Unearthing Evil: Chapter 3

Unearthing Evil: Chapter 3

From the Archives of my grandfather in the Year 2025

I was having breakfast with my family as I happened to stare up at the newspaper my dad was reading and couldn’t help but notice the huge bold headline on the front page which read:

Remains of 215 children found buried at former B.C. residential school, First Nation says.

“Holy Moly!” I exclaimed out loud. “Is everything alright?” my father asked as he put down his paper and looked at me above his reading glasses. I quickly replied that I was running late in getting to grandpa’s house and hadn’t noticed the time. “I promised grandpa that we would work on the birdhouse today” I explained.

Thinking back on that day in May 2021, I couldn’t pedal fast enough to get to where I was going. Many questions were running through my mind and felt secure in knowing that my grandfather would have plenty of truthful answers. In my excitement to find out more about this tragedy I forgot to ask whether he had purchased the materials for our project. After explaining my disbelieve in what I had just read he started giving me additional details and a deeper understanding of why and how this all happened:

It’s my understanding that according to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) that those children had come from regions across British Columbia and beyond. Their records show that up to 500 children were registered at the school which seems a little understated since there appears to be 215 children (some as young as 3 years old) unaccounted for or have discovered remains of. On the other hand, if we look at the (NCTR) report the government sanctioned back in 2008, we are told that 50 deaths had occurred at this Residential School. Something seems a bit off.

I was amazed to hear that even though we already knew that 50 deaths had taken place at this Residential School, there had been no sign of any in-depth investigation started nor had there been any news coverage about these findings … until now. “What’s a Residential School and why were they set up?” I asked. He responded:

Good question. Residential Schools were set up back in the late 1800s. This particular school began in 1890 and as far as I can tell, the government finally closed it down in the fall of 1978. At the time the Canadian government thought it was their responsibility to educate and care for aboriginal people in Canada so they figured the best way to do this was to teach them how to speak English or French depending on which province they came from, adopt Christianity and learn Canadian customs & traditions.

At first the First Nations were unsure about having their children taken away from them but succumbed to the idea. Yet as time went by, many started to resist this forced abduction and tried to hide their children from authorities. They were not told where their children were being taken nor for how long. Many of the parents never saw their children again and for those children fortunate enough to come back into the aboriginal community, they were either shunned or misunderstood since they were unable to fully comprehend the language they spoke or their newly acquired customs.

“Unbelievable. How could the government ever be allowed to do such a thing?” I asked.

We need to look at what the intent was. The goal of the government back then was to make them forget about their aboriginal heritage, adopt a Canadian lifestyle by eliminating their traditions and in a sense brainwash a new generation of aboriginal children into believing that this was the right and only way to live in Canada. These were church-run and government-funded so called industrial schools which were later called and referred to as Residential Schools. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were instrumental in rounding up these native children mostly by force and then the leaders of the Church would take over running these schools on behalf of the government.

Children were abused, tortured, sexually assaulted and in many cases killed because of their non-compliance or fear that once released into their own communities, they would tell their parents the torture they had endured. Attendance throughout Canada was mandatory and in accordance with government policy of so called ‘aggressive assimilation.’ The horror these children and family must have gone through is unimaginable. This is what happens when you allow the state to dictate what your freedoms should be.

I was beginning to get the picture now. In Canada at this very moment hundreds of citizens were being forcibly arrested, detained, imprisoned and/or quarantined against their own free will. They were being brainwashed into believing that the government was doing this for everyone’s well-being.  For the good of the people. And any attempting to question or to protest against these totalitarian measures were deemed to be conspiracy theorists or enemies of the people. Clearly whenever governments get involved in solving problems, they usually ended up creating new ones.

The numbers are staggering, and we can estimate approximately 150,000 First Nation, Inuit and Metis children which were forcibly removed from their communities to attend these schools. If math serves me correctly, and I hope I’m wrong on this, but based on this recent finding, a little less than 50 percent of those children would have gone missing or died because of these Residential Schools. I know that the government solution to this crisis was to give money out to survivors of these schools to turn down the volume and end the narrative. But it’s not money they wanted. It’s justice, the one thing they never got. This story is but the tip of the iceberg and I can tell you that the truth about what was really happening with those children will eventually be revealed to all of us and I guarantee it will be shocking

I couldn’t comprehend so much evil existing in a world where most people sought to gain peace and harmony with their neighbors. “How could such evil even exist?” I asked. Grandpa said:

Well, it does exist and has existed since the beginning of time. Evil will use many disguises to deceive us into believing things that often do not make sense if we really think about it but unfortunately we are seduced into believing their half truths and ultimately make the wrong decisions. Ever notice that when stories are created about evil people that they always appear as being ugly, mean old decrepit individuals? The evil old witch or the terrible unjust authoritarian ruler who punishes and tortures his people without having a guilty consciousness. These images painted for us over the years are far too obvious and well I would hope that most people would be able to see through this right away.

No. Evil is far too crafty for that. They will disguise themselves as having saintly, helpful, pure souls seeking the betterment of humanity while at the same time mixing truths with lies that will mislead us into believing what they are saying is the whole truth. They may even hide behind their affiliations with organizations viewed as doing good works such as churches, charity groups, non-profit organizations and even media which in the past could almost always be trusted to tell us what was really going on.

“So how can we tell if we are being told the truth or lied to? I asked.

We all have a built-in truth detector which is ours to do as we will since the day we are born. In some of us, this detector is still activated, and we can clearly differentiate this. Unfortunately, in other people, the detector has been turned off and they will willingly accept any truth being told them, while in other cases the truth detector is broken or is malfunctioning and, in those individuals, seem very confused and fearful and as a result will take the easy route and accept whatever they are being told.

This may be referred to as brainwashing and for them, they realize that something may be wrong but are not confident enough or motivated enough to do their own research to verify the appropriate course of action. In my case I will always double check the teachings within the bible to validate what is being said. That’s just me. So far it has not let me down.

I have done much research on this, and the Residential School story involves much more than just the government’s involvement as you read in the paper. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as well as the Vatican itself are heavily involved and this case may be the catalyst that breaks it wide open to the public. The crimes against humanity go very deep and has existed for a very long time. If you have some time to spare, we can discuss this further over lunch. I guess the birdhouse can wait till tomorrow.”

My grandfather couldn’t have been more accurate in his predictions. Both the church and the royals did have a heavy hand to play in all of this and as he continued sharing his research with me, we uncovered many more acts of evil that were finally met with justice for all the world to see.

***This is a multi-part series, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have already been published. 

(See Chapter 4: Royally Connected Evil)

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