CA County Officials Thwart Newsom Recall Efforts

CA County Officials Thwart Newsom Recall Efforts

CA County Officials Refuse To Hand Over Petitions Signatures

Supporters of the recall effort against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom say corrupt county officials may be holding back petition signatures by refusing to submit the signatures they have received.  According to Erin Cruz, CEO of RAN Action Fund (RANAF) lead proponent of the recall, the people of California are fed up with Gavin Newsom and see an honest recall effort as the legal solution.  See the OAN, One America News interview below posted on January 1, 2020.

The RANAF reports that there are thousands throughout California who are supportive of this recall effort, regardless of party affiliation. Supporters say they do not want to leave their state and their homes. And as Erin Cruz says, “The people are angry.”

County Registrars of Voters are responsible for turning over their filing receipts for the petition signatures, but in several counties receipts are being withheld.  Erin Cruz said they have filed a complaint to the California Secretary of State over the counties’ refusals to submit the provided petitions.

This same interference has happened in Contra Costa County where volunteers submitted 1000s of petitions that were not mentioned in the Secretary of State’s report in November.  Significantly, Los Angeles County officials refused to allow Cruz to file the petitions.  Cruz says, these roadblocks are common during elections and recalls due to corruption in Los Angeles. However, discrepancies are being found in other counties as well. Orange, Mendocino, Imperial, San Diego, and Napa are all being investigated.

To follow the California’s recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom visit

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Harley Stark
10 months ago

People should be totally pissed over this. They need to bring it to the state attourneys attention. And if no result there take it to the Supreme court. This is an obstruction of justice that must not be tolerated.