When the Demons Start Running

When the Demons Start Running

I’ve been saving this one because it may be pretty hard to believe by many people. I’m stepping out on a limb to even talk about it. But it happened and, like Jesus said to Nicodemus, “We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen,” John 3.

Once again this is an experience from the early 70’s in Tucson.  As that church was on fire of the Holy Ghost at that time, it was common to have all-night prayer meetings.

During those meetings, it was not uncommon for people to wander in off the street and join us.  Many gave their hearts to the Lord  there.  One such fellow was a drug dealer named Lew.  He came to the front and fell prostrate at the altar, crying out for the Lord to save him.  A couple of the brethren knelt with him to pray.

I was sitting in one of the wings of the auditorium with a view of the altar and the pulpit area.  Like John said, I was in the Spirit, watching through a haze.  A ladder appeared out of the right rear corner behind the pulpit and angelic beings were descending. At the same time, Lew began jerking and crying out even more.

I don’t know who else saw it but little black shapes began to emerge from his back and running up the isle toward the rear entrance doors of the sanctuary. The strangest thing happened then. As the black shapes went through the doors, it made those doors swing back and forth on their hinges, going floppity, floppity.  By this time several of the sisters were wailing, moaning, and speaking in tongues.

The intensity of our worship was kicked up a notch or two and we were still praising God when the morning sun started coming in the windows.

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Stephanie McDonald
9 days ago

I absolutely loved your article. We are truly in the battle of our lifetime. Good vs Evil. I have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in worship at the Revival Church I attended and was baptized in the fire water 9 mos ago. I was baptized as an infant, but this time I was baptized by the Holy Spirit… Read more »

David Kanagy
David Kanagy
9 days ago

I have no problem believing you. The dark shapes were evil spirits leaving him because he was repenting and turning back to God. I heard a similar testimony from a man I know personally. He was fighting suicide for many years. He open carries and when he went up to the front of the church one Sunday to be prayed… Read more »