VOTD: Best 2021 Holiday Commercial

VOTD: Best 2021 Holiday Commercial

On Friday, I passed this along to our @SunnyDaysAhead, PSB’s Roving Host Extraordinaire, and she played this fabulous Chevy commercial on air. There have been very few that reach and touch nearly all of us. This is definitely a keeper, right up there with the kneeling Budweiser Clydesdales (Budweiser ‘9/11 Tribute’ Ad: Super Bowl 2011 – YouTube), probably my all-time favorite commercial.

Our friend Maggie at The Universal Spectator highlights it in a quick post this morning, which also includes some other Christmas touches this year so far:

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My husband asked me over the weekend if I had seen this TV ad yet. I had not, until this morning (the version shortened for TV run). In an era of politicizing everything, even commercials, Chevy left all that crap behind and went for the sentimental, and it really is a masterpiece. Kudos, Chevrolet.

Joe Cunningham: Did Chevrolet Have to Make America Cry With Its New Christmas Ad?

MORE “Merry Christmas!”:

WTRF: Ohio man honored after stopping Kroger robbery suspect for an 87-year-old woman

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