The Sin Dilemma

The Sin Dilemma

By Rev. Dalton Lilly

Have you ever entered a contest or a drawing for some very cool gift knowing that you were guaranteed to lose?  I mean absolutely no chance at all that you would win. Of course not, that would be silly. It would be like jumping up and down in the dark, thinking you could touch the moon.

Did you know that your chances of going to heaven are just as impossible without a Savior? Sin has you and me running a race we can’t win. I want to explain to you something that theologians call the sin dilemma. It is a serious dilemma by all means. All people born into this world are in what is known as a sin dilemma.

No matter what we think or do, all people of the world are born into a life of sin. Original sin began when Adam and Eve strayed away from God and disobeyed His commandments. The first people of creation lived a wonderful life in a garden called Eden. It was a place prepared perfectly by God for people to live in a sin free world.

In the beginning man lived in harmony with God and there was complete fullness in their relationship without sin. Then Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instructions to remain completely away from the evil one (Satan), who also visited the garden of Eden. God’s Word refers to Satan as the tree of “good and evil.” Disobeying God, they spoke to Satan. Believing his lies they broke their full and close relationship with God who had created them.

Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God they were punished and cast out of the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:23). Satan was cursed by God and made then to be a serpent on the ground (Genesis 3:14). The relationship with man and God was broken from that point forward. Sin was released into the world influencing all mankind.

God will not tolerate sin. He is holy, perfect, and without blemish of sin (Psalm 11:7). God is sovereign. There is no one or anything that is higher than the one and only true God Jehovah of heaven. Where there is sin on earth, there is separation from God.

In man there is sin. “We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23). Since Adam and Eve, man has always tried to bridge this sin separation between man and God, by good works, philosophy, ethics, and even by religion, but the only one who could ever solve the sin dilemma was and is Jesus the true Son of God. God loved us so much He sent His only Son Jesus to the world to be the total and complete perfect payment and sacrifice for our sins (John 3:16). Jesus is the only one who can restore the relationship between man and God.

As Jesus was crucified on the cross (Mark 15:24), His last words were “It is finished” (John19:30). The sin dilemma was solved. Jesus paid it all for you and I and all people of the world forever.

Because of Jesus, we are no longer hopeless and lost in sin without a solution. Do not trust false solutions for your sin dilemma. Jumping up and down in the dark trying to touch the moon will not work. You are not tall enough and your arms are not long enough. The futility in that is as ridiculous as trying to resolve your sin dilemma without Jesus. “Under no other name can a man be saved but Jesus” (Acts 4:12).

Jesus is the only one who gave His life for yours and mine. Choose Jesus today. He is the solution to our sin dilemma. He is your absolute and only sure way to heaven and eternal life. Amen.

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