The Campaign Show: Patrick Howley with guest Rachel Bruno

The Campaign Show: Patrick Howley with guest Rachel Bruno

Sunday September 1, 2019 on The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley, he interviewed Rachel Bruno. This subject of the child abuse suffered at the hands of the state via Child Protective Services is so pervasive. Patriots Soapbox is committed to getting the word out about this broken system that needs to be changed!

Below is the transcript of part of the interview.

Patrick Howley (PH): Children who are exposed to this are afraid to speak out because they’re afraid of retribution by the government against them.  I recently had this conversation with a representative from one of these agencies in the state of California. Finally I got to someone who was like the ninth in command at some bureau, some apparatchik; but the conversation made its way to the top pretty quickly after a few minutes…  At first they were like, “We need very specific information about their victims and their current location.”

So I said, “No, I’m not going to tell you that because these people literally believe that you are the mafia and if I give you the specific information; they think that you will come and do something horrible to them.” I mean these people were not under the impression that I didn’t know what was going on.  It was very clear to them that I knew what was going on. They know what’s going on – everybody knows what is going on… it is an open secret in the state of California. They do nothing about it.

This little African-American girl was apparently or allegedly sexually assaulted in a cell phone video.  The government came in to investigate and then they claimed “Oh well, we couldn’t find the cell phone.”

This was in the home of the guy who got gunned down by the police, you know “suicide by police situation” when a girl who had been in this house since age 7 accused him of child molestation.

Rachel Bruno (RB): Yeah, it’s awful.  You know I have wracked my brain….how do you fix this?

What can you possibly do? I don’t think there’s any reform.  This whole system needs to be thrown away.  If I had a magic wand, I would abolish Family Court because child abuse is criminal and that’s what real courts are for – not these kangaroo courts that we know as “family courts.”

In a criminal case, if you are going to accuse someone of child abuse, you must have actual evidence.  You must have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, you need to do your due diligence and investigate all sides of the story. Right?  There absolutely are child abusers out there; and there are children who need help.  But the help is not found through foster care and not through family courts. It is definitely not through AFSA, (Adoption and Safe Family Act) which is the primary reason I believe, why they’ve become like vultures, to get any kid they can so that their funding doesn’t get cut, and social workers and supervisors don’t lose their jobs.  They have to justify their existence somehow.  And only way to do that is to keep getting children into the system so that they keep getting the federal funding.

PH: That’s absolutely right. And it’s terrifying now when President Donald Trump signed the short-term budget agreement in 2018. He slipped in secretly something called The Family First Act.  This is a glitch in our system that our president figured out how to exploit, which is to do that on a short-term spending bill — a six-week stopgap spending bill, such as one of these bills where Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi lock arms and say we must pass this for the good of America. And of course, it’s a trillion-dollar slush fund for all their special interests.

That bill which is going to get passed one way or another, even if you stick some kind of little addendum at the bottom of it. It passes into binding federal law and becomes permanent, even though the ridiculous spending bill only lasts for six weeks. So in 2018 President Trump secretly put the Family First Act into the spending Bill and passed that. It is going into effect in one month October of 2019.  Basically what it seeks to do on a state-by-state level is to take away the financial incentives that all of the foster care system gets from Bill Clinton’s America Safe Families Act.   I think that’s a good step forward. However, although I would say to the president that is not nearly enough because how can you really believe that there’s any freedom?

I mean, I think it’s bad enough that they send a yellow bus around and take kids to a government school and say that’s mandatory. You have to go to a Mau re-education center for eight hours a day as a child which is awful. I mean, I hate it. I never had any respect for that institution, but this has grown to such a level that even people in other countries look at us now and they say, “Oh my God, this is happening in America! The child protective services are taking the kids away. They’re being trafficked!”

Mike Pompeo’s  2019  State Department report on human trafficking confirms that the foster care system is now the breeding ground of human trafficking.  80% of kids sold into prostitution come from the foster care system.

And nobody is standing up to this criminal mafia which is literally human trafficking.

Yes, literally human trafficking … I mean this is the definition of human trafficking!  I’ve seen the videos of these Baptist churches down at the border, you know taking kids to a Greyhound station. They don’t have ankle monitors on like they’re supposed to because these are migrant children. Okay, they get them out of the truck as quickly as possible. They put a little coat them or little backpack. Then they said “Go go.” They get them into the Greyhound and then the kids are gone. Where do they go? They’re gone.  And they’re not going anyplace good.

RB: Yes, it’s crazy, you know and I will claim ignorance to even speak like on the church’s behalf. Like you mentioned the Baptist churches do this. I know a lot of churches who advocate for foster care.  They have the fundraisers and the get-togethers.  Let’s put the backpack together – lets, you know donate all this to foundation this, organization such and such that gives to foster care etc …

I grew up in the church. I never knew such a system existed in my life. I would have never believed that this was going on in the United States of America if I didn’t go through this myself.

