensing for the Agency. He turned around and began to tell me (and show me in my mind) all the things they would do to me if I ever came to Alaska. Horrendous, unspeakable things. I didn’t hesitate to tell him that I had no plans of ever coming to Alaska, but that if I did, “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Upon hearing that, he ran away from me very fast and became a dot on the horizon.

Dreams About Remote Sensing Institute

The second time was a series of dreams I had in around 2011. In this instance, I found myself in a college lecture hall being given history lessons by various professors. On the fourth night, a fellow sitting a couple of rows in front of me turned around and said, “Oh, hi. I’m Dr. Franklin and we’re here at the Life Sciences Institute in Delhi, India. If you need me, I’ll be in the pit.” I awoke from that dream, and as it was a Saturday morning and I didn’t have a computer in the house at that time, I went down to the Library and got on the internet to see what I could find out about the Life Sciences Institute. I was somewhat shocked to find it existed. At least at that time, it did; I haven’t checked since. They were indeed in Delhi and had been started by none other than Deepak Chopra. They were teaching Transcendental Meditation and Remote Sensing. I didn’t find Dr. Franklin on their list of professors but was relating the dream to a friend of mine who is a retired “shrink.” He still has contacts in that world and was able to check his sources. He found that Dr. Franklin was a visiting professor. He then told me he was familiar with their program and that “The Pit” is an interactive video game they use to help teach remote sensing. That night I found myself in that lecture hall again. I marched up to the lectern and told the person there that they had better get out of my head or it was going to get very hot for them. I awoke from that and have not been bothered since.

Remote Sensing As I Understand It

I have been asked to describe remote sensing. I don’t consider these comments to be totally definitive, just what I understand about it. Remote sensing is a tool used in various ways by various groups to look into events at a distance using psychic powers usually reserved for prophets.

Unfortunately, it has been delved into by witches, witch doctors,  warlocks, shamans, etc., for millennia.  Under the MK Ultra project, inspired by Alister Crowley and implemented by the CIA, the process was taught to certain chosen individuals thought to possess latent psychic abilities.  Finding these individuals has involved tests using psychoactive drugs such as LSD. These candidates are then broken by various physical, spiritual, and emotional means.

Their personalities, once shattered, can then be molded into the desired use of their handler or handlers. This also opens them up to the ‘spirit world’ so that with a series of prompts, they can travel in the spirit to other locations. I read somewhere that the CIA gave intelligence from this source to generals during the Vietnam Conflict (it was never an official war) that, if followed, could have won the war. That may have been disinformation since I can’t believe they wanted to win it.

~~ Stay tuned for more … 

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