Congressional Candidate Amy Ryan Bailed Child Rapist Out of Jail

Congressional Candidate Amy Ryan Bailed Child Rapist Out of Jail

KEIZER, Ore.  – Former Keizer City Councilwoman Amy Ryan Courser, formerly Amy Ripp before her remarriage, is a GOP candidate for Oregon’s 5th U.S. Congressional district. Amy Ryan Courser has a very troublesome connection in her past. In October 2014, during her candidacy for Keizer City Council, she posted bail for a man arrested for child rape. At the time, she was quoted as saying she didn’t think his crimes were “…of a serious nature.” This man was also her business partner; his name is Cary Ray Valencia.

An October 2014 Keizertimes article reports: “A check of court records by the Keizertimes showed Ripp’s business partner, Cary Ray Valencia, has a pending case against him.” The Statesman Journal reported on the subsequent sentencing of Cary Ray Valencia to 20 years in prison. When he was sentenced, the deputy DA asked that each of his crimes be served consecutively as he already had child rape charges in Linn and Lincoln counties.

The Keizertimes article quoted Amy Ryan (Ripp) saying regarding her business partner’s child rape case, I am 100 percent sure they are false. I do know Cary and his character. They are minor allegations.”

Not of a serious nature? The man lured children for sex. That is beyond serious. Suspiciously the Keizertimes article cannot be found on their website. All that remains is a dead link that goes straight to their home page. Check it out here.

I asked Courser’s primary opponent Joey Nations what he makes of her scandal. In a text conversation with me, he said that he was shocked about her close connections to this pedophile.  Noting that she was a business partner with a man who had previous sexual crime convictions, he was horrified to learn that he had re-offended with more kids, and she bailed him out of jail! He went on to speculate that it may be indicative of the quality of her decision making and morals and that is the LAST thing we need in D.C.

Amy Ryan Courser has some explaining to do…

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This is beyond sick. I’d like to hear her explanation. Or will she stay silent?


Maybe you should try The reason the link is “dead” is because it was archived:


Omg! Seriously wtf? Obviously she wanted this to stay buried for a reason…