Thumper’s Dog Food Recipe - By Popular Demand

Thumper’s Dog Food Recipe – By Popular Demand

~~In a class by itself!!

From our own Thumper who notes that this is an Un-redacted recipe.

Thumper’s Dog Food Recipe

For the turkey roaster sized batch I use the following:

1- 10 lb tube of hamburger from Costco

1-Pkg of boneless chicken breasts approx, 5lbs

1-Pkg of boneless chicken thighs approx, 5lbs

The chicken I run through a meat grinder. I then process several sweet potatoes and yams in the food processor along with carrots and two tomatoes.

1/2 lb bag of brown rice pre-cooked along with:

1 bag of Lentils

1 bag of Barley also pre-cooked

I add green peas (at least one bag of frozen peas)

Don’t overcook and but make sure to cook long enough to get the meat cooked. I usually let it simmer on low overnight then bag in 1-gallon freezer bags and freeze until time to use. Always keep refrigerated.

The actual ratio of ingredients is not something that I am hard set about, only that it has what I feel is an appropriate amount of the different nutrients that come from the ingredients.

Last, serve with lots of love and fun for your best four-legged friend.

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