The Anchor Holds

The Anchor Holds

By Rev. Dalton Lilly

“The Anchor Holds” is the title of a song written by Lawrence Chewning in 1992. He declares in the lyrics “Though the ship is battered, and the sails are torn, the anchor holds.” The song is a testimony of surviving difficult times. Chewning’s lyrics vividly reveal the comfort he and his wife received from God who was their anchor of strength during some very difficult times of life.

I guess I also feel like this song may depict America in many ways as it faces difficult times. We have experienced so much decline in our country in the past few years. We have seen a failing economy and an inflation rate far beyond anything we have seen in decades. The price of gasoline has skyrocketed, and the cost of groceries has become the highest ever. We see shortages of durable goods on shelves and our dollar just doesn’t seem to ever go far enough to buy the things we need to survive. Ten years ago, this word picture would have been describing a third-world country but today I am talking about America.

In recent polls over 70 percent of Americans feel like our country is moving in the wrong direction. Some of this sentiment is a result of the departure from our Godly Judeo principles upon which our nation was originally founded. Criminal behavior is now more acceptable. In our judicial systems, the punishment of crime no longer holds the fiber required to be a deterrent to criminals. A vast number of Americans now find it tolerable to take the life of an unborn child. Church attendance is on a decline while more denominations continue to emerge debating doctrine transformation through the watering down of God’s Word.

Our country seems to be sliding in a bad direction and few government leaders will acknowledge this decline nor work together to set things back on the right path. Religious institutions I should say, not the true Church, are just as much at fault for their softening of doctrine and failure to resist and speak out about these conditions. But one day at a time, one sunrise one sunset, we still hold out hope for America. We still believe that God is sovereign, and He is ultimately in control of all things under His creation including planet earth and the confused and lost people who live here. In fact, God tells us in His Word “When you see these things begin to take form do not be afraid and do not fear, look up for your redemption is nye.” (Luke 21:28)

We may be facing difficult times in America but for believers in Christ, our anchor holds. The anchor is Jesus Christ the Messiah, the one and only true God. He alone can save us from sin and provide us a future home in heaven. “He is the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

Life is temporal at best and one day we will all be moving on to another place. Things in this world will never be perfect. Heaven alone is perfect and if we want to go there we must follow God’s ways and not our own tendencies and desires in life. I love the words of Jesus where He spells out our only way to avoid separation from God forever. “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My Word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.” (John 5:24) This is great news!

Do not be discouraged about the things that are happening in this world. There is hope! Trust in Jesus for your salvation. He is the anchor in life and throughout eternity. He is the anchor that holds!

Secure your eternity in heaven, trust God, repent of sin, and ask Jesus the Messiah into your heart right now, today. Today is the day of salvation! There is no second chance after death.

Rev. Dalton Lilly, Narrow Road Ministries, Fredericksburg, VA



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