The Solid Rock

The Solid Rock

I’ve been thinking (yeah I know, I might hurt myself). But seriously, there are a lot of people beginning to question their faith in Q, and even in POTUS Trump. There’s really no surprise in that. First of all, no matter how good the intentions of the Q team and POTUS, there are no guarantees that this movement will come through with the goods or that it won’t turn into something as bad or worse than what we have (though I seriously doubt that).

Looking at the alternative brings a certain desperation that leads a lot of people to grasp onto any straw. Now so far it’s definitely looking like this is moving in the right direction. We’ve been conditioned through recent history, however, to be waiting always for the other shoe to drop.

Since we are engaged in information warfare, I think it’s prudent to take the 40,000-foot view. Consider the fact that the Deep State is doing everything in its power to stay alive and that, as Q has said, disinformation is necessary (on both sides).

While thinking on these things, I recalled a Christian song titled “The Solid Rock.”  It goes like this:

However great people and things of this earth may seem, please remember that every thing here is temporary. The victories and defeats of today will not even be remembered in eternity. Do the best you can in the here and now, especially towards your fellow travelers. Remember that love is eternal (maybe the only eternal thing), and is the only thing you can take with you to that fair land beyond the river.

This Q movement has been and caused a wonderful revival in the hearts of many of us who were hunkered down, waiting for the end of the world. At the very least (in me at least) it has stirred a compassion toward my fellow man to let them know that all is not lost.  God is still on His throne. He will not rest until every child of God is found and brought into the fold. If you’re a Christian, that should be your desire as well. Be kind to those who are without the same blessed assurance that inhabits your heart.

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