And I don’t blame the foster parents, you know to a certain extent.  I know a lot of them do it for the money. But again, I know a lot of people think that they’re doing the right thing and they think that they’re helping these children. So I just want the people out there to know that if you are considering foster care or if you think foster care is the Make A Wish Foundation, it’s not!

Look at my face. I can only imagine what a social worker would tell a potential foster parent about my son!  We have the 7- week-old baby who suffered a very serious head injury and again, the social worker would probably say –“The mother did this to the 7-week-old baby. Will you please help us help this baby?”

Right? Would you adopt this baby? Of course, you would, and a foster parent would if that’s all the information they have. They don’t know how to vet me. They have no access to me. They’re not allowed to talk to me. They’re not allowed to talk about the case with anybody else but the social worker and the social worker’s the one who’s feeding them the information; they’re the intermediary feeding the lies on both sides.

So foster parents and churches:

Please do your homework about this and watch the Youtube videos watch the interviews. The social workers been taken to the ninth circuit where they have tried to excuse themselves for perjury saying that it’s okay to perjure in a family court or in a child abuse situation for the well-being of the child. It’s okay to lie like it’s not okay to lie.

Right, especially in a court of law and when you are talking about taking someone’s child away.

Where in the Constitution, where in the world does the government have the power to take away your child? Like that’s what it is.  In America

PH: Right that is what’s happening. And it seems to like the left can get a church to say anything these days. There’s a headline recently about Pope Francis planning to change the Lord’s Prayer. Now, that’s a bold move. You know, that’s a bold swaggering move. That’s some reform-minded pope right there!

RB: Yep, people who don’t read their Bibles.  If you read your Bible then you know better.

PH: I love this caller: Best Naunie Ever. Are you on the line? I am Patrick Hi, how are you?

BNE:  I’m great. How are you, Pat?

Some of us in the chat were wondering whatever happened to the nanny?

RB: Nothing ever happened to the nanny … nothing. They interviewed her once. They went to her house the morning, yeah, the day after that I took my son to the hospital. They did go to her house and the social worker and another social worker went to go to her house. Her one-year-old daughter at the time had a bruise under her eye. And they asked her, you know, why does your daughter have a bruise under her eye actually and the aunt is the one that answered since says she fell off the bed and she was sleeping.

And that was it and she told the social worker that my son was absolutely fine when she left the house, which if you think about it doesn’t even make sense. Right? Like I’m paying you $3,000 a month to watch my son. Why would I let you go home early if my son is perfectly fine. And we did hire a private investigator because, you know, everything indicated that we were going to go to trial.

RB: So we would have to have all this documented and all this stuff up Our Sleeve. So my private investigator went after to see if we could find any red flags on her, and really no red flags except for the fact that she was married to a cop.

I didn’t know that at the time, you know, and that never would have crossed my mind when I hired her. But my private investigator who is ex FBI and DEA told me, “they’re not….they’re not going to go after her.”

So make of that what you will.

And you know, despite everything that happened knowing what my children went through, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. So in a way, I’m glad that social services didn’t get involved and do this to her children. I don’t think that what she did was on purpose or out of maliciousness. I truly still believe it was an accident. It does of course, show me her character that she didn’t tell me. She should have just come and told me, “I dropped the baby – Let’s go,” and most likely all of this could have been prevented.

But I don’t think she is a child abuser, but she definitely was covering her butt and put my family at risk while doing so. 

BNE: Wow, well, you know so sorry. I’m so sorry that you have had to go through this – it’s horrible.

RB: Yes it is horrible, but you know God is using it for good – in the fact that I’m here talking about it and that I’m exposing it and that I’m educating people. God will use it for good and I believe that…. but thank you.

 PH: A lot of times people will have their children taken away if they claim that the child has autism or they’ll say it’s something called Munchausen by Proxy. They’ll claim the parent acts like they know better than the doctors. And so therefore they use that as a rationale to take the child away because, ‘oh, how can you question doctors?’ Doctors are at top of the social ladder of our entire society.

I want to read this quickly:

Life Site News reporting on a Center for Medical progress video. This is in San Jose California at Stem Express.

One worker says to another I want you to see something kind of cool. There, she says, she saw the “closest thing to a fully developed baby I’ve ever seen. It had a face. It wasn’t completely torn up. It’s nose was very pronounced.”  She has one of her instruments and she taps the heart and it starts beating. I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating. I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead or it’s alive and so then they removed the baby’s brain with scissors, but they thought it was cool that the heart was still beating. Of course, this is what racist Ralph Northam is pushing in Virginia – the idea that children could be killed after they are born!  These are the people who are featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Today Show and the mainstream media – all these propaganda networks convincing us they are our moral superiors.

They are doctors. They have lab coats. They have white lab coats.

They’re going to tell us what is right for us.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about the abortion issue. You can see pretty clearly that they don’t care about human life. They don’t care if people live or die … Taking children away and putting them into some human trafficking system is nothing for these people. They don’t think twice about it.

RB:  Yeah, it’s really scary. And I when I heard, you know, Northam talk about that about a baby and sucking their brains out, you know, my son was seven weeks old when this happened to him … you know, a complete newborn 7 weeks old.

And if we have doctors like that, with that kind of mentality means they could have very well killed my son in the operating room right during the surgery and told me you know that they couldn’t do anything to save him.  Meanwhile they’re using him as a guinea pig, for all I know.

So it’s really scary.

But you know again, I thank God for my neurosurgeon. When I took my son to this hospital, apparently the only two pediatric neurosurgeons were at the hospital that day, in ALL of LA county and Orange County. Remember, it was the public health nurse that reported the injury to CPS.  So I never felt any judgment from the neurosurgeon or from the ER doctor. They were all really concerned for me. I could tell that they were mad, you know, when they saw what was happening to my son and what kind of injury my son endured; but I never felt any judgment from them.

The hospital does, however, have a child abuse expert and this is a pediatrician who has agreements with the county and social services. This doctor is there to report to Social Services when they see cases such as mine.  This particular doctor in this hospital has had eight pending cases against her already for misdiagnosing or giving false testimony in these child abuse cases during a trial. One of the cases which was the same thing a cranial fracture of an infant … but she used the image of a 72 year old woman!  To show the court the fracture. It was an image of a 72 year old woman, not the infant. So if the family had not hired their own forensic pathologist, they wouldn’t have known that this doctor was lying.  And she is still employed at the hospital. She’s still there, the same one who put in the court reports that my son’s injury was quote “non-accidental blunt-force trauma.”

Now this woman is not a radiologist. She’s not a forensic pathologist, right? She is a pediatrician. But based on one image that was taken in the emergency room, she was able to come up with this diagnosis and say that the injury must have occurred between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 7 a.m. which conveniently put me and the nanny at home at the same time.

So yeah, they have a lot of power a lot of power.

BNE: In California, you know, I’ve worked in the dental field. I’ve worked as a personal trainer and special needs and if you’re a professional that works with or around children, if you see anything you’re mandated by law to report any type of situation that you see. So it’s a catch-22 because if you don’t report it because you think the kid maybe just fell or it simply doesn’t look suspicious and the kid is kind of normal, you know, there’s usually a lot of signs with children.

PH: Question from Live Chat:  “Can we unite in a class action lawsuit against CPS?”  I think that could in fact happen.

So in the time we have left here, what do you see as the future of this story now that it’s been reported in the Epoch Times. It’s out there for the world to see. What do you see is next on this story? Are you going to be at this rally in Sacramento?

RB:  Well, unfortunately, I will not be there because I do have two young kids so I can’t go but I will be there in spirit and cheering them on.  I just hope that America wakes up. We need to lose this bias, that is if someone’s children got taken by CPS, either they’re a drug addict or involved in domestic violence.  We tend to think that traffickers (sic) go after poor people or that they go after you know, racial minorities; but I’m telling you they don’t care about those things. Everybody has a target on their back.

I’m the furthest thing you’d ever think of, you know being a target of Child Protective Services. I have a master’s degree, and I started my own business with my husband. We are not, you know, financially needy. We are educated. I mean, I the worst thing I’ve ever done is a speeding ticket, right? I don’t drink and I’m the most boring person you could ever come into contact with.  I hope that through this coverage and other stories like mine, even if you do have drug abuse somewhere in your family, and even if you are an alcoholic, that does not mean you do not love your child!  That does not give the government the right to take away your child. These families need help!

Agencies should be working to help families stay together – their goal should never be to rip them apart. So I hope that with this rally that we do get some mainstream media coverage and I hope that President Trump, if you’re out there listening as Patrick said, you know, it’s a good start.  The Family First Act is a good start but it’s not the core of the issue.

I wish that I could be more than willing to go down to DC to go march at the White House to represent these families because they need a voice! Parents are scared to death because this court literally has their children’s lives at stake and they have no recourse they have nowhere to go. So we need to help these parents and I hope that this rally wakes people up!

PH: Rachel Bruno…thank you so much for your time. We will check back in with you soon. Maybe next week.

RB:  All right, sounds good.  Thank you for having me on.

To watch the full two hours of the campaign show, see the full video below:

